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Social Studies Apps
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Microsoft Word - Social Studies Apps[1] Social Studies Apps for the IPADArcGIS - ArcGIS is a great way to discover and use maps Maps come to life in ArcGIS Tap on themap or use your current location and discover information about what you see You can query themap search and find interesting information measure distances and areas of interest and sharemaps with othersConstitution - Senator Sam Ervi... Studi...tudies Apps.pdf
Social Studies Inquiry Approach Explanation
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Social Studies INQUIRY APPROACH Social Studies INQUIRY APPROACHSTUDENTS ARE TO SET TIME LIMITS FOR EACH PROCESSOUTLINED BELOW1 Read the chapter or reading piece for topic awareness andfor prior knowledge2 Create a chapter outline which identifies the main topicsand the supporting ideas3 Reflect on this assignment what did you already knowwhat did you learn what don t you understand what doyou want...
7th Grade Math Social Studies
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Microsoft Word - 6th grade math-Social Studies - reposted Ripley Union Lewis Huntington SchoolsP O Box 85Ripley OH 45167Phone 937 392-4396Posting of CERTIFIED TEACHING PositionsPOSITION TITLE Middle School Math Social Studies-7th gradeLICENSING AND CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTCertificate Type and Code Valid Ohio Teaching license for 4-9 or 1-8Teaching Field and Code Math and Social StudiesENTRY LEVEL Q... grade math-social st...ial studies.pdf
Course Syllabus Social Studies 10 2 Ss
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Social Studies 10-2 5 credits Living in a Globalized WorldStudents will explore historical aspects of globalization as well as the effects ofglobalization on lands cultures human rights and quality of life Students will explore therelationships among globalization citizenship and identity The infusion of multipleperspectives will allow students to examine the effects of globalization on peoples in...
Social Studies
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Microsoft Word - Social Studies.doc Diocese of Duluth Social Studies OutcomesPage 1 of 22Diocese of DuluthSocial Studies OutcomesPreschoolContent Diocesan OutcomeGeography Use map symbols to find a placeMake a mapCitizenship Learn that each family is unique Share family traditionsGovernmentKnow the name of the current President Understand what a president doesRecognize the American flagLearn to wo... Studies.pdf