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GB3221 - Pre-configured Dsp System for Hearing Aids PARAGON GB3221Pre-configured Dsp Systemfor Hearing AidsDescriptionThe Paragon GB3221 hybrid is a programmable Dsp System basedon a multi channel compression circuit This hybrid is designed forhttp onsemi comlow impedance receivers It can be used as a platform for a wide rangeof hearing aid applications It also offers a separate supply line to the...
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Mixed-Signal and Dsp Design Techniques, Sampled Data Systems SAMPLED DATA SYSTEMSSECTION 2SAMPLED DATA SYSTEMSI Discrete Time Sampling of Analog SignalsI ADC and DAC Static Transfer Functions and DC ErrorsI AC Errors in Data ConvertersI DAC Dynamic Performance2 aSAMPLED DATA SYSTEMS2 bSAMPLED DATA SYSTEMSSECTION 2SAMPLED DATA SYSTEMSWalt Kester James BryantINTRODUCTIONA block diagram of a typical ...
Dsp Blks
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What Is the Dsp Blockset What Is the Dsp BlocksetThe Dsp Blockset is a collection of block libraries for use with the Simulinkdynamic System simulation environmentThe Dsp Blockset libraries are designed specifically for digital signalprocessing Dsp applications and include key operations such as classicalmultirate and adaptive filtering matrix manipulation and linear algebrastatistics time-frequen...
Audio Precision System Two
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APWIN User sManual For System Two CascadeAPWINSystem Two CascadeUser s ManualFor APWIN Version 2August 1999Copyright 1999 Audio Precision IncAll rights reservedRevision 0Version 2 August 1999No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by anymeans electronic or mechanical including photocopying recording or by anyinformation storage and retrieval System without permission... PRECI... System Two.pdf
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3862 Soundweb.indd Harnessing the power ofprogrammable Dsp withflexible controltallEasy to Inses ign teEa sy to D o OperaEasy tateo IntegrEasy tThe advent of programmable Dsp systems has dramatically changed the way audio systemsare installed Tedious changeovers between sessions with large amounts of equipment tore-program and re-patch are a thing of the past and gone are the large racks full of a...