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Cra Overview
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The Community-Reinforcement Approach The Community-Reinforcement ApproachWilliam R Miller Ph D and Robert J Meyers M Swith Susanne Hiller-Sturmh fel Ph DThe Community-Reinforcement Approach CRA is an alcoholism treatment Approach thataims to achieve abstinence by eliminating positive Reinforcement for drinking and enhancingpositive Reinforcement for sobriety CRA integrates several treatment compon...
2 En Halvedaagsecratraining 2013
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The AdoleascentCommunity Reinforcement Approach 2 -daagse workshop Community Reinforcement Approach CRADAG 19 00 - 9 15 Koffie en registratie9 15 - 10 45 Geschiedenis en de werkzaamheid van de CRABehandelmechanismenEnkele aspecten van de neurobiologie van verslavingDe rol van positieve bekrachtigingVerandering van omgeving10 45 - 11 00 Pauze11 00 - 12 30 Geschiedenis en de werkzaamheid van de CRA ...
Final T2 Research Brief
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A Community- Driven Approach to Reducing Teenage Pregnancy in Sierra LeoneMidline Evaluation BriefMay 2014Lindsay Stark Matthew MacFarlane Dora King David Lamin Sarah LilleyMike Wessells2AcknowledgementsThis study is part of a multi- year collaboration between communities theGovernment of Sierra Leone GoSL NGOs and UNICEF that has been initiated bythe Interagency Learning Initiative on Community- ...
Publicaties O En O Tm 2012
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11De Weert-Van Oene GH Verbrugge CAG Holsbeek T DeJong CAJ IMC Monitorenen leren Zeven jaar evalueren van de Intramurale Motivatie Centra in NederlandNISPA Nijmegen 2011De Weert-van Oene GH Verbrugge C De Jong CAJ IMC monitor jaarrapportage2010 NISPA Nijmegen 2011De Weert-van Oene GH Beute M met dank aan S Schrijen EvaluatieonderzoekVoordeur IrisZorg-Zuid IrisZorg Arnhem april 2011De Weert-van Oen
1 Toc
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t level of severity in middle childhood and thendeclined 24Exposure with response prevention in addition tocognitive behavioural therapy did not decrease bulimic Concern about body integrity and a good physicalbehaviours 10 appearance were associated with poorer psychosocialadjustment after treatment for breast cancer 25Cognitive behavioural self help reduced binge eating inwomen 11AetiologyMultid
Cannabis And Health Vol 37 Issues Series Lisa Firth P Nxc49
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melb edu au vol14 02williams htmlFamily Support Network for Adolescent Cannabis Users SAMHSAFamily Support Network for Adolescent Cannabis Users Cannabis Youth Treatment Series Vol 3store samhsa gov for-Adolescent-Cannabis-Users SMA05-4103Cannabis in Medical Practice A Legal Historical andNonpoliticized information on the therapeutic uses of cannabis is provided here by medical legal and scientifi
Alcohol Research 33 4
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ConditionsSterling Stacy - Chi Felicia - Hinman Agatha Pages 338The Role of Mutual-Help Groups in Extending the Framework of TreatmentKelly John F - Yeterian Julie D Pages 350Treating Alcoholism As a Chronic Disease Approaches to Long-Term Continuing CareMcKay James R - Hiller-Sturmh fel Susanne Pages 356The Recovery Spectrum From Self-Change to Seeking TreatmentTucker Jalie A - Simpson Cathy A Pa 33 (4).pdf
2009 Best Practices
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ciation FADAA Citation of the source and funding sourceis appreciatedACKNOWLEDGEMENTThis publication was developed through funding from the Florida Department of Children and FamiliesDCF Substance Abuse Program Office under contract number LD801OBTAINING ADDITIONAL COPIES OF THIS PUBLICATIONCopies may be obtained free of charge form the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association FADAAFor additiona
Roozen Cra Verslaving
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+CSCO+dh756767633A2F2F696F32332E6F6 De Community Reinforcement Approach CRA Page 1 of 8ArtikelenDe Community Reinforcement Approach CRAOperante leerprincipes sociale-systeembenadering engedragsfarmacologieHendrik RoozenVerslaving 2 2006 p 3-18InhoudInleidingCRA-interventies de klinische praktijkResultaten van effectstudiesCRA in Nederland Novadic-KentronTot besluitLiteratuurMen vangt meer vliegen ...
