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Labmanual Fall08
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C:\Documents and Settings\durakom\My Documents\WPDOCS\PlantPhys\BIO355Lab\Fall08\Labmanual.Fall08.wpd WHAT IS PLANT TISSUE CULTUREPlant tissue culture involves the growth of plant cells tissues or segments for purposes such asgenerating or cloning large amounts of new cells tissues or plants to study development to providemechanisms of genetic engineering or to produce valuable chemicals found in ...
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a C programLet s look at a C programCopy intocm cpp into your directory Your instructor will tell you how to do thatEdit the le intocm cpp Your instructor will tell you the best way to edit your leNote on Lab Manual format I will use a bullet like this whenever there is somethingthat you need to do on the computerThe le should look something like thisInchToCmThis program inputs a real number inch
9 00toolsetoverview
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ion bonding high temp prc no no no no noThermo compression bonding yes yes no no noAnodic bonding yes yes no no noImplies Pyrex 7740 or similar bond to silicon substrateFigure 3Overview Chapter 9 00Process Compatible Substrate s size sFLIPCHIP6-inch 4-inch die-die die-6-inch die-4-inchSi-Si fusion bonding no no no no noThermo compression bonding with alignment no no yes NC NCAnodic bonding no no n
Immulite 2000 Hcg
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erminating in spontaneous abortion tend tohave lower than normal circulating HCG levels while somewhat higher levels areoften seen in multiple pregnanciesPrinciple of the ProcedureIMMULITE 2000 HCG is a solid-phase two-site chemiluminescent immunometric assayIncubation Cycles 1 30 minutesSpecimen CollectionCollect the blood sample in a tube containing no additives Centrifuge the sample andseparate
Poct Istat Radiology Creatinine
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e sample creatinine concentrationThe i-STAT1 creatinine assay agrees with IDMS-traceable Standard Reference MaterialSRM 967SCOPEThis waived test procedure is intended for use in the Radiology clinics in both theinpatient and the outpatient settingsPERSONNELIntended for use by clinical personnel who have received training and demonstratedcompetency in this procedure In the hospital setting this inc