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Sample District English as a Second Language (Esl) Student Grading Recommendations Grades K-12 Sample DistrictEnglish as a Second Language Esl Student Grading Recommendations Grades K-12Considerations for Esl Grading RecommendationsThe goal of these recommendations is to increase the linguistic and academic abilities of students set students up forsuccess and give them a positive feeling of achiev...
Esl Student File
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Box Elder School District Esl Student FileStudent Name SSID School Grade DateCopy of registration formHome language surveyBLCF Bilingual language classification formNotification of Esl Services Parent refusal if applicableILDP Individual Language Development PlanQIA assessmentUALPA assessmentPEIACRT assessment copy1234Academic work samples as neededAccommodations for Assessment Form check curren...
Unit 6 Lang Writing Level A
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ons PersuadeL G Lab TE p 92-97 L G Lab TE p 98-103 L G Lab TE p 104-109Language CD Track 16 Language CD Track 17 Language CD Track 18Transparencies Transparencies TransparenciesL G Lab Grammar 76-80 L G Lab Grammar 81-85 L G Lab Grammar 86-90Language Function P Make Language Function Q Express Language Function R PersuadeComparisons OpinionsGram Wtg Practice Book p 191-200Gram Wtg Practice Book p
Basi Level 4 College
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Student Summary Report BASI Level 4 Timed Yes Achilles N Bardos PhD Esl Student NoAccommodations NoStudent Sample Matt A Teacher Teacher Christine B Test Date 09 25 2007Student ID 61 Class Group 23231 Report Date 09 25 2007Birth Date 08 25 1989 School Aces High Form AGrade 12 District Code 12345 Norms Fall 12th GradeMatt s BASI results are presented in the tables on this page Standard scores compa...
Esol Ildp
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ILDP Student plan Student Name Student number Date UALPA Date Speaking Score Listening Score Provo School District ESOLReading Score Writing Score Comprehension Score ELA CRT Date ELA CRT Score INDIVIDUALIZED LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT PLANStudent Goals for Language DevelopmentIndicators and Time Frame for each level Modalityrefer to reverse sideTeacher ReflectionEntering Language Learner0 to 6 month...
Esl Brochure
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Liberty HS Esl Program Each Esl Student arrives here with adifferent knowledge base in English aswell as in the academic subjects SomeTo be identified for Esl services newstudents can be assessed like the othersin the class For others because of theirlack of language proficiency this wouldstudents take the LAB-R exam Based on cutscores and percentiles students are placed inTips andbe extremely unf...
Sabbatic Questions
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Questions from teachers-This is a collection of questions from classroom teachers Esl teachers and paraprofessionals in the ICSDQuestions about religion1 A Muslim boy in my room does not want to be touched Does this relate to hisreligious beliefs2 What is Halal food Where do you get it3 Why do we celebrate some holidays in school and others we don t4 What kind of religious traditions can we talk a...
Adventures In Reading Beginning To Intermediate Billings Henry P Uiwm4
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beginning level studentwww elt mcgraw-hill com l Reading rair shtmlGreat Reading Books for Beginning Readers Read-Aloud BibleGreat Reading Books for Beginning Readers Read-Aloud Bible Stories Adventures by Thornton Burgess BeatrixPotter Eric Carle Virginia Lee Burton Robert McCloskey and Otherschristianlearning org books reading beginning-readers html9780072546071 - Alibris Marketplace - Books Onl
Immigrantparents Blind
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1996 and differences inparent involvement in their children scultural attitudes about the value oflearning and the challenges they haveeducation and the role of parents in afaced in encouraging new immigrantchild s learning Moles 1993parent involvement TeachersThis particular study investigated thereported using strategies such asperspectives of elementary teachers andusing translators during par
Uncg Reflection
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Slide 1 Tutoring As Service LearningA research project funded byThe Student Coalition for Action in Literacy EducationSCALE7 27 2010 1Service Learning AssignmentsESL Student Case StudyYou will have the opportunity to work with an Esl studentin the community setting of your choice throughout thissemester You will be working with the Student in aspecific content area reading language arts math socia...
