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EPC for Flat 4 69-70 East Street, BRIGHTON, Bn1 1HQ Energy Performance CertificateFlat 4 69-70 East Street Dwelling type Top-floor flatBRIGHTON Date of assessment 01 March 2010BN1 1HQ Date of certificate 02 March 2010Reference number 0277-2839-6278-9300-4145Type of assessment RdSAP existing dwellingTotal floor area 52 mThis home s performance is rated in terms of the energy use per square metre of...
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EPC for Basement Flat 123 Preston Road, BRIGHTON, Bn1 6AF Energy Performance CertificateBasement Flat 123 Preston Road Dwelling type Ground-floor flatBRIGHTON Date of assessment 24 April 2009BN1 6AF Date of certificate 24 April 2009Reference number 8921-6024-6420-7184-6022Total floor area 52 mThis home s performance is rated in terms of the energy use per square metre of floor area energyefficienc...
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Microsoft Word - Bn1.doc EL CTRICOJorge Ortiz - 3 B ESO - Primer Premio de Narrativa Modalidad BTus pisadas hacen un sonido met lico al pisar el suelo Clang Clang Clang Tienen unritmo tan mon tono como el que demuestras tener en clase de m sica Clang ClangClang Por encima de tu cabeza suena un truenoEst lloviendo La tormenta ha empezado mientras estabas en clase En clase de LenguaDejaste de escuch...
Pozzi 2003 Mnras 343 1348
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taly3 INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova vicolo dell Osservatorio 5 I-35122 Padova Italy4 Istituto di Radioastronomia di Bologna via Gobetti 101 I-40129 Bologna Italy5 Max-Planck-Institut f r Astronomie K nigstuhl 17 D-69117 Heidelburg Germanyu o6 Kapteyn Astronomical Institute Landleven 12 9747 AD Groningen the Netherlands7 Astronomy Centre CPES University of Sussex Falmer Brighton Bn1 9QJ8
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Arghir Dani Zarnescu Pevensey III University of SussexFalmer Bn1 9QH UKE-mail A Zarnescu sussex ac ukhttp www sussex ac uk Users az73Education2006 Ph D in MathematicsThe University of Chicago USAAdvisors Peter Constantin and Lenya Ryzhik2004 M Sc in MathematicsThe University of Chicago USA2002 B Sc in MathematicsAl I Cuza University of Iasi RomaniaEmployment2011- Lecturer in Mathematics University...
Heuten Healey
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AustinHealey Titel/Zoll 09/99 Austin Healey Bn1-BJ82 Edition 09 99MEINE KUNDEN-NR MY CUSTOMER-NO1 FAHRZEUG 1 CAR Typ TypeFahrgestell-Nr Chassis-noMotor-Nr Engine-no2 FAHRZEUG 2 CAR Typ TypeFahrgestell-Nr Chassis-noMotor-Nr Engine-noTelefon 0049 0 2408 600-2700049 0 2408 600-271Telefax 0049 0 2408 600-290GESCH FTSZEITEN BUSINESS HOURS Internet http www heuten comMontag Freitag Monday - Friday 8 30 ...
Apple Ipad Retail Stores
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The Mall Da6 7JjBirkenhead 36 Borough Pavement Ch41 2XxBirmingham - Perry Barr Unit 41 One Stop Sc B42 1AaBirmingham High Street 74 75 High Street B4 7TdBlackburn 169 Victoria Court Bb1 7JdBlackpool 24 Victoria Street Fy1 4RwBluewater Unit Lo50a Lower Thames Walk Da9 9SlBoston 7 Strait Bargate Pe21 6EeBrighton Unit 39 Churchill Square Sc Bn1 2TdBristol 64 Broadmead Bs1 3EdBromley 114 High Street
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doi:10.1016/j.tibtech.2004.09.010 Opinion TRENDS in Biotechnology Vol 22 No 11 November 2004The myth of the biotech revolutionPaul Nightingale1 and Paul Martin21Science Policy Research Unit Freeman Centre University of Sussex Brighton Bn1 UK2Institute for the Study of Biorisks and Society IGBIS Room B13 Law and Social Sciences Building University ParkNottingham UK NG7 2RDThe existence of a medicin...
