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Electric Shock Treatment&reporting
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Microsoft Word - Electric Shock treatment&reporting.doc Form S1745Amd 7 97CS ENERGY PROCEDURE FORREPORTING AND TREATMENT REQUIRED AS A RESULTOF AN ELECTRICAL INCIDENTCS-OHS-5Responsible Officer Authorised Person Approved GM ProductionContents1 Purpose2 Scope3 Actions3 1 In the event someone receives an Electric shock3 2 Scene of the Incident3 3 Medical Treatment3 4 Notification Reporting3 4 1 Inte... shock treatment...t&reporting.pdf
Electric Shock Information
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Electric Shock INFORMATION Kasandra T SheldanAfter the birth of my second child I went to the hospital For help I ended up forcibly druggedand given Electric ShockTreatment I think of the word Treatment as synonymous with caringI do not believe in any way shape or form that ECT is caring In my book Silent ThingsWithin Us I note the horror of forced Electric Shock and the paralyzingly effects of an...
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A WARNING To reduce the risk of fire or Electric Shock do not expose the system to rain or moisture CAUTIONRISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCKDO NOT OPENLGCAUTION TO REDUCE THE RISK OF Electric SHOCKDO NOT REMOVE COVER OR BACKNO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDEREFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED PERSONNELThese CAUTION marks are located on the back panel of your 701 speakersThe lightning flash with arrowhead symbol wit...
Tile Rite Electric Grout Remover Instructions
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Electric grout removal tool 12 W Tile Rite Electric Grout RemoverSafety InstructionsWarning Read all safety warnings and all instructions Failure to follow the warnings and instructions may result in Electric Shock fireand or serious injuryThese instructions must be kept in a safe place so that the information that it contains is always available These instructions mustaccompany the equipment if i... Rite Electric Grout Re...nstructions.pdf
File 53 Navodila Za Uporabo Clubspot 160ct
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ClubSpot160CT.p65 Version 1 2CLUBSPOT 160 CTTable of contents1 Safety instructions 32 Operating determinations 43 Description of the device 54 Installation 64 1Fitting Exchanging the lamp 64 2Lamp adjustment 64 3 Inserting Exchanging rotating gobos 74 4 Connection to the mains 74 5 Rigging 84 6 DMX- 512 connection master Slave connection 105 DMX Protocol-16 bit 116 DMX Protocol-8 bit 137 Controlle...
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Domestic Electric Circuits Domestic Electric Circuits00123to otherappliances socketsThe Colour Code For Cable InsulationCable Colour of InsulationEold newLiveN LNeutralEarthThe Differential Circuit BreakerL LN Ndiagram 1 diagram 2Under normal conditions diagram 1 the current flowing through the livewire is the current flowing through the neutral wire If afault occurs diagram 2 the current flowing...
Ssspl Security Electric Fencing
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Microsoft PowerPoint - SSSPL Security Electric Fencing.ppt [Compatibility Mode] A division of SSSPLPresentsSecurity ElectricyFencinggMain ProductSecurity Electric FenceProduct F tP d t FeaturesDifferential voltage output technology every wire hasvoltage have the differential voltage between the twoadjacent wiresLCD or LED indicate the working state and the voltageon every wire of fence Electrical ...
Sj622e Sj623e Rm Manual
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Electric Snow Thrower Model No SJ622ERM 623ERM Form No SJ622ERM 623ERM-880EA Division of Snow Joe LLC OPERATOR S MANUALis an increased risk of Electric Shock if your body isIMPORTANT earthed or groundedSafety Instructions c Do not abuse the cord Keep cord away fromheat oil sharp edges or moving parts Never carryAll Operators Must Read These the snow thrower by its cord or yank the cord todisconnec... SJ623...E-RM MANUAL.pdf
Qcm202 50 Manual Eng Fre Span
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Electric FIREPLACE HEATER INSTRUCTION MANUALQCM202-50ATTENTION1 Find a location For the fireplace heater that isprotected from direct sunlight2 Do not plug the Electric fireplace heater intothe power outlet before you read allinstructionsS A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N SIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSWHEN USING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES BASIC PRECAUTIONSSHOULD ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ...
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hand mixer owner s manualSAVE THIS USE AND CARE BOOKMGD200Please call 1-800-231-9786 with questionsIMPORTANT SAFEGUARDSWhen using electrical appliances basic safety precautions should alwaysbe followed including the followingI READ ALL INSTRUCTIONSI To protect against a risk of Electric Shock do not immerse mixer cordplug or base unit in water or other liquidI Close supervision is necessary when a...
