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Course Syllabus Social Studies 10 2 Ss
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  • Created: Tue Jan 28 10:50:33 2014
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Social Studies 10-2 5 credits Living in a Globalized WorldStudents will explore historical aspects of globalization as well as the effects ofglobalization on lands cultures human rights and quality of life Students will explore therelationships among globalization citizenship and identity The infusion of multipleperspectives will allow students to examine the effects of globalization on peoples in...
Course Syllabus Social 10 1
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  • Created: Mon Jan 27 15:18:22 2014
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Social Studies 10-1 5 credits Students will explore multiple perspectives on the origins of globalization and thelocal national and international impacts of globalization on lands cultureseconomies human rights and quality of life Students will examine the relationshipsamong globalization citizenship and identity to enhance skills for citizenship in aglobalizing world The infusion of multiple pers...
Curriculum Contract Social Studies Sociology Emphasis 8 12
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  • Created: Mon Jun 27 16:13:11 2011
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Social Studies SOCIOLOGY EMPHASIS 8-12 CURRICULUM CONTRACT GEORGETOWN COLLEGE Social Studies SOCIOLOGY EMPHASIS Catalog YearExplanation of requirements forSTUDENT NAME PRAXIS PLT PRAXIS Specialty TestSTUDENT ID Successful completion of TWSADVISOR 2 75 Overall GPADEGREE 2 75 Professional Education GPAPROJECTED GRADUATION DATE 2 75 Major Certification Area sI GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS...
K 12 Social Studies Update 7 19 13
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  • Created: Fri Jul 19 12:31:12 2013
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K-12 Social Studies UPDATE July 19 2013 Greetings Social Studies ColleaguesHere is the most current news regarding K-12 Social Studiesincluding Essential Standards updates and professionaldevelopment opportunities As always please share thisinformation with those who are not currently subscribed to ourlistserv To access archived updates please visithttp ssnces ncdpi wikispaces net UpdatesIf you kn...
H Social Studies Markwart
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  • Created: Wed Sep 3 09:52:57 2014
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Social Studies Grade 4 Course Outline The Social Studies 4 Saskatchewan curriculum has four goals1 Dynamic Relationships DR - To analyze the dynamic relationships of people with land environments events and ideasas they have affected the past shape the present and influence the future2 Interactions and Interdependence IN - To examine the local indigenous and global interactions andinterdependence ... Markwart.pdf