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J j0jJ r rliliJfi j i I J J i i J j jUS ln lr J9jr ub B i18 m iAl l Llm iA ilb Bn1 xboUlb WB ilf11 1 W 1 tl-rUtl i 1 iJ iWHl W W 30 n W81u1 11lJtl i nll lb VIf1Ul WA i Wm i1 tl lQDU31 l W 6 nlJ rn W5 2557bY1BEi Wtl i lJn h lvllEJ UUBL frYl vunlJ rn W5 2557 vrh bmTW 1 lJ1tJtI e Jl 11 f1 U U ntJtJl10 0030W n 11 00 W runlV1tJ 1 iJbvn 1 1 tJ1 W 1 t llCJ1 tJtJBL nVrJBi rf1xB tl 11lJb VII lUli Jl JfI Wf...
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USING STANDARD PRA S PHYSICAL REVIEW A VOLUME 60 NUMBER 4 OCTOBER 1999Electric-dipole amplitudes lifetimes and polarizabilities of the low-lying levelsof atomic ytterbiumS G Porsev 1 Yu G Rakhlina 1 and M G Kozlov1 21Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute Gatchina Leningrad District 188350 Russia2Centre for Optics and Atomic Physics Sussex University Falmer Brighton Bn1 9QH United KingdomReceived 2 ...
Seyfang Ep Cise Survey
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ences University of East Anglia Norwich NR4 7TJ United KingdombSPRU Science and Technology Policy Research University of Sussex Brighton Bn1 9RH United KingdomH I G H L I G H T SThe community-led sustainable energy sector is diverse and growing in the UKSometimes it is more about the community than the energyJoined-up policy thinking is needed to properly measure performance and impactThere are li
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ml-20CC03 - Brilliant PeachKatal gov cena 5 99Katal gov cena 11 99 CC09 - Wise GreenKatal gov cena 14 50 7 79 maslo 4 49doSpa Senses So k pe a 600 g11 60d mskaSpa Senses Telov-19250 mlsm01 Verbena 01S VerbenaKolekcia klasick 30 ml sm02 Broskev 02S Broskevz oho vybera-20FM 05 06 32 97 Katal gov cena 11 50Kolekcia klasick p nska 50 mlz oho vybera9 32CC Kr m Colour Care 30 mlFM 64 189 Katal gov cena
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tion agency Our mission is to promote sustainable growthby improving the conditions for innovation as well as funding needs-driven researchVINNOVA s vision is for Sweden to be a world-leading country in research andinnovation an attractive place in which to invest and conduct business We promotecollaborations between companies universities research institutes and the public sector Wedo this by sti
Bicycle Project 2008 Project Plan
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untitled Kaloko Trust UK Reg Charity 104762239-41 Surrey St Brighton Bn1 3PB UKT 44 0 1273 76 66 60 F 44 0 1273 76 66 61E admin kalokotrust org W www kalokotrust orgCommunity Bicycle Transport ProjectPROJECT SUMMARY 3 2 400 members of farming families haveimproved access to health education andUsing discarded bicycles collected in the UK and other community servicesshipped to Zambia the project wi... Files/Bicycle Project 2008 - projec...roject plan.pdf
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ce and Technology Policy Research University of Sussex Brighton Bn1 9QE UKa r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c tArticle history Con icts due to damage caused by wildlife pose serious threats to conservation In addition wildlifeReceived 2 March 2010 damage incurs severe economic loss to communities living in the close vicinity of the park affecting theReceived in revised form livelihoods and well-be
W U 20141215
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mE V b m1 Y -db V V Y W mYEb V S 3SWmY SZSY bn SWnZm1 1j1ZSqD6 93n1 SYqE 1- BJeoba7 Z 4Z W dbn8 1- k1 W - aW Wq1b df - b Z abSZ q4mV1 S SJehovaZ q4mV1 V 1V9 1 abn SZ aSb W - aW 1ZSq5 YZSjn WS bmHS SE S V 1V P q4mVSV 1ZZ - Z a1W1ZSq Y1 SVSD 5 d3Z WS Y1Zqbn a 1 1j1ZS1Hq4mV1 S S qb ab 1hSa ZSq S 1 - d mE Zq4mV1 V 1V P b S a ZSq 65 am hSb b1W1yS h1bm 1 - d m76 1Y bSh1aVSy SZ 1Va w b 31 y jZSx 4 6 58 -
