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213941usf Some Findings About Worldcat Local 2011
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Findings From WorldCat Local Usability tests July 2009 September 2010WorldCat Local continues To evolve To provide academic and public library users with access To printdigital and electronic items From local group and global collections in ways that people increasinglyexpect Our users expect WorldCat Local To be accommodating offering a simple search box an advancedsearch page the absence of silo...
Aer Web
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Distinguishing Informational Cascades From Herd Behavior in the Laboratory Distinguishing Informational Cascades From Herd Behavior inthe LaboratoryBy BOGACHAN CELENAND SHACHAR KARIVThis paper reports an experimental test of how individuals learn From the behaviorof others By using techniques only available in the laboratory we elicit subjectsbeliefs This allows us To distinguish informational cas...
From Browsing Behavior To Usability Matters
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WORD template for HCI International 2003 papers From Browsing Behavior To Usability MattersEelco Herder Betsy van DijkUniversity of Twente The NetherlandsP O Box 217 7500 AE Enschedee herder e m a g vandijk cs utwente nlAbstractMany features of interest can be observed From metrics of user navigation of site structure and ofpaths followed through the site These metrics can be used for recognizing ...
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Generating Fixes From Object Behavior Anomalies Valentin Dallmeier Andreas Zeller Bertrand MeyerDept of Computer Science Chair of Software EngineeringSaarland University Saarbr cken Germany ETH Z rich Switzerlanddallmeier zeller cs uni-saarland de bertrand meyer inf ethz chABSTRACT Object stateAdvances in recent years have made it possible in some cases To Transition inlocate a bug the source of a...
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Using Online Media Sharing Behavior as Implicit Feedback for Collaborative Filtering IEEE International Conference on Social Computing IEEE International Conference on Privacy Security Risk and TrustUsing Online Media Sharing Behavior as implicitfeedback for Collaborative FilteringGeonhyeok Go Joonhyuk Yang Hyunwoo Park Sangki HanGraduate School of Culture TechnologyKAISTGwahak-ro Yuseong-gu Daeje...