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Policy Template
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  • Created: Sun Aug 5 08:57:06 2012
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Microsoft Word - Policy Template.docx Policy TEMPLATEThis Template can be used to develop new service specific policies and proceduresIt is provided as a guide onlyPURPOSEOutline briefly what the Policy is to achieve and who it is for e g educators staff volunteersparents guardians children etc For exampleThis Policy will provideguidelines for to ensure thatinformation regarding forprocedures to e... Template.pdf
3 2 Choice And Self Reliance Policy Guidelines
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  • Created: Tue Apr 8 16:18:30 2008
  • Pages: 4

Guide to: XXX Policy Template Standards for Community Service Standard 3 Participation and choiceGUIDE TO CHOICE AND SELF-RELIANCE Policy TEMPLATEABOUT THIS Policy AREAThis Policy guides how the organisation enables clients to exercise choice in the servicerelationship and how the organisation fosters client self-relianceA written choice and self-reliance Policy is required as part of meeting Stan...
11 2 Induction Of Governing Body Policy Guideline
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  • Created: Tue Apr 8 16:29:15 2008
  • Pages: 4

Guide to: FEEDBACK Policy Template Standards for Community Services Standard 11 Governance and accountabilityGUIDE TO INDUCTION OF GOVERNING BODY Policy TEMPLATEABOUT THIS Policy AREAThis Policy guides how the organisation provides new members of the board or managementcommittee with an orientation and induction to their roles and responsibilities as board ormanagement committee membersA written i...
Using The Policy Template V1
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  • Created: Thu Oct 13 09:48:08 2011
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GENERAL NOTES ON USING THIS Template All sections must be completed except Definitions Schedules and Related DocumentsAs this Template uses styles to control the formatting of text care should be taken whencutting and pasting text from another source Use Paste Special Ctrl Alt V and paste asUnformatted Text then apply formatting using the pre-defined styles in the templatedocument To view the Styl...
Welsh Language
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  • Created: Tue Nov 24 13:36:32 2009
  • Pages: 8

Welsh Language Policy Template POLISI IAITH GYMRAEG WELSH LANGUAGE POLICYUrdd Gwneuthwrwyr Cymru The Makers Guild in WalesCrefft yn y Bay Craft in the BayY Flourish The FlourishRodfa Lloyd George Lloyd George AvenueCaerdydd CardiffCF10 4QH CF10 4QHCyflwyniad IntroductionRydym yn ymrwymedig i drin y Gymraeg a r Saesneg ar sail We are committed to treating Welsh and English on the basis ofcydraddold... Documents/welsh_...sh_language.pdf