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226ju T
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Microsoft Word - 226JU-T.doc Compresseur CompressorCode tension Voltage code T TFH4531ZFroid commercial et industriel positif HP 400-440V 50-60Hz - 3Commercial industrial application HBPR404A N 226JU-T - ind gConditions fr quence Prod frigorifique nominale nominal refrigerating capacity Puis sonoreConditions frequency Watts Kcal h BTU h Sound levelEn12900 50 Hz 6629 5701 22605 ISO 3745 ISO 3743-1E...
Don'T Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight Alexandra Fuller
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  • Created: Wed Apr 22 14:10:30 2009
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Don T Let s Go to the Dogs Tonight An African Childhood by Alexandra FullerWhen the ship veered into the Cape of Good Hope Mum caught the spicy heady scent ofAfrica on the changing wind She smelled the people raw onions and salt the smell ofpeople who are not afraid to eat meat and who smoke fish over open fires on the beachand who pound maize into meal and who work out-of-doors Author Description...'t Let's Go t...ndra Fuller.pdf
Dckr920 3026
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Tab 920 Hospoda c dom cnosti tvo en 1 plnou rodinou - man elsk p ry a faktick man elstv podle po tu z visl ch d T podle rozd lu ve v ku partner v ku eny a podle typu hospoda c dom cnostdefinitivn v sledky podle obvykl ho pobytu Obdob 26 3 20111 Man elsk p ry a faktick man elstv celkem zem St edo esk krajMan elsk p ry v tom podle po tu z visl ch d T Po et Pr m rn po et z visl ch d tRozd l ve v ku m...$File/DC...CKR920_3026.pdf
Pliego De Prescripciones Ta C Cnicas Seguridad Hospital Coslaa
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  • Created: Fri Oct 29 10:06:16 2010
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(Microsoft Word - Pliego de prescripciones T\351cnicas Seguridad Hospital Cosla\205) Anexo IPliego de prescripciones T cnicas que ha de regir en laejecuci n de la prestaci n del servicio de vigilancia sin arma yauxiliar de servicio para el Hospital de Coslada de Asepeyo1INDICE1 - Objeto2 - Duraci n del contrato3 - Presupuesto4 - Caracter sticas generales del servicio4 1 Descripci n del servicio co... Cosla….pdf
P T A Rahim
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Microsoft Word - P.T.A. Rahim.doc Xn-aq mw tIcf nb-a-k- Bdmw kt -f w2012 Unkw- 10 apX 21 hsc BsI kn nw-Kv 10AwK- s -Sp m k m S- -Sn-I kw- n kw n vXwAwK- ns T cv io n n F dlow lmP 10i - -Wn-hnjbw XobXnNilkvan-jhnjbw XobXnNil-Imcy Nm- y w s -Sp kabw XobXnNilnb-a- n mWwhnjbw s -Sp kabw XobXn2012 se tIcf ap n-kn- m-en n 19 m 17-12-2012t Z-KXn n2012 se tIcf Xt -i-k-z-bw- 22 m 19-12-2012cW Iqdp-am ntcm-... 6/P.T.A. R....T.A. Rahim.pdf