Phd Thesis 2010 Orapin
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A Community PARTICIPATORY Approach TO DEVELOP STRATEGIES TO INCREASE THE SWIMMING ABILITY OF PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDREN A PARTICIPATORY Approach TO DEVELOP STRATEGIES TOINCREASE THE SWIMMING ABILITY OF PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDRENMs Orapin LaoseeA Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirementsfor the Degree of Doctor of Public Health Program in Public HealthCollege of Public Health Scie...
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Northcoate Community Gardens : an integrated Community safety Approach NORTHCOTE Community GARDENSAN INTEGRATED Community SAFETY APPROACHOr What About the English CommonAndrea Cook Red Road ConsultingandDavid Williamson City of DarebinPaper presented at the conference Safer Communities Strategic Directions in Urban Planning convened jointly bythe Australian Institute of Criminology and the Victori...
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Sustaining the Forests: The Community-based Approach in South and South-East Asia Sustaining the Forests The Community-basedApproach in South and South-East AsiaMarcus ColchesterABSTRACTThe concept of sustainability emphasizes four basic principleswhen applied to rural communities that basic needs must bemet that resources should be subject to local control that localcommunities must have a decisi...
Cwc Community Work Updates October 2011
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Community Workers Co-operative c o Galway Traveller Movement 1 The PlazaHeadford Road Galway IrelandGeneral e-mail info cwc ie Website www cwc iePlease consider the environment before printing this e-mailCommunity Work UpdatesOctober 2011Welcome to the October issue of Community Work Updates the ebulletin of the CommunityWorkers Co-operative Inside this issueCWC remains active despite loss of fund...
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ition of exercise in Buprenorphine The aim of this study is toimproving drug treatment outcomes in approximately investigate the safety and effectiveness of330 stimulant and cocaine abusing individuals buprenorphine in the presence of naltrexonefor the treatment of cocaine dependenceProjected Date Last Randomization July 1 2012 Eleven CTP study sites will enroll 300 cocaine-Randomization 80 of tar
Community Base Model
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A Community-Based Tourism Model Its Conception and UseEtsuko OkazakiKobe University JapanCommunity participation in the tourism planning process is advocated as a way ofimplementing sustainable tourism There are however few studies that detail tangi-ble and practical ways to promote or measure participation This paper reviews theprincipal theories used to discuss Community participation including ... model.pdf
Bldcf Grant Application
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Burns Lake and District Community Foundation Grant GuidelinesThe Burns Lake and District Community Foundation offers grants to organizations performingworthwhile projects to enhance the quality of life in the Lakes DistrictEligibilityCommunity organizations which are registered charities or qualified donees under the Income Tax Actare eligible to apply for grants from the FoundationIn exceptional ...
Ihsp13 16 Appb Communityengage
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APPENDIX B Community Engagement Summary Overall Approach to Community EngagementThe South West LHIN Community Engagement Framework introduced in our first IHSP and available on ourwebsite shares our goals and guiding principles for Community Engagement and proposes an Approach todevelop meaningful conversations with our partners The ideas and principals outlined in the CommunityEngagement Framewor...
Freyer Puengl
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Microsoft Word - Publications190711engl PublicationsJennis Freyer-Adam PhDPeer review articlesBaumeister S E Meyer C Carreon D Freyer J Rumpf H -J Hapke U John U Alte D2006 Alcohol consumption and health-services utilization in Germany Journal of Studies on Alcohol67 3 429-435Bischof G Freyer J 2006 Working with relatives of individuals with substance related disordersthe Community Reinforcement a...
Course Announcement Cbrs Course November 2014
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Community BASED REINTEGRATION AND SECURITY CBRS SPECIALISED TRAINING COURSE FOR PRACTITIONERS9th to 15th November 2014 Barcelona SpainINTRODUCTIONThe specialised training course on Community Based Reintegration and Security CBRS for practitioners is jointly organisedby the Barcelona International Peace Resource Center and Transition International The course builds upon the successfulannual special...
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Community TOOLKIT OUTLINE Community TOOLKITfor aYOUTH RESTORATIVEJUSTICE PROJECTMark Totten Katharine Kelly and Tullio Caputo2003 Youth Services Bureau of OttawaTable of Contents1 Introduction p 4What is Restorative Justice p 4What Types of Communities are Involved p 4Table 1 Program Mandate p 5What is a Community Justice Forum p 5A Strengths-based Community Development Approach p 6How Can My Comm...