Davila Abstract
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ABSTRACT ABSTRACTAn abstract of the thesis of Erica Gail Davila for the Master of Arts in TeachingEnglish to Speakers of Other Languages presented November 22 2005Title Communicative Resources in Esl Student Interaction Gaze Gesture Textand SpeechMost research investigating interaction in second language acquisition is basedon analysis of features of oral language In typical adult Esl classroom in... abstract.pdf
Educ 330 Observation Journal
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Microsoft Word - EDUC 330 Observation Journal.docx EDUC 330 Observation JournalJournal 1October 5 2010 1 hour 30 minutesSummaryToday I began my observing experience at the Winona Middle School Iam observing in Amy Araya s 5th grade Esl classroom Unlike other classes thisclass period has only students of Hmong descent There are five students in thisclassMrs Araya starts every class with having the ...
Clip Dr Tong 2nd Observation May 7 2013
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Microsoft Word - CLIP - Dr Tong 2nd Observation May 7 2013.docx EDESL 798 ACADEMIC Esl Student TEACHING PROFESSOR TONGNAME KELLY TAYLORLESSON PLAN FORMAT FOR OBSERVATIONLESSON NUMBER 2 DATE OF LESSON MAY 7 2013TEACHING STRATEGY FOCUSAdequate Variety AccountabilityNARRATIVEThis group of low-intermediate students is comprised of 14 Dominican 6 Chinese2 Bangladeshi 2 Albanian 1 Moroccan and 1Yemeni -... - Dr Tong 2nd Observat... May 7 2013.pdf
Cv Weigle
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Microsoft Word - cvWeigle Sara Cushing Weigle Ph DProfessorApplied Linguistics ESLCollege of Arts SciencesGeorgia State UniversityEDUCATION1994 Ph D Applied Linguistics University of California Los Angeles1988 M A Teaching English as a Second Language University of California Los Angeles1980 B A German Studies Stanford UniversityACADEMIC POSITIONSGeorgia State University Atlanta GA Department of A...
Camera Imovie
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lad HarvestToday s learnersinforma1on consumers informa1on producersExample 2 Porter CafeteriaConsume Create Example 3 QR Code Project at Bunger MiddleGoal to share what they ve learned using a Example 4 Reportablevariety of media and outlets Example 5 Incident 1 SorryNoCamera and iMovie great apps for facilita1ng Example 6 Incident 2 Popcornlearning and sharingThis session focuses on both instruc
Edicion 1 Cummins Bw Es
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Investigaci n y recursos para el aprovechamiento del aprend z del idioma ingl s Edici n 1 Un marco de referencia para promover eldesarrollo continuo de la lectura entre losaprendices del idioma ingl sdel art culo por el autor Jim Cummins Readingand the Esl StudentPuntos clavesEventos m s importantesImplicacionesRecursosPreparado porEl Consorcio Bajo la Luzde las EstrellasMartha Lilia Hallmayo del ...
Cider Poster Presentation White Background Final
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100cm by 100cm Poster Template An Investigation of Instructor Feedback in Community CollegeEnglish as a Second Language Esl CoursesBreana BayraktarESL Faculty Northern Virginia Community CollegeDoctoral Candidate George Mason UniversityIntroduction Feedback Methods Project PlanThe presentation describes a proposed researchproject to investigate how three different methods of MARCH-APRIL Developpro...
11 04 12web
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er Pallant and the congregation at for the Mount Albert family in need will be held in theBloomington Gospel Church gymnasium Funds will be used for the ongoing JR SR Youth Fall Retreat Here I AM Nov 16-18repairs to their house Lunch will be provided at Camp Mini-Yo-We Permission forms areEMCC Pastor Peter Courlas and the congregation atavailable at the Welcome Kiosk All forms are due byEmmanual E
Clarion January 2007
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rted and even triedcausing parents to raise theireyebrows upon the safety ofSaturdaysType in www Myspacecom log in click skip ad Thus a PTSA meeting was held and seeing a billboard with your their child when they are surfing By Vinh Nguyencheck messages check com- to give parents and students ad- picture name hobbies and the net and interacting on sites Staff Writerments then refresh to see if you J...anuary 2007.pdf
School Annual Report 2012
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Note 1 Our school at a glancePostal address 1378 Killarney Road Warwick 4370Phone 07 4667 3174Fax 07 4667 3259Email the principal murrbridss eq edu auAdditional reporting information pertaining to Queensland stateWebpages schools is located on the My School website and theQueensland Government data websiteContact Person PrincipalPrincipal s forewordIntroductionThe school Annual Report outlines the... 2012.pdf
6 3 Poetry Lessons
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Lesson Plan Grade 6 Unit 3 Poetry Lesson 1 Introducing Poetry What is PoetryMaterials StandardWriting notebooksChoose vocabulary and figuresChart paper of speech that communicatePoetry folders for each Student Examples manila folders students can clearlydecorate pocket folders construction paper made into pocket foldersBig IdeaIntended LearningApply knowledge of languageStudents learn to recognize...