63230 216 243 Met1482 Installsheet
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  • Total Pages: 2 63230-216-243A105 2007Instruction Bulletin LaVergne TN USAMET1482 8-Temperature Sensor ModuleInstallation SheetRetain For future useFunction The MET1482 module can connect eight temperature sensors RTDs ofthe same typePt100 Ni100 or Ni120 type RTDs according to parameter settingThree-wire temperature sensorsThe temperature measurement provides For thermal overlo...
Mm995p 36ach Qualitycraft Homedepot Fireplace Man En 1
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Electric FIREPLACE HeaterModel MM995P-36ACHIMPORTANT 9 disconnect Electric fireplace heater turn controls to off then remove plug fromToPlease note when you open the carton carefully check the unit outletand make sure there IS no damage If you have any problems with 10 onnect to properly grounded outlets onlyCassembling the unit with how the various functions work or withdamage or missing parts pl...
58 92 2266
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MILWAUKEE Electric TOOL CORPORATION TEST MEASUREMENT PRODUCT REPAIR SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS CALIBRATION2266-20 Laser TEMP-GUN ThermometerEnvironmental Calibration and verification are performed at an ambient temperature of 23 C 25 CCondition and ambient relative humidity 55 in a controlled room Each thermometer shouldbe uniquely identified as to the room and or area in which it is used or testedREPAI...
Om Par 31maa Wt06694x01
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WT06694X01.indd EnglishDeutschCITY MULTI Control System Fran aisand Mitsubishi Mr Slim Air ConditionersEspa olMA Remote Controller PAR-31MAASimple Operation Manual ItalianoNederlandsPortugu sT rk eeskSlovenskMagyarPolskiSloven inaSvenskaHrvatskiPrior to use thoroughly read the instructions in this manual to use the product correctlyRetain For future referenceMake sure that this manual CD-ROM and t...
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Electrical Shock hazard protection Originally published in Vector January 1993 neutral of the supply transformer should be solidlyearthed and a copper earth conductor should be runThe science of sensitive earth leakage protection with the power cables to all connected electricalwas developed in South Africa with the first equipment The aim is to keep the value of the earthcommercial installation o...
Serv Manual Eng Rcn Tc 24w Er
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09KX-DB-129.indd OPTION PARTSWireless kitWARNINGFasten the wiring to the terminal securely and hold the cable securely so as not to apply unexpectedstress on the terminalLoose connection or hold will cause abnormal heat generation or fireMake sure the power supply is turned off when Electric wiring workOtherwise Electric Shock malfunction and improper running may occurCAUTIONDO NOT install the wir...
User Manual Wash 575 Xt
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ne mode 148 Functions of the control panel 158 1 Addressing 158 2 Slave control 168 3 Fixture informations 168 4 Personality options 188 5 Switching On Off the lamp 228 6 Test sequences 238 7 Stand-alone setting 238 8 Reset function 258 9 Special functions 259 Error and information messages 2710 Technical specifications 2811 Maintenance and cleaning 3012 Appendix 3212 1 Changing the power supply s manu...Wash 575 XT.pdf
Al1200 Lug Kit 48040 894 01
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ALMA5T Lug Kit For MH 1200 A Frame Circuit Breaker 48040-894-01Instruction Bulletin Cedar Rapids IA USA 8 00ECN K452AL1200MA5T LUG KIT For MH 1200 A Frame Circuit BreakerRetain For future useKIT CONTENTSPlastic Shield 1Lug Assembly contains one lug and four wirebinding screws 3Mounting Screw hex head 7 16-14 x 1-1 4 in 6Washer 7 16 x 15 16 x 1 16 in 6Label lug data 1LUG INSTALLATION 1 Turn off all...
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Microsoft PowerPoint - dvr-jsd1600l VER1 0VER1 016Channel Stand-alone DVMRInstallation SafeguardsINSTALLATION SAFEGUARDSAll the safety and operating instructions should be read before the unit is operatedEnvironment Condition For Installation- To prevent Electric Shock or other hazard do not expose units to rain moisture or dust- This unit should be located in an area with low humidity and a minim...
