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Social Studies Curriculum K 6
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  • Created: Fri Mar 12 15:32:39 2010
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First Grade Social Studies Curriculum Kindergarten Grade Social Studies Curriculum1 Culture Friends and FamilyStudents will Social Studies Language ArtsStandards StandardsA Friendship 1 identify characteristics of friendship such as 3-D 1-A 2-B-2 33-D-2 1-A-3 5 2-Csharing and doing things with one another 1-B 3-A-22 identify similarities and differences among 1-B-1 2 3-Bpeople 1-C 3-B-1 22-A2-A-3B... K-6.pdf
Grade 3 Social Studies Curriculum
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  • Created: Tue Jun 10 02:35:58 2014
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Microsoft Word - Grade 3 Social Studies Curriculum.doc Grade Three Social Studies CurriculumTheme Time Continuity and ChangeCurriculum Standards Learner OutcomesStudents will understand patterns of Understand patterns of change in society e g religious rituals governance development ofchange and continuity relationships communication systems etcbetween people and events through Identify and use se... 2014-15/Social Studies/... Curriculum.pdf
Socialstudiescurriculu K
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  • Created: Mon Sep 10 15:48:37 2012
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Microsoft Word - Social Studies Curriculum K.doc Jackson Area Catholic SchoolsSocial Studies Academic StandardsforKindergartenHistoryH2 Living and Working Together Use historical thinking to understand the pastK-H2 0 1 The student will distinguish among yesterday today andtomorrowK-H2 0 2 The student will create a timeline using events from their own livese g birth crawling walking loss of first t... Studies/Social...Curriculu K.pdf
Social Studies Rubrics K 12
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  • Created: Thu Sep 29 14:43:13 2011
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MT Social Studies Content Standard : Social Studies RubricsGrades K-2KINDERGARTENMT Social Studies Content Standard 1Discipline Inquiry and ApplicationMeasurement Topic Social Studies ProcessesGrade KindergartenScore In addition to Score 3 0 in-depth inferences and applications that go beyond what Sample Tasks4 0 was taught3 5 In addition to score 3 0 performance in-depth inferences and applicatio... k-12.pdf
Harcourt Social Studies Leveled Readers Teacher Guide Grade 1 P Cn1el
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  • Created: Sun Feb 22 04:12:10 2015
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Download Harcourt Social Studies: Leveled Readers Teacher Guide, Grade 1.Pdf Free Harcourt Social Studies Leveled Readers Teacher Guide Grade 1BySocial Studies K-8 - North Carolina Public SchoolsCategory Title Publisher CR Ed ISBN Grade Level School Price Social Studies K-5 4 81 801 TEXT NorthCarolina Our Home Leveled Readers Collection Leveled Readers Teacher Guide and Vocabulary-PictureCards Har...