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Heparin Protocol For Smoke Inhalation Injury Orders
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Patient Label Here UMC Heparin Protocol FOR SMOKEINHALATION INJURY ORDERS1 Attending Physician Resident FellowIndicationsPresence of carbonaceous sputum with suctioningIntraoral or pharyngeal burnsUpper airway edema erythema mucosal blistersInhalation injury confirmed by bronchoscopyEvidence of smoke inhalationPaO2 FiO2 200History of fire in an enclosed spaceCarboxyhemoglobin value 10Initiate pro... Orders.pdf
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Anticoagulation: Heparin and Warfarin PRINTGuidelineAnticoagulation Heparin and WarfarinDocument No SSWGL2007010Functional Sub-Group Clinical GovernanceCorporate GovernanceSummary Evidence based guidelines for the use of anticoagulationApproved by Clinical Quality CouncilPublication Issue Date November 2007Next Review Date August 2010Replaces Existing Guideline N APrevious Review Dates August 2007...
Pt 06 09
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n monitoring forms where created toOpiate binding to receptors in the GI tract have theensure that the appropriate laboratory monitoring isability to decrease gastrointestinal motility andcompleted If the physician does not use thecontribute to post-operative ileus Entereg blocksappropriate order form the nurse can complete theopiates from binding to the mu-receptors in the GIorder sheet and sign 06-09.pdf
Pt 4 12
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h whatOxymorphone 10processes are in place to help facilitate the safe use ofthese medicationsOpana ER tablets should not be crushed broken orchewed administration of crushed broken orchewed tablets can result in rapid absorption that Medications Process Elementscould lead to a high serum levels and adverse eventsRevised Heparin Protocol 2011Anticoagulants Anticoagulation PolicyMetformin extended 4-12.pdf
Heparin Extraction Of Nes
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Heparin Extraction of Nuclear Envelopes Rout Lab Protocol Last Modified by Michael Rout 3 15 07Heparin Extraction of Nuclear EnvelopesRout Lab 1998Purpose to extract proteins from the nuclear envelope using heparin1 In a TLA-45 centrifuge tube add 25 - 50 l of a nuclear envelope preparation2 EXTRACTION STEPAdd 4-9 volumes of the extraction solution and vortex 30 sec to mixExtraction solution for 1...
Stemi Protocol Inter Hospital Transfer Physician Orders
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STEMI ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Protocol Page 1 MD Orders D A S H Duluth Area STEMI Hospitals Inter-Hospital Transfer Page 2 RN DocumentationPHYSICIAN ORDERS Page 1 of 2DEFINITION FOR STEMI ST elevation at the J point in at least 2 contiguous leads of 2 mm 0 2 mV in men or 1 5 mm Top Priority0 15 mV in women in leads V2 V3 and or of 1 mm 0 1mV in other contiguous chest leads or th...
Biotrails Protocol Extraction V1 0 Pdf Version 1&modificationdate 1403526053390&api V2
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BioTrails Protocol - Extraction V1.0 BioTrails Protocol Extraction of DNA from animal tissueVersion 1 0Date August 13 2013Written by Karen JamesReference to be included in next versionApproximate time required 3 hoursNotesTissue samples and DNA samples are vulnerable to contamination especially by PCRproducts As always use a fresh pipette tip for each transfer unless transferring to emptytubes and...
Albert Heijn Protocol For Residue Control
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Albert Heijn Protocol For Residue Control Albert Heijn Protocol For Residue ControlEUROCERTalbert Heijnprotocol for residue controlalbert Heijn Protocol for residue control AHSuper Markets ALBERT HEIJN- GLOBALGAPTo--- site-MRLs- MRLS1231 2Albert Heijn Protocol For Residue Control456EUROCERTAH2 2......
13 Protocol File Review Aj Kwanchanok
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Protocol file review [Compatibility Mode] Review of Protocol FilesLearning ObjectiveTo identify how Protocol files should bereviewed during a surveyg yOutlineObjectivesScope of this activitySIDCER-FERCAP Form usedDocuments of the EC to be reviewedReference Document to be usedDetails of items reviewed7 1 2011 3Scope of the activityTh activity covers SIDCER recognitionThe ti i... Protocol file r... Kwanchanok.pdf
Whole Mount Microrna Ish Protocol Reference
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Microsoft Word - GEISHA microRNA WISH Protocol 1pg.doc GEISHA Project miRNA Detection Protocol Version 1 1Gallus Expression In Situ Hybridization Analysis http geisha arizona eduWhole Mount microRNA ISH Protocol Really Short Version1 Collect embryos in ice-cold saline chick salt Rinse several times with ice-cold saline2 Prep for fix For HH 11 and below proceed to step 3For HH 12-18 open extraembry... Mount microRN...l Reference.pdf
Heparin New Usp Standard C504710 Changeover Notice
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Microsoft Word - Heparin new USP standard C504710 changeover notice.Doc May 11 2010Dear PPC Heparin CustomerFurther to our commitment to keep our customers informed we wish to advise you that due to an unforeseenincrease in demand we have begun shipping Heparin 1 000 USP units mL 10mL C504710manufactured under the new USP standard effective May 10 2010Heparin manufactured under the new standard wi...
