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213941usf Some Findings About Worldcat Local 2011
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Findings from Worldcat Local usability tests July 2009 September 2010WorldCat Local continues to evolve to provide academic and public library users with access to printdigital and electronic items from Local group and global collections in ways that people increasinglyexpect Our users expect Worldcat Local to be accommodating offering a simple search box an advancedsearch page the absence of silo...
2011 11 15 Some Students Choose Local Dekalb Gyms Over Rec Center Northern Star Online City
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Some students choose Local DeKalb gyms over rec center - Northern Star Online: City Some students choose Local DeKalb gyms over rec center - Northern Star Online City52 Advanced SearchClear GOHOME CAMPUS CITY OPINION SPORTS DEKALB SCENE FROM AP MULTIMEDIA DINING GUIDE HOUSING GUIDE BLOGSCLASSIFIEDSWelcome to the siteLogin or Signup belowLogin SignupHome CitySome students choose Local DeKalbgyms ov...
Agenda Ambiental Local 2011 2014 Cam Hualgayoc Bambamarca
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Microsoft Word - AGENDA AMBIENTAL Local-Bambamarca AGENDA AMBIENTAL Local 2011 - 2014PROVINCIA DE HUALGAYOC-BAMBAMARCAEJE 1CONSERVACION Y APROVECHAMIENTO SOSTENIBLE DE LOS RECURSOS NATURALES Y LA DIVERSIDAD BIOLOGICAObjetivosL neas de Acci n Actividades Metas Responsables Cronograma Presupuestoestrat gicosEstablecer convenios de cooperaci n Al menos 2 convenios deinterinstitucional cooperaci n1 1 ...
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Some aspects of Local studies by NMR in Ru-Cu-1212 systems and Some aspects of Local studies by NMR in ruthenate-cuprate 1212systems and systems based on SrRuO3Joseph I BudnickDepartment of Physics and Institute of Materials ScienceUniversity of Connecticut Storrs Connecticut 06269 USAResults of low temperature NMR studies are presented and interpreted to support thecoexistence of inequivalent Ru...
Summermeeting Wcl
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Basic Search Tips Tools for Worldcat Local Worldcat DISCOVERY PLATFORM BASICSAccess the Summit group catalog via http summit Worldcat org Search Tipsyour library s Worldcat Local installation or the SUMMIT button inyour Local library catalog Try to start broad with your search and add words as you goTo search the Summit catalog Most successful searches use short phrases not an entire1 Enter terms ...