Communityeconomicgrowth Web
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Community Economic Growth Tied to Substance Abuse Prevention andStrategic FrameworkBy Dawne Y Simmons abuse the labor force became even more unattractive to perspectiveemployersCommunity coalitions understand that to truly create healthycommunities they must not only focus on specific social issues but Sutter assisted Flint coalition leaders with key tactics to help themalso look at how those issu...
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Teaching Software Development in Community-Driven Software Projects A Practical ExperienceGregorio RoblesGSyC LibreSoft Universidad Rey Juan Carlosgrex gsyc escet urjc esSanti CaballeUniversitat Oberta de Catalunyascaballe uoc eduJes s M Gonz lez-Barahonau aGSyC LibreSoft Universidad Rey Juan Carlosjgb gsyc escet urjc esAbstractThis paper presents a teaching experience at an on-line master at the ...
Community Impact Report
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ayout 1 PERDUECalendar Year 2009Community Impact ReportPublished Fall 2010PERDUE Community INVOLVEMENT AND CORPORATE CITIZENSHIPSTRENGTHENING OUR COMMUNITIES LEADERSHIP POSITIONSAt Perdue our corporate giving philosophy is guided At Perdue Our Vision is to be The most trustedby the belief that we can make the most difference by name in food and agricultural products We recognizestrengthening our c... Impact Rep...pact Report.pdf
2011 11 Larp Presentation To Council
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Report to Community Council Application Number 08 167708 NPS 00 OZExecutive SummaryThe Transportation Master Plan and the Infrastructure Master Plan for different reasons each fails thecommunity s tests of accountability due process engagement methodology and professional scope ofwork They are seriously incomplete in terms of requirements under the Municipal Class EnvironmentalAssessment processTh...
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FOLKSOMAPS - Towards Community Driven Intelligent Maps for Developing RegionsArun Kumar Dipanjan Chakraborty Himanshu ChauhanSheetal K Agarwal Nitendra RajputIBM India Research Lab4 Block C Institutional Area Phase IIVasant Kunj New Delhi - 110070Abstract were offered in the manner done today Furthermore lack ofMany services taken for granted in the developed world are stable infrastructure includ...
B2b Wilkie
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ental flowsFLOWs standard methodology forVictorian RiversExtensively used in water allocationLimited consideration of estuary req sWhere we haveMost are qualitativeNo standard approachNo minimum data requirementsLimited peer reviewRepeatabilityRelevance of FLOWs to an estuarymethodMulti-disciplinary technical panelSystematic Approach and Specific minimumdata requirementsSpecific environmental flow
Nrsa Plan 4 9 11
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to designate the Airport Neighborhood a NeighborhoodRevitalization Strategy Area NRSA This approval offers enhanced regulatory flexibilitydesigned to promote innovation in intensively carrying out economic development housingpublic service and other Community development activities with Community DevelopmentBlock Grant CDBG funds to effectively bring about revitalizationA robust Community plannin ...Plan 4.9.11.pdf
Q3 Summary Of Regional Accomplishments 12 07 2012
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d to promote Sustainable SuccessStories as part of an ongoing Community dialogue In Region 8 the Lakota Radio Hour continued to feature theThunder Valley s Lakota Oyate Omniciye Community planning efforts in a regularly scheduled open forum radioprogram which focuses on one of the twelve priorities identified in the plan each week In Region 4 elected officialshave taken the lead in championing the
Fri 1030 Zysk
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Microsoft Word - isana05Final00025 Network Mawson Lakes International and Local LinksAnia Zysk BA psych BSW MSWUniversity of South AustraliaGPO Box 2471Adelaide SA 5001www unisa edu auania zysk unisa edu auAbstractRecent studies show that connections made with the local Community are a natural andeffective way for international students to learn about cultural norms gains social support andenrich ... (pdf)/fri_103...i_1030_zysk.pdf
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se Program 1-21 3 1 Cleanup Program Under the Army 1-21 3 2 Process for Early Transfer of Former Fort Ord Property 1-41 3 3 FORA ESCA Remediation Program 1-51 4 Preliminary RI FS Scoping and Implementation 1-51 4 1 Summary of Existing Data Report 1-51 5 Work Plan Organization 1-62 0 HISTORY AND PHYSICAL SETTING 2-12 1 MEC-Related History 2-12 1 1 Interim Action Ranges MRA 2-12 1 2 MOUT Site MRA 2-