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Eco Traveller Packing List
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  • Created: Wed Jul 17 10:56:49 2013
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Microsoft Word - Eco Traveller Packing List.docx Eco Traveller Packing ListOur Eco Traveller Packing List should be used as a guide only and is not intended to be a complete Packing listAny other items that you wish to pack are at your own discretion however you should attempt to follow oursuggested luggage weight limit of under 10kgPlease carefully consider the weather and time of year that you p...
Packing List Uk
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  • Created: Wed Dec 7 13:39:02 2011
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Microsoft Word - 08 Packing List.doc MERCY PROJECTS WWW MERCYPROJECTS CO UKWhat to Pack for CampMost airlines allow your check-on baggage to be up to 50 lbs 22 kg for international flights MercyProjects is asking you to use only one of your check-on allowances for your personal belongings Any extracheck-in baggage that the airline allows you to take will be used for ministry supplies Please contac...
Hiking Trip Packing List 2008
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  • Created: Wed Jan 16 09:53:23 2008
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Microsoft Word - Hiking Trip Packing List 2008 Hiking Trip Packing ListThis Packing List is for the backpacking portion of your camp Please bring the following itemsin addition to the items on the Camper Packing ListBackpack with an internal or external frame If you do not own a backpack you mayborrow one from Camp Westminster These may be reserved on a first come first servedbasis Please call the... Trip Packing L...g List 2008.pdf
Ghi Packing List
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  • Created: Tue Dec 15 12:50:04 2009
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Microsoft Word - GHI Packing List.doc Packing Tips1 Personalize a Packing List and to do List for yourself2 Each time you travel and forget something add it to the List Take thelist with you so you can write in the item so it is not forgotten3 Keep the List on your computer Desktop so it is quick and easy to findand print when you are packing4 Date the List each time you update it so you use the m...{5A3BED8F-3AA8-464F-8937-D8A7629A3...acking List.pdf
Lbmi Packing List
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  • Created: Sat Apr 27 18:32:11 2013
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LBMI Packing List LONG BEACH MARINE INSTITUTE CAMPUS BY THE SEACamper PackingCAMPER Packing List LISTLong Beach Marine Institutecatalina Island Camp atPAGE the SeaKEEP THIS Campus byRequired ltems Do not bringn sleeping bag or bed linens o Cell PhonesD pillow o Ipods Itouch Mp3 etco beach towel o rigrd suitcasetr water shoes o alcohol drugstr bath towel o immodest clothingtr toiletries toothbrush ... list.pdf