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Smart Goal Template Scott Stuart
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Goal Setting Form S M A R T Goal By the end of the semester I would like to obtain a 3 0GPA for all classesStep Target Resources Obstacles RewardsDateSet up a class agenda for each End of Study skills Math Conflicting classes Personal Successday and make certain to Semester Lab tutoring help etc work otherresponsibilitiescomplete itManage one s time as wisely as End of Implement a strategic Other ...
Smart Goals Instructions
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IDEAS FOR Smart Goal HANDOUT Emory College of Arts and SciencesSMART GOALSGuidelines and ExamplesGuidelinesA Smart Goal describes a specific objective the employee undertakes to fulfill in thecoming year By definition it is specific measurable attainable result-oriented and timelimited It should provide information about steps necessary to accomplish the Goal thetime-line for completion and the re...
Leadership Develop Skills Goal Example Hsgps
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Smart Goal Action Plan Example Goal Area Leadership Develop my Leadership SkillsSMART Goal Take at least 1 leadership assessment to learn more about my leadership style and begin 1volunteer experience to practice my leadership skills within the next 4 weeksOutcome Results I will have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses in regards to leadershipI will also be able to develop skills...
Setting Fundraising Goal Template
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Setting Fundraising Goal Template Created by RCH Consulting 2014Increase fromFundraising Initiative 2012 Goal 2012 Actual 2013-2014 Goal 2013 Work PlanLaunch major gift campaign Write casestatement Develop list of potential donors andMajor Donors 50 000 00 49 555 00 100 000 00 50 how to cultivate solicit and steward each donorIdentify new sponsors Develop strategy toupgrade current sponsors with n...
Goal Sheet Reading1
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Reading Smart Goal Worksheet School Team Name Specialists Allied ArtsTeam MembersCircle one Music Art PE Media TechDistrict Goal Related to Team Smart GoalSchool Goal Related to Team Smart GoalGrade Level GoalsSpecialist s Goal sCurrent Reality Data Causing the Smart Goal to be WrittenSMART Goal Strategies and Action Steps Who is Responsible Target Date or Timeline Evidence ofEffectiveness Assessm...
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Microsoft Word - Smart Goal Setting.doc Smart Goal Setting A Surefire Way To Achieve Your Goalsby Arina NikitinaI encourage you to pick up a pen and a piece of paper and jot down the goalsyou want to reach Look at each Goal and evaluate it Make any changesnecessary to ensure it meets the criteria for aSMART goalsS SpecificM MeasurableA AttainableR RealisticT TimelySpecificGoals should be straightf...
Smart Goal Essay
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Scott Stuart CHC-0995 14 13SMART Goal EssayMy Smart Goal was to obtain a 3 0 GPA for all classes by the end of the semester I chose anacademic Goal in order to help keep myself on track in college Also I believed that this noble pursuitwould serve as a base reference for what is expected of me to achieve good grades throughout theduration of my college experience I began the necessary preparations...
Log 5
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Smart Goal Worksheet School YoungsvilleTeam Name SpecialsTeam Leader Wes Register March 13 2013Team Members Wes Register Linda Griffin and Connie TharringtonLearning by Doing 2006 2010 Solution Tree Press solution-tree comDistrict Goal sVisit go solution-tree com PLCbooks to download this pageSchool Goal s At Risk Student Social Behavioral Emotional Prevention InitiativesRepr od ucib lEStrategies ...
Smart Goal Worksheet
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Microsoft Word - SPC Standards of Practice Smart Goal WorksheetSchool S strategic and specificM measurableContext A attainableR results orientedIndicators or evidence that led to the selection of the Goal or objective T time boundSMART Goal or Intervention Actions Responsibility Checkpoints to Evidence used toObjective Categories Assess Progress determineEffectivenessActions orinterventions that h... Documents & Form...l Worksheet.pdf
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Smart Goal Report - June 2012 Ripon High SchoolMemoTo RASD Board of Education and Dr Richard ZimmanFrom Dan TjernagelDate 6 11 12Re 2011-2012 Smart Goal Update and Summary by DepartmentCC Rick BungePlease take a look at the results shared with me from the high school collaborative teamsArt DepartmentCollaborative Members Amber WeyersThe following is my Smart Goal for the high school Art Department...
