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201304 White Paper Cordless Kitchen Appliances
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  • Created: Thu May 2 16:02:43 2013
  • Pages: 8

White Paper wireless Kitchen WIRELESS POWERCONSORTIUMCordless Kitchen appliancesA powerful new Kitchen conceptWhite Paper April 2013WIRELESS POWERCONSORTIUM1 IntroductionIn March 2013 the Wireless Power Consortium WPC has established a Work Group to developspecifications for Cordless Kitchen Appliances This White Paper explains the concept and benefits ofa standardized interface for Cordless kitch...
Ifma Uc White Paper
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  • Created: Fri Dec 6 14:49:15 2013
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Microsoft Word - IFMA UC White Paper.docx IFMA s Utility CouncilBenchmarking Strategies for Reducing Costs and Improving ServiceKeith J McClanahan PEFacility Issueswww FacilityIssues comkeithmcc facilityissues com 928 213-9767The Utility Council of the International Facility Management Association IFMA has actively benchmarkedas a group since the early 90s Our benchmarking objectives areTo determi...
Tia White Paper On Cloud Computing
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  • Created: Thu Sep 6 10:59:50 2012
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White Paper on Cloud Computing August 18 20111 DOCUMENT USEThis White Paper investigates which TIA standards have potential interactions with clouds andproposes a strategy for acquiring the expertise to address interoperability issues between thosestandards and cloud standards The various TIA committees under consideration include TR-42Telecommunications Cabling Systems TR-45 Mobile and Personal C... White Paper...d Computing.pdf
Having Our Say About The White Paper Prompt Sheet
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  • Created: Tue Sep 14 13:03:36 2010
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Having our Say about the White Paper Equity and ExcellenceLiberating the NHSWe want to get information from you so that we can tell thegovernment what we think about this White PaperRead the easyread version of the White Paper and the report wehave been sent by Inclusion NorthThere are then some questions at the back of the easyread WhitePaperYou can answer any of those or answer the ones hereWe w...
Msp Doas White Paper 2013
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  • Created: Thu Jan 2 14:25:34 2014
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Microsoft Word - Hot Gas Reheat White Paper 2013.docx MSP WRAP-AROUND MULTIPLE SMALL PLATE DEHUMIDIFICATION TECHNOLOGY VSCONVENTIONAL DEHUMIDIFICATION IN DEDICATED OUTDOOR AIR SYSTEMS DOASA White Paper presented by Walter Stark President of MSP Technology wstark msptechnology comMSP s wrap-around plate technology offers superior efficiency removing moisture from outdoor airMSP Wrap around plate te...