12 20 Uur Bijlage Mededelingen Bpv Protocol Ag Def
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BPV Protocol AG def BPV Protocol ASSISTERENDEN IN DE GEZONDHEIDSZORG AG binnen sector Gezondheidszorg Dienstverlening Welzijn en SportBPV Vastgesteld d d 07-10-2010DE DEELNEMER DE ONDERWIJSINSTELLING HET LEERBEDRIJF HET KENNISCENTRUMZoekt informatie op over het leerbedrijf Bereidt de deelnemer praktijkgericht voor op de Is een door het Kenniscentrum erkend Zorgt voor voldoende erkendeVoorbereiding... u...ocol AG def.pdf
Draft Mavrogiannopoulos Tls Cross Protocol 00
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draft-mavrogiannopoulos-tls-cross-Protocol-00 - Preventing cross-Protocol attacks on the TLS Protocol Network Working Group N MavrogiannopoulosInternet-Draft KU Leuven - IBBTIntended status Standards Track June 1 2012Expires December 3 2012Preventing cross-Protocol attacks in TLS protocoldraft-mavrogiannopoulos-tls-cross-Protocol-00AbstractThis memo proposes a fix in the TLS ServerKeyExchange mess...
Thamnotoxkit F Protocol
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Thamnotoxkit F - Bench Protocol 3 2 Hatching of the cystsTHAMNOTOXKIT FThe hatching of the Thamnocephalus cyst should be initiated 24 hours beforeFRESHWATER TOXICITY SCREENING TEST the start of the toxicity testBENCH Protocol Cyst prehydrationPrinciple Open a tube with cysts and fill it with hatching medium approx 1 ml Closethe tube and shake it at regular intervals for approx 30 minutesThe Thamno...
Protocol 2 Barcode Qg
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Protocol 2 Barcode QG.ppt Protocol 2- Installing Honeywell VoyagerScanner 9520-38-31 Unpacking the scannerUnpack the scanner and connect the10-pin RJ45 male connector of theConnect USB cable into the jack on thescanner There will be an audible clickwhen the connection is made2 Installing barcode softwareRun the install Barcode exeRun3 Connecting the scannerConnect the scann...
Malaysian Protocol For The Halal Meat & Poultry Productions
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Microsoft Word - malaysia Protocol meat&poultry - 04042011 MALAYSIAN PROTOCOLFOR THE HALAL MEATAND POULTRYPRODUCTIONSDEPARTMENT OFISLAMICDEVELOPMENTMALAYSIAThe Malaysian Protocol for the Halal Meat and Poultry Productions is subjectedto periodical review according to the current needs of the local and internationalindustries to keep abreast of progress in the industries concerned Suggestionsof ame...
Urban Stream Impact Protocol
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Urban Stream Impact Protocol : A methodology for assessing water quality and source determination Urban Stream Impact ProtocolA methodology for assessing water quality and source determinationAndrew Lee Jon Toonkel Tal IlanyAdvisorsTim Collins 3R2N Project DirectorKathy Knauer Environmental Scientist3 Rivers 2nd NatureSTUDIO for Creative Inquiry Pressin association with Carnegie Mellon University ...
Ai 2 0 Ccg Clinical Cabinet Headache Pathway And Protocol
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Microsoft Word - CCG Clinical Cabinet Headache pathway and Protocol.doc Headache Management Pathway ProtocolExecutive SummaryThe purpose of this paper is to seek approval from the Clinical Cabinet to implement theHeadache Management Pathway Protocol in BuryWhatThe Headache Management Pathway and Protocol has been jointly developed by theGreater Manchester Neurosciences Centre and NHS Salford in an... 2.0 CCG Cli...nd protocol.pdf
Bf3 Pc Server Remote Administration Protocol
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BF3 PC Server Remote Administration Protocol This is the remote-administration Protocol used by BF3 PC Server R3It is work-in-progress features are first added to the game and then controlling commands are added to theRemote Administration interfaceContentsAbout 2Low-level Protocol 2Packet format 2int32 2Word 2Packet 2Protocol behaviour 3Comments 3Parameter formats 4String 4Boolean 4HexString 4Pas...
Mpi 2 Day Protocol
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Same-Day Rest-Stress Tc99m Acquisition Protocol Fit Heart MDTwo-Day Stress Rest ProtocolPurposeTo evaluate regional myocardial perfusion under stress either physical exercise or pharmacologicstress and at rest To identify and localize areas of reversible ischemia or previous infarction inpatients with chest pain shortness of breath suspected of having coronary artery disease previouscoronary inter... 2 D...ay Protocol.pdf
Mobile End Transport Protocol
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Mobile-End Transport Protocol: An Alternative to Tcp/ip Over Wireless Links - INFOCOM '98. Seventeenth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies Mobile-End Transport ProtocolAn Alternative to TCP IP Over Wireless LinksKuang-Yeh Wang Satish K TripathiDepartment of Computer Science Bourns College of EngineeringUniversity of Maryland University of CaliforniaCollege Par... end trans...rt protocol.pdf
Draft Gu Ppsp Tracker Protocol 06
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draft-gu-ppsp-tracker-Protocol-06 - PPSP Tracker Protocol †PPSP-TP‡ PPSP Rui S CruzINTERNET-DRAFT Mario S NunesIntended Status Standards Track IST INESC-ID INOVExpires May 2 2012 Yingjie GuJinwei XiaHuaweiDavid A BryanPolycomJoao P TaveiraIST INOVDeng LingliChina MobileOctober 30 2011PPSP Tracker Protocoldraft-gu-ppsp-tracker-Protocol-06AbstractThis document outlines the functionality required...