N U U 1/2 N N N N >>n N N 1/2 Un N 1/2 N
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uropean Group EFGSAEFG International -private bankingSIX Swiss ExchangeEFGInternational EFGBank European Financial Group SA-Eurobank EFG-Eurobank EFG-Eurobank EFG 101 600 23 000200957 6 bn46 8 bn84 3 Bn1 569m362 m2 848 45 25912 70 46 0Eurobank EFG2010 7 20072009 20102009 2010-2010 5 2009 20102010 52009- 200920092-2009 200920092008Private Bank 201020092009 6Private Bank 2009 42009 42008 5...Презентація для ... Банку.pdf
2014 10 03 014722 Ihz6iqlk
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th n1f1 V1f1tJ1 ltJ ViltiVleN b eJ l aeJ J lfl1 51 l b Vi U1riml 1 ltli tJ J a l Bn1 n 1 l lJ lJ J b1w VI1 l1f1 l j1 lJ lJ1 tfbn a atl aIlc l 0 clVi1J VI 3 10 1 J Vi1 lJ VIeJ l f l a lVl 4li11 EJ b VlfllLJI6 l ILJ 6 lYil W Vle J- J iiml IJ lJ I Jfl leJlJdlflT h b Vi 1J1 rieJ I I J lJ-rlltj J bfl1 f16 l1 JU W LJ bJru Vll- J1 JU1 W U1 EJ tlbnEJ i 1 l lJ Wi Vi lJJ J3 10 wilLJ1 1Yil U Vlv J lVlEJriv l...
Startups Workshops
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ft-off a half-day All systems go a one-day workshopworkshop for aspiring start-ups for established start-upsBOOK BOOKNOW NOWWHEN Mon 17th Sept 9 30am 1 00pm WHEN Mon 24th Sept 9 30am 4 30pm lunch not incWHERE BMECP 10A Fleet Street Brighton Bn1 4ZE WHERE BMECP 10A Fleet Street Brighton Bn1 4ZEYou ve got an idea for a business but where do you start This one-day workshop is for new businesses a yea Workshops.pdf
T24c 1308 Web
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4-108by Cobalt are manufactured Bn1 BN2 BN4 584-068specifically for classic British cars BN6 584-098and are very competively priced BN7 584-058BT7 BJ7 BJ8 584-078Sprite Midget w Disc Brakes 180-378T24-115800-667-7872MGA 1500MGA 1600 MkII180-838180-908 800-667-7872MossMotors comMGB 180-898 Fender PatchPanels - p A5 Tourist Trophy Exhaust - p A24 Power BrakeUpgrade - p A37 mossmotors comT24C-1308BCF
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A c K uK U H w qB WM d WOMOD KH W s bO u d ULN u q d t t d l UL tC d l UI c s b O H d u N w KOz d u fOzWOMOD KH V UD iF UIK WOMOD KH nAJ i w dF b I lKD wMOD K bB b U WO dG WHC U U WM b w VI d UIK bI QA t O c X u w w KOz d u U IKW OMOD KH WDK qOz d rK s WK d c w U u u UIK c w W OL d WO dF W U A bB U U IK c s q Q U fOzd t u s 5 WKJA t r U FK W U q d b d U d u U UH v q u K Bn1 t WFKD UBQ qOz d d w W
Ictd Wp10
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agency or- under the terms set out belowThis publication is copyright but may be reproduced by any method without fee for teaching or nonprofit purposesbut not for resale Formal permission is required for all such uses but normally will be granted immediately Forcopying in any other circumstances or for reuse in other publications or for translation or adaptation prior writtenpermission must be o WP10.pdf
Cinema Exibition In Europe2
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gest comPrinted by Fotodirect Brighton Bn1 8AFResearch Charlotte JonesEditor David HancockEditorial design David FisherLayout David Fisher Turlough FisherAll rights reserved No part of this publicationmay be reproduced transmitted or stored in aretrieval system in any form or by any meanswithout the prior written permission of thepublisher nor be otherwise circulated in anyform of cover or binding
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Microsoft Word - wp68cover.doc H i C N Households in Conflict NetworkThe Institute of Development Studies - at the University of Sussex - Falmer - Brighton - Bn1 9REwww hicn orgArmed Conflict Exposure Human Capital Investmentsand Child Labor Evidence from ColombiaCatherine Rodriguez and Fabio Sanchezcathrodr uniandes edu co fasanche uniandes edu coHiCN Working Paper 68November 2009Abstract This pa...
