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Greul Ieeetranspe Nov2006
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Ieee TRANSACTIONS ON Power ELECTRONICS VOL 21 NO 6 NOVEMBER 2006 1637 The Delta-Recti er Analysis Control and OperationRoland Greul Member Ieee Simon D Round Senior Member Ieee and Johann W Kolar Senior Member IEEEAbstract The three-phase Delta-Recti er is formed by a delta- module compared to the line-to-line voltage for the delta-con-connection of single-phase pulsewidth modulation PWM recti er ...
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Expediating IP lookups with Reduced Power via TBM and SST supernode caching Computer Communications 33 2010 390 397Contents lists available at ScienceDirectComputer Communicationsjournal homepage www elsevier com locate comcomExpediating IP lookups with Reduced Power via TBM and SST supernode cachingYing Zhang a Lu Peng a Wencheng Lu b Lide Duan a Suresh Rai aaDepartment of Electrical Computer Eng...
Parallel Pfc
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Ieee TRANSACTIONS ON Power ELECTRONICS VOL 19 NO 1 JANUARY 2004 87 A Parallel-Connected Single Phase Power FactorCorrection Approach With Improved EfficiencySangsun Kim Member Ieee and Prasad N Enjeti Fellow IEEEAbstract In this paper a new parallel-connected singlephase Power factor correction PFC topology using two flybackconverters is proposed to improve the output voltage regulationwith simult...
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Design Considerations And Performance Evaluations Of Synchronous Rectification In Flyback Converters - Power Electronics, Ieee Transactions on 538 Ieee TRANSACTIONS ON Power ELECTRONICS VOL 13 NO 3 MAY 1998Design Considerations and Performance Evaluationsof Synchronous Recti cation in Flyback ConvertersMichael T Zhang Member Ieee Milan M Jovanovi Senior Member Ieee and Fred C Y Lee Fellow IEEEcAb...
81597 Special Issue Robust And Reliable Power Proposal V7 Call For Papers
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Ieee TRANSACTIONS ON Power ELECTRONICS Call for PapersIEEE Transactions on Power ElectronicsSpecial Issue on Robust Design and Reliability in Power ElectronicsScheduled Publication Time August 2015In recent years the automotive and aerospace industries have brought stringent reliability constraints on Power electronic systemsbecause of safety requirements The industrial and energy sectors are also...