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Basic Functions
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  • Created: Sun Dec 1 21:37:39 2002
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Exploring Basic Functions For the Teacher ObjectivesUsing the Basic Functions aplet the student will be able to explorestretches shrinks And translations Of seven Basic graphsFunctionalityWhen the student selects START theBASIC Functions NOTE will be displayedThe student should then press VIEWS will to choose abasic function to be explored to enter a value for A H or Kto see each parameter s effec... Functions.pdf
Powerpoint Basic
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  • Created: Tue Oct 26 11:09:56 2010
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Microsoft Word - Powerpoint Basic.doc PowerPoint BasicCourse OverviewThis course covers the Basic Functions And features Of PowerPoint Competency isprovided in creating And modifying presentations that include text graphics WordArttables charts And diagrams Participants will also edit And format slide content andapply transition effectsGuided step by step instruction provides opportunities to prac... Basic.pdf
Macro Basic Programming Manual
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  • Created: Mon Jul 14 09:46:27 1997
  • Pages: 563

Macro Basic Programming Manual P N 4411-0021MacroBasicProgrammingmanualManual Version 1Revision BJuly 14 1997Table Of ContentsChapter 1 A Lesson in Macro Basic 33Language Structure 33Existing Macro Basic Programs 34Recording And editing a Macro Basic program 34Running Macro Basic Programs 35Order Of Statement Execution 35Organizing Program Statements 37Adding Comments And Remarks 37Variables 37Arr... Manual.pdf
Outlook 2007 Level 1 Basic Pdf
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  • Created: Fri Jun 3 08:25:36 2011
  • Pages: 2

Capital Business Machines Outlook 2007 Level 1 - Basic Outlook 2007 Basic-Level 1Outlook 2007 Basic covers the Basic Functions And features Of Outlook 2007 Students willcreate e-mail accounts And send e-mail messages using several techniques They will also learnhow to manage e-mail messages contacts tasks And meeting requests Finally students willcustomize Outlook for maximum efficiencyDesignated ...
Chapter 4 Quadratic Functions
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  • Created: Tue Jul 1 12:01:14 2008
  • Pages: 6

Chapter 4 Quadratic Functions A biologist was interested in the number Of insect larvae present in water samples ofvarious temperatures He collected the following dataTemperature C 0 10 20 30 40 50Population 20 620 920 920 620 201 Make a scatterplot Of the data Given the function y ax2 bx c where b is 75experiment with values Of a And c to fit a quadratic function to your plot2 Write a verbal desc...