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teinenVermehrung in der PflanzeAusbreitung in der PflanzeAuspr gung von SymptomenPTA - St P lten 2011PGHwww ages at 3S Grausgruber-Gr ger A PlenkPospiviroideIn sterreich in den letzten Jahren nachgewiesen- Potato spindle tuber viroid PSTVd Typspezies- Chrysanthemum stunt viroid CSVd- Citrus exocortis viroid CEVd- Tomato apical stunt viroid TASVdWeitere Pospiviroide- Tomato chlorotic dwarf viroid T
Matematica Ns Cuadernillo Formulas
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dades 5 6 5 7 y 7 1 y unidad 3 1 de Ampliaci n de Matem ticas NSDistribuciones discretas 13Distribuciones continuas 13Ampliaci n de Matem ticas 14Unidad 1 lgebra lineal 14F rmulasConocimientos previosrea del paralelogramo A b h siendo b la base y h la alturarea del tri ngulo 1A b h siendo b la base y h la altura2rea del trapecio 1A a b h siendo a y b los lados paralelos y h la altura2rea del c rcu
B1c619bc00b95b5ac761d27414849b46 1387291927
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Kur 011305 Mlu Dobcopy 15122013 Wap130500200065bot
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66d c3 60o06006 660 s Q o86 LBoa 6 66 5tue-iae 6p qiSsoorCEiaThb B io nily rhar the lot owtng iniomation has been rake Ircm the o gina recod ot bidh whi h i6rhe s sr for Lo aea Loet Body t - ottatrs Ucet orDi81ic1 r il i orslateAndhrep adesh6 Nare - qOonuo Sox6gs o s d - iE6 Dale6ei o6b Phe of Bn1 -aP al6 lane orMoitse j oaoLS 5or NameorFrrhn - - a - 1-AE 6 aoo5ir6 dp6ot o s6si dgdof o t6c O 06
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Microsoft Word - WP42.doc Poverty in Kagera Tanzania Characteristics Causes and ConstraintsJulie Litchfield Thomas McGregorPoverty Research Unit Poverty Research UnitDepartment of Economics Department of EconomicsUniversity of Sussex University of SussexBrighton Bn1 9SN Brighton Bn1 9SNUnited Kingdom United KingdomEmail j a litchfield sussex ac ukPRUS Working Paper no 42AbstractThis paper analyses...
521122061 200209 990
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lr C eda euan11Id nmess uianqe mr vNumber eA0 sceet u P O box d ma s rile delnoe4 tdsbea ed E To pMne nmbrNerve che geEl Initial rixurri M 357- 33WEl Final F ilcms rlmR I Id Cagi LI AcoualNreMeG rerun r - other soealhb 9 0 Section W1lcN3 Q9anireUwe arid 4817 Bn1 normixerript charitable x enrl l are not applicable to section 527 organizationstrusts mat attach a ennqlelaA Schedule A Fmn 990 v BB0 ED