Pgp Student Growth Goal Development Smart Worksheet
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Student Growth Goal Development Smart Worksheet Student goals are directly related to both professional growth and student growth The Teacher Evaluation System utilizes a Smart Goal structureas a specific tool to sustain the efforts of continuous improvement The Smart Goal process requires that we monitor and adjust our actions asneeded in the service of student outcomes such as habits of mind hig...
Smart Goal Academic
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Smart Goals Name DateAcademicSMART Goals ForWHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE THIS YEARThink about last school year What do you think went well in your classes and grades Specifically whatclasses did you pass what classes did you enjoy What classes and grades did not go well What do youthink gave them that resultHow are you currently doing What do you want to achieve this yearBased on that information t... Academic.pdf
Dt 9 Sept 2013 Performance Goal
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Microsoft Word - DT 9 Sept 2013 - Performance Goal.docx CREATING PERFORMANCE GOALSIf unsure what to set as this year s performance Goal consider the following questionsWhat do you do well If you have never showcased this talent to others how could you share yourtalent with the school community or an outside organization Ask your teacher or coach to help youidentify areas of development or skills t... 9 S...rmance Goal.pdf
20121003 Math Sip Goal
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20121003 Math SIP Goal School Shorewood HS Date 2012-20132012-13 School Improvement Plan MATH Principal Bill DunbarDistrict Smart Goal for MATH The 2013 AYP Proficiency Index by district and by school for at least one of the lowest performing subgroupsAmerican Indian Asian Pacific Islander Black Hispanic White Limited English Low Income or Special Education will exceed the 2012 AYPProficiency Inde...
My Smart Goals
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My Smart Goals My Smart GoalsMy Smart Goal Date SPECIFICMy Specific GoalMEASUREABLEHow will my Goal be measuredHow will I know when my Goal is accomplishedACHIEVABLEIs my Goal a challenge but still possible to achieveActions required to achieve my goalREALISTIC RELEVANTIs my Goal realistic within the resources at handAm I willing to commit to my goalWhy do I want to reach this goalIs my Goal rele...
Cb47 Goalsebook Tammy
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How to Set Smart Goals To Get Your Mind Focusedand into ActionBy Tamara Baruhovich Life CoachDiscover Your PotentialTools For AbundanceDisclaimer and Usage RightsThe information in this ebook is provided solely for the user s information and while thought to be accurateis provided strictly as is and without warranty of any kind either expressed or impliedEvery effort has been made to accurately re...
1 Final Teacher Eval Approved 6 12 2013
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w School District Evaluation ProcessMultiple Measures 34Professional Growth and Evaluation Cycle 37Siuslaw School District Evaluation Process Timeline 39Probationary Flow Chart 3-Year Duration 40Probationary Flow Chart Improvement Cycle 41Contract Teacher 2-Year Growth Cycle Evaluation Flow Chart 42Contract Teacher Improvement Cycle Evaluation Flow Chart 43Student Learning and Professional Growth 6 12 2013.pdf
Policy 361 Special Education Policies And Procedures Handbook 0113
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Arrowhead Union High School Local Educational Agency Policies and Procedures ARROWHEAD UNION HIGH SCHOOLArrowhead Union HighSchool Local EducationalAgency Policies andProceduresCreated by Wisconsin Department of PublicInstruction Revised July 2011Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction1 1 2013Adopted as Board Policy 361 2-13-13This document was created by the Department of Public Instruction re... 361 Spe...ndbook 0113.pdf
Ipdp Sample
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or yourselfGOAL number 1 2 3 please circleStep One Self-AssessmentIntroduction Describe the results of your self-assessmentDuring the past six years I have been at home with my young children However I have kept abreast ofsome of the changes taking place in math education Though I feel extremely confident in the contentarea I am not familiar with a few of the strategies used by some of the math pr
Overview Of Websters Goal Setting
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Goal SETTING PROCESS WEBSTER BOARD OF EDUCATIONBOEGoals are set during workshops A comprehensive data set is provided to the BOE for their reviewprior to the Goal setting workshopThe goals focus points are determined through the lens of district data and define the strategicdirection for the District ends not the means of the workThe Board Goals are the vision for the District toward which the adm...
