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Gestures and rituals: the archaeological evidence Gestures and archaeology 1Running head Gestures RITUALS AND ARCHAEOLOGYGestures and rituals the archaeological evidenceAndrea VianelloUniversity of Sheffield UKEmail avianello hotmail comGestures and archaeology 2AbstractThis paper deals with the archaeological perspective of Gestures and rituals It is evidenced thenecessity of a multidisciplinary ...
Maze Creator Mouse Gestures
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Microsoft Word - Maze Creator - Mouse Gestures.doc Mouse Gesture Quick ReferenceInitiate Mouse Gestures by holding the CTRL button and making the gesture with your leftmouse button depressed Alternatively tap the SPACE bar and the next left mouse buttonmouse movement will be interpreted as a gestureThe gesture is sensitive to direction of the mouse trace To accurately trace a gesture refer to thet... Creator - Gestures.pdf
Gestures In Cscw Pdf Sequence 1&isallowed Y
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Gestures and Interaction exploiting natural abilities in thedesign of interactive systemsAlessandro Soro1Gestures and Cooperation - Cagliari - March 15th 2012Wednesday June 6 2012OutlineB Background and motivationsC GoalsD Related researchE Natural interactionG Gestures ManipulationsH Focus on gesturesI A space for group workA Final remarks2Gestures and Interaction - Pula - June 6th 2012Wednesday ... in CSCW.p...e=1&isAllowed=y
User Centred Process For The Definition Of Free Hand Gestures Applied To Controlling Music Playback
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Multimedia Systems DOI 10 1007 s00530-011-0240-2REGULAR PAPERUser-centred process for the de nition of free-hand gesturesapplied to controlling music playbackAndreas Locken Tobias HesselmannMartin Pielot Niels Henze Susanne BollSpringer-Verlag 2011Abstract Music is a fundamental part of most cultures evaluation shows the suitability of the identi ed gesturesControlling music playback has commonly ...
Borras Prieto Seeing Tunes Role Visual Gesture Tune Interpretation
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Seeing tunes The role of visual Gestures in tune interpretationJoan Borr s-Comes1 and Pilar Prieto21Universitat Pompeu Fabra2ICREA Universitat Pompeu FabraAbstractOne of the unresolved questions in audiovisual prosody is the relative contributionof acoustic and visual cues to the expression of prosodic meaning Though themajority of studies on audiovisual prosody have found a complementary mode ofp...