Protocol 2 Ames Qg
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Protocol 2 AMES QG.ppt Protocol 2 Ames - Batch set-up Quick Guide1 Start Protocol 2 software Log onto Protocol 2 using theusername P2Admin The password isEnter the Protocol 2 serial numberInsert the plate holder2 Position platePlace plate onto plate holder pushing itagainst the locating pins3 Capture image Select the image tab and check thelive boxClickAdjust the exposure by...
Rbt Kan Protocol Romeinen Campagne
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Microsoft Word - Protocol Romeinen Campagne def.doc Huisstijl Protocol Rijk van Nijmegen De Romeinen campagneCommunicatie conceptDe Romeinen vierden hier al vakantie Nu jij nogMet dit pakkende communicatieconcept met een knipoog naar het Romeinse verledenalsmede het absoluut onderscheidende karakter van het toeristische aanbod van dezeregio promoot RBT KAN het Rijk van Nijmegen de komende jaren op... KAN - Protocol Romeinen Campa...en Campagne.pdf
Hurricane Operations Protocol 4 12
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Microsoft Word - Hurricane Operations Protocol 8-11 Inlet Watch Yacht Club Operations Protocol Rev 4 2012Hurricane Severe ConditionsOperations ProtocolWHEN A HURRICANE TROPICAL STORM WATCH IS ISSUEDIWYC will close to all recreational traffic Vessels located in dry storage will be placed ona work rack so that its owner may prepare it for the storm only as time and space permitsEventually all work r...
4lscb Trafficking Protocol September 2011 Awaiting Sscb Ratification
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Microsoft Word - 4LSCB Trafficking Protocol September 2011 SSCB ratification.docx The 4LSCBChild Trafficking ProtocolProtocol for safeguarding suspected traffickedchildren within Hampshire the Isle of WightPortsmouth and SouthamptonSeptember 2011This is a working document awaiting final ratification by SouthamptonLSCB2Contents Page1 AIM 32 OBJECTIVE 33 INTRODUCTION 44 DEFINITION OF CHILD TRAFFICKI... Procedures/4LSCB Trafficki...atification.pdf
Centura Standard Potassium Protocol
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Microsoft Word - Centura Standard Potassium Replacement Protocol 050311 STATStandard Potassium K Replacement ProtocolFor All Patient Types and All UnitsMEDITECH Standard ProtocolIMPORTANT Pharmacy must receive a copy of all medication orders new change orders Please scan to Pharmacy As Soon As PossibleOrdersStandard Potassium ReplacementMD Must Specify Target K LevelGreater than or equal to 4 mmol... protocol.pdf
Echr Protocol No 14bis
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Protocol No. 14bis to the ECHR Council of Europe Treaty Series - No 204Protocol n 14bisto the Convention for the Protectionof Human Rightsand Fundamental FreedomsStrasbourg 27 V 20092 CETS 204 Convention for the Protection of Human Rights Protocol No 14bis 2009PreambleThe member States of the Council of Europe signatories to this Protocol to the Conventionfor the Protection of Human Rights and Fun... Protoco...l No. 14bis.pdf
Impbus2 Protocol Pico 0 24
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IMPBus2-Protocol-Pico0-24-1 DATA TRANSMISSION PROTOCOLFOR IMPBUS2 - PICODEVELOPER S MANUALDATE 2011-08-19 VERSION-0 24IMKO GMBHIM ST CK 2D-76275 ETTLINGENPHONE 49- 0 7243-5921-0FAX 49- 0 7243-90856E-MAIL INFO IMKO DETABLE OF CONTENTS1 DATA TRANSMISSION 11 1 Bus Protocol 21 2 Structure of Address Block 31 3 Composition of Data Block 51 4 Baudrate Synchronization 52 COMMAND STRUCTURE 63 COMMANDS TO ...
Protocol Afgelastingen Vv Dieren 2012 2013 Ver 1 0
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Microsoft Word - Protocol afgelastingen vvDieren 2012-2013 ver 1.0 Protocol afgelastingen v v Dieren 2012-2013Wedstrijden op zaterdag en zondagVeldkeuring1 De KNVB consul Willem Scholten keurt v r 08 00 uur de velden2 Indien n of meer velden afgekeurd worden voor het spelen van wedstrijden geeft deconsul dit door aan de zaterdag- of zondagco rdinator ZaZoCo van dienst3 Bij dreigende afgelasting is...