Dyn 16 Manual
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Microsoft PowerPoint - 16JAEng(Ver1[1].0)Audio20060609.ppt VER1 016Channel Stand Alone DVRAudio availableInstallation SafeguardsINSTALLATION SAFEGUARDSAll the safety and operating instructions should be read before the unit is operatedEnvironment Condition For Installation- To prevent Electric Shock or other hazard do not expose units to rain moisture or dust- This unit should be located in an are... (manual).p...16 (manual).pdf
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ition of Message 45 3 Response of Slave Station 55 4 Function Code 65 5 Calculation of Error Check Code CRC-16 65 6 Transmission Control Procedure 66 DETAILS OF MESSAGE6 1 Read-out of Word Data Function Code 03 76 2 Read-out of Read-Only Word Data Function Code 04 86 3 Write-in of Word Data 1 word Function Code 06 97 ADDRESS MAP AND DATA FORMAT7 1 Data Format 97 2 Data Address Map 118 TROUBLESHOOT
32000 Manual Gb V1
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Microsoft Word - 32000-Shogun DJ G-40-E-IVO.doc Shogun DJ G-40ORDERCODE 32000CongratulationsYou have bought a great innovative product from ShowtecThe Showtec Shogun DJ G-40 brings excitement to any venue Whether you want simple plug- -play actionor a sophisticated DMX show this product provides the effect you needYou can rely on Showtec For more excellent lighting productsWe design and manufactur...
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2000002863 - Quickbed Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump WARNINGS GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS IF APPLICABLENever leave pump unattended while in use This pump should be grounded while in use to protect the operator form Electric shockCarefully inspect the pump For damage before first use and every use thereafter The pump is equipped with a 3-conductor cord and 3-prong grounding type plug toDo not use if...
Tre550 Stapler English
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HOW TO USE YOUR Electric STAPLER NAILER TO LOAD STAPLES1 Unplug tool fig 1 place on off switch in off position fig 22 Place on off switch in off position3 Select proper staple length4 Use only staples identified by stock numbers on next page Substitute staples maycause jamming5 Hold tool upside down Squeeze latch and pull fig 36 Drop staples in channel legs facing upward Push latch back in to lock... Stapler En...ler English.pdf
Sbw914t 24bk Sylvania Walmartcdn Wall Mount Man 2 En 1
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7 This Electric fireplace heater is not intended For use in bathrooms laundry areas and similar indoor locations Never locate heater where it may fallELECTRIC FIREPLACE HEATER into a bathtub or other water containerSYLVANIA is a registered trademark of OSRAM SYLVANIA used under licenseModel SBW914T-24BK 8 Do not run cord under carpeting Do not cover cord with throw rugsrunners or similar coverings...
63230 216 247 Mms020 Installsheet
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  • Total Pages: 2 63230-216-247A105 2007Instruction Bulletin LaVergne TN USAMMS020 Memory CartridgeInstallation SheetRetain For future useIntroduction The MMS020 memory cartridge provides the application-specific factorysettings and overall processing power For Sepam Series 80 relays Byencapsulating the relay settings a Sepam Series 80 relay can be retrofittedfor alternate applica...
Delta Dvp Sv Manual
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Microsoft Word - 5011669007-SV08-TSE.doc 2014-04-305011669007-SV08ENGLISHThank you For choosing Delta DVP-SV 1 DVP-SV2 1 The SV SV2 is a 28-point 16inputs 12 outputs 24-point 10 inputs 12 outputs 2 analog input channels PLCMPU offering various instructions and with 16k SV 30k SV2 steps program memoryable to connect to all Slim type series extension models including digital I O max 512points analog...
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automatic Electric water pipe heating cable Installation Instructions p 1chauffant automatique et lectrique pour tuyau eauFeuille d instructions p 5cable electrico automatico de calefaccion para tuberias de aguaInstrucciones de Instalacion p 9selection guideLength of Pipe3 4-5 6 7-8 9 10-11 12 13-14 15 16-17 18 19-20 21-23 24 25-27 28-29 30DIA 9m 1 2-1 5m 1 8m 2 1-2 4m 2 7m 3-3 4m 3 7m 4-4 3m 4 6m...
Dvp Eh Instruction Sheet[1]
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Microsoft Word - 5011621601EHE1.doc 2006-07-06 4 2 Wiring TerminalRemovable Terminal BlockRS-485 Terminal Location ExplanationCOM 2 RS-485Removal COM2 RS-485 Master Slave dual modeS S X0 X2 X4 X6X1 X3 X5 X7S S X0 X2 X4 X6 X10 X12 X14 X16X1 X3 X5 X7 X11 X13 X15 X17RUN STOP SWITCHRUN STOP Switch PLC RUN STOP control 32EHVR 0 VR 1 16EHRelayhttp www delta com tw industrialautomation 5011621601-EHE1 CO...[1].pdf
0162 4 Pst40i1 Montageanleitung Gesis Usa
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untitled PST 40i1 connectorInstallation instructionsgesisgesis DC SOLARApplication and safety based on cooperationField of applicationThe DC solar system is developed and produced in close cooperation betweenWieland Electric GmbH and PRYSMIAN Kabel und Systeme GmbH PST40i1 is based on theneed to combine a highly-reliable contact system with the easiest connection technology Itstarts with the silve...