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Student Instructions 140112813
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Microsoft Word - ACC Lesson - Student instructions.docx Advocacy - Common Core SpeechTASK The Student will be drafting a four- paragraph advocacy for governmental change on a food related issue of their choice andpresenting it to the class as an extemporaneous speech The Student must explain the problem facing society why society should beconcerned with it the legislation that the Student is propo...
Linwood Student Achievement Action Plan 12 1 10
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NORTH BRUNSWICK TOWNSHIP PUBLIC SCHOOLS NORTH BRUNSWICK TOWNSHIP PUBLIC SCHOOLSACTION PLAN FORGoals and Objectives for 2010 2011School Linwood Middle School Principal Brian BrotschulPerformance ObjectivesOrSchool Goals To decrease the amount in percentage points of students that score in the partially proficient range on NJ ASK6-8 by 10Activities Staff Timelines Resources Evaluative Criteria CURRE... Middle School/Actio...lan 12-1-10.pdf
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Lesson Plan Lesson Animal CellAim To investigate the ultrastructure of an animal cellLearning OutcomesAt the end of the Lesson Student should be able to1 Identify and name the parts of a generalised animal cell from diagrams as seen using the electronmicroscope2 Identify from diagrams the following organelles and structures and the important structures within themribosomes rough and smooth endopla...
1112gd1 Coldwardocumentanalysislesson
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Cold War Document Analysis and DBQ Essay Lesson TEACHING AMERICAN HISTORY PROJECTLesson Title Cold War Document Analysis Document Based Question EssayFrom Geri DineenGrade 11Length of class period 45 mins for document analysis review in class additional timefor students to write essayInquiry How did the Cold War affect United States domestic policy and AmericansocietyObjectives1 Students will anal...
G10 Takingtests Actplan3
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Post-High School Tests TAKING TESTS3The BIG IdeaWhat kinds of tests might I need to take after high schoolAGENDA MATERIALSApprox 45 minutes PORTFOLIO PAGESI Warm Up 10 minutes Portfolio pages 28-30 Grade 10 SkillsChecklist Taking Tests skills onlyII Investigating Post-HS Tests TwoExamples 20 minutes Student HANDBOOK PAGESStudent Handbook pages 66-67 SoIII Sharing Information What Do These Tests Te...