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Adirondack Golden Goal World s Ultimate Youth Soccer Experiencewww goldengoalsoccer combranton goldengoalsoccer comGolden Goal Park HighlightsAll inclusive Sports Park in Lake George NY Adirondack Mountain RegionTeams stay one-week Sat-Fri with their coach in the Athlete s Village24 hour security and comprehensive video surveillance of entire propertyThree meals a day uniforms and photo trading ca...
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IBM Presentations: Smart Planet Template z VSE Live Virtual Class 2013How to avoid or handle CICSstorage availability problemsMike Poil CICS L3http www ibm com zVSEhttp twitter com IBMzVSE2013 IBM Corporationz VSE LVC 2013The following are trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation in the United States other countries or bothNot all common law marks used by IBM are listed on thi...
Nlp P9oct12
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NLP(P9Oct12) NLPTarget Top-up Degree StudentOrganizer Pastoral Care Working Group PCWGNeuro-Linguistic Programming NLPNLPNLP Smart Goal NLP1 NLP2 NLP2012 10 2710 00 1 00 3SRM240302012 10 22www scope edu seminar 123-70005AMs Annie Chiang12NLPPCWG www cityu edu hk ce pcwg...... care/files/NL...LP(P9Oct12).pdf
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me for dissemination andindividual review prior to the School Data Team meetingo The member responsible for disaggregating and creating data graphs or chartsprovides these to members prior to the School Data Team meeting CommentsMeeting schedule is established in advance and distributed to all School Data TeammembersMeetings start and end on timeAll members are present on time and on taskAgendas a
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l high school I went to high schoolAre you currently in school or do your work describe your current job school brieflyI work at a call center which makes analysisHave you been in the military if yes please state rank NoHow many years of education do you have including primary school 13 yearsHow many additional years do you plan to attend school In some years I am goingto take an educationWhat is
Hurricane Preparedness 2013 Roic Bulletin
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Smart OBJECTIVES Template New JerseyOffice of Homeland Security PreparednessHurricane Preparedness2013 Atlantic Hurricane SeasonHURRICANE SEASON IS HEREThe 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season started June 1 and lasts until November 30 peaking in August Septemberand October Now is the time to make preparations should a storm head towards New Jersey The NationalOceanographic and Atmospheric Administratio... Preparedness 2013 ROIC...IC Bulletin.pdf
Mos Annual Fund Campaign Brochure
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THE ANNUALFUNDMAKING ANIMMEDIATE IMPACTWhenever I bringmy grandchildrento the Museum ofScience they hit theconcourse runningand build up a goodhead of steam TheAnnual Fund gives the Museum thatsame kind of running momentum fromyear to year I give to the Annual Fundbecause current-use support goeswhere the Museum needs it mostexhibits Educational programs andday-to-day operations That kind ofenergy...
Blueprint Communications Playbook
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Microsoft Word - Combined team leader playbook 120808 vF doc.doc Playbook 2008-09Playbook The Blueprint for Educational Change Goal 2The Blueprint for Educational Change TM2Playbook The Blueprint for Educational Change Goal 2The Blueprint for Educational Change TMThe Blueprint for Educational ChangeTeam Leader PlaybookTable of ContentsElevator Pitch 04The Blueprint for Educational ChangeGoalsQuick... Communicati...ns Playbook.pdf
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Microsoft Word - APSteacherevalhandbook DRAFTv36--6-18-2012 Figure 15 Teacher Evaluation ScheduleResponsibilityofTargetAdministratorActivity Task or DocumentTeacherTimelineBeginning of year conference withDraft Smart Goal Setting Form1 During the first 6 evaluatorweeks of schoolFinal Smart Goals are due to evaluator Smart Goal Setting Form Finalized2 Before the endFirst observation of all probatio...