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l available in the Office of Human Resourcesas well as under Policies on the Office of Human Resources OHR websitehttp wwwnew towson edu hr Those policies govern tuition remission benefits atTowson UniversityI General Guidelines at Towson UniversityA AdmissibilityThe exercise of the benefit of tuition remission shall be subject to the Student sadmissibility to Towson Universtiy TU and to the progr
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2013EvaluationInstrument D O MAI N 11f DESI GNIN G STU DE N T AS S ES S ME N TSGood teaching requires both assessment of learning and assessment for learning Assessmentsof learning ensure that teachers know that students have learned the intended outcomes Theseassessments must be designed in such a manner that they provide evidence of the full range oflearning outcomes that is the methods needed t...
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ut College of Marin 83 Important Dates 3Academic Information 64 IVC Services for Students 81Admissions 4 KTD Services for Students 80Ayuda Financiera 76 Late-Starting Classes 12College Policies 77 Mission Statement 83College of Marin Is Where Dreams New Students 4Have Come True 85 Nondiscrimination Policy 77C mo matricularse 6 Open Enrollment Policy 4COM Student Ambassadors Oportunidades Educativa
Ecc Organizational Structure
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ECC Organizational Structure ECC Board ofTrusteesCollege SafetySecurityAssistant to thePresidentEquity DiversityCollege PresidentPublic RelationsFoundationAcademic Affairs FinanceStudent AffairsAdministrationInstructional DepartmentsHealth Sciences Division Campus Operations Student ServicesBusiness Public Service Div Capital Project Planning Mgmt AdmissionsTechnology Division Custodial Housekeepi... Structure.pdf
2009 Waynegracewinners Pressrelease Approved
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New Officers Elected at 2009 CLARB Annual Meeting 3949 Pender DriveSuite 120Fairfax Virginia22030571 432 0332571 432 0442 faxwww clarb orgFor Immediate ReleaseUniversity of New Mexico Students Winners of 10th Annual Student Design CompetitionFairfax Virginia October 1 2009 The Landscape Architectural Registration Boards FoundationLARBF has selected a team of students from the University of New Mex...
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Christopher Ryan Considine Phone 912 -659-2599E-mail HYPERLINK mailto cconsidi students kennesaw edu cconsidi students kennesaw eduAddress 4045 George Busbee PkwyKennesaw GA 30144ResumeEducationKennesaw State University Visual Arts Major Concentration Graphic DesignStudy Abroad in Italy 2007 Advanced DrawingChicago Visual Arts Field Trip 2007Benedictine Military School Savannah GA 2003Awards and H...
Cp Plc Suc E 2011 10
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Directions for a Professional Learning Community Conversation Learning toCo-Construct Criteriawith StudentsLearning GoalThis Conversation invites participants to reflect on the purposeof setting and using criteria It suggests ways to begininvolving students and explores possible starting pointsMaterials 4 Explain that there are different starting points andconsiderations for setting criteria For e...
2003 48
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80 book entitled Teaching Studentsto Write A major part of my three-decade long teaching experience has been anchored in humanisticmethodology which recognises the learner as central to the learning process I therefore note a differencebetween teaching students to write and teaching writing to students The difference lies in the focus andapproach adopted in the writing classroom With the ongoing c
Third Unit 1
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THIRD GRADE MATHEMATICS UNIT 1 STANDARDSDear ParentsAs we continue to work with the Common Core Standards we want to make sure that you have an understanding of themathematics your child will be learning this year Below you will find the standards we will be learning in Unit OneEach standard is in bold print and underlined and below it is an explanation with Student Examples Your child is notlearn... Unit...hird Unit 1.pdf