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Elf Nphysics2009
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Effects of macromolecular crowding and DNA looping on Gene Regulation kinetics LETTERSPUBLISHED ONLINE 15 MARCH 2009 DOI 10 1038 NPHYS1222Effects of macromolecular crowding and DNAlooping on Gene Regulation kineticsGene-Wei Li1 Otto G Berg2 and Johan Elf3DNA-binding proteins control how genomes function Thetheory of facilitated diffusion1 explains how DNA-bindingproteins can nd targets apparently ...
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Transcription Factories: Genome Organization and Gene Regulation Reviewpubs acs org CRTranscription Factories Genome Organization and Gene RegulationArgyris Papantonis and Peter R CookSir William Dunn School of Pathology University of Oxford South Parks Road Oxford OX1 3RE United KingdomCenter for Molecular Medicine University of Cologne 21 Robert-Koch Street 50931 Cologne Germany7 4 Transcription...
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Mechanisms and roles of the RNA-based Gene silencing Electronic Journal of Biotechnology ISSN 0717-3458 Vol 7 No 3 Issue of December 15 20042004 by Pontificia Universidad Cat lica de Valpara so Chile Received January 20 2004 Accepted May 26 2004REVIEW ARTICLEMechanisms and roles of the RNA-based Gene silencingSnehasis JanaDepartment of Biochemical Engineering and BiotechnologyIndian Institute of T...
Kuo 1998
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Roles of histone acetyltransferases and deacetylases in Gene Regulation Review articlesRoles of histoneacetyltransferasesand deacetylasesin Gene regulationMin-Hao Kuo and C David AllisSummaryAcetylation of internal lysine residues of core histone N-terminal domains hasbeen found correlatively associated with transcriptional activation in eukaryotesfor more than three decades Recent discoveries sho... 1998.pdf
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Response of the mouse lung transcriptome to welding fume: effects of stainless and mild steel fumes on lung Gene expression in A/J and C57BL/6J mice Zeidler-Erdely et al Respiratory Research 2010 11 70http respiratory-research com content 11 1 70RESEARCH Open AccessResponse of the mouse lung transcriptome toResearchwelding fume effects of stainless and mild steelfumes on lung Gene expression in A ...
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Science Engineering Computer Science DepartmentHebrew University of Jerusalem Stanford UniversityJerusalem Israel 91904 Stanford CA 94305-9010nir cs huji ac il koller cs stanford eduABSTRACT region as an encoding of a program whose execution leads tothe expression of different genes at different points in time and inWe present a probabilistic framework that models the process by different situatio
Kim 2009 Use Of In Vivo Bioti
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hes Medical Institute Boston Massachusetts 02115 USA Correspondence should be addressed to J Wwang bloodgroup tch harvard edu2009 Nature Publishing Group http www nature com natureprotocolsPublished online 26 March 2009 doi 10 1038 nprot 2009 23In Gene Regulation proteins function as members of protein complexes to recognize chromosomal target DNA loci In dissecting thepluripotent state in mouse e
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Gene Regulation Srb5 Med18-mediated Termination ofTranscription Is Dependent on GeneLoopingBanupriya Mukundan and Athar AnsariJ Biol Chem 2013 288 11384-11394doi 10 1074 jbc M112 446773 originally published online March 8 2013Downloaded from http www jbc org by guest on February 21 2015Access the most updated version of this article at doi 10 1074 jbc M112 446773Find articles minireviews Reflectio...
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Development 108 365-389 1990 Review Article 365 Printed in Great Britain The Company of Biologists Limited 1990How embryos work a comparative view of diverse modes of cell fatespecificationERIC H DAVIDSONDivision of Biology California Institute of Technology Pasadena CA 91125 USASummaryEmbryonic processes in the nematode C elegans the considered in terms of the structure of the Gene regulat-gastro...
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Role of Anatomic Pathology Images in the Multimedia Electronic Medical Record ? A preliminary report Discovery of Gene-Regulation Pathways using Local Causal SearchChangwon Yoo and Gregory F CooperCenter for Biomedical Informatics University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PAABSTRACT comparison study of selected continuous genetic networkmodels3 11 12 Unlike these previous methods we use aThis paper repo...
Rodriguez 2003
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Genetics of HDL Regulation in humans Michael Miller Jeffrey Rhyne Steven Hamlette Josh Birnbaum andAnabelle RodriguezPurpose of review IntroductionTo review Gene Regulation of HDL-cholesterol and discuss Beginning with the clinical description of orange tonsilsmolecular abnormalities in HDL candidate genes that may lead and associated absence of HDL-cholesterol in a brotherto human pathologic stat... 2003.pdf
Epigenetics Bock
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btm546 1..10 Vol 24 no 1 2008 pages 1 10BIOINFORMATICS REVIEW doi 10 1093 bioinformatics btm546Genome analysisComputational epigeneticsChristoph Bock and Thomas LengauerMax-Planck-Institut fur Informatik Saarbrucken GermanyReceived on August 25 2007 revised and accepted on October 28 2007Advance Access publication November 17 2007Associate Editor Jonathan WrenABSTRACT epigenetics opens up novel ap...
Lao Singlecell 2006
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ry 2006AbstractMicroRNAs are short 22 nucleotides non-coding RNAs that play critical roles in Gene Regulation and may be used as rapid precisediagnostic indicators of early stages of cancer The small size of these RNAs makes detection of multiple microRNA species in very smallsamples problematic Here we investigate the parameters associated with multiplexing RT-PCR to obtain relative abundance pro
2012 047 Lasiter
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lls there often isn t asufficient supply obtainable from common sources for larger children and adults 2Secondly patient morbidity and time to hematopoietic reconstitution followingmyeloablative preconditioning is improved by administering a larger pool of HSCs 3Lastly Gene therapies for hematological diseases still require a robust supply of HSCs tooffset varying degrees of inefficiency in vector
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commentary 1999 Nature America Inc http biotech nature comCOMMENTARYGENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMSForest biotechnology makes its position knownSteven Strauss Wout Boerjan John Cairney Malcolm Campbell Jeffrey Dean David Ellis Lise Jouanin and Bj rn SundbergLast July the world s largest group of scien- the environment was an important rationaletists studying molecular biology and for the study Its ...
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BANACH CENTER PUBLICATIONS VOLUME INSTITUTE OF MATHEMATICSPOLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCESWARSZAWA 200A STOCHASTIC EXTENSIONOF R THOMAS REGULATORY NETWORK MODELLINGBARTEK WILCZYNSKIInstitute of Mathematics Polish Academy of SciencesSniadeckich 8 00-956 Warsaw PolandE-mail bartek impan gov plAbstract In this paper we present the extension of the kinetic logic proposed by Ren Thomasefor analysis of geneti...
Evodevo Sfi Color
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evodevonew.dvi Adaptive walks in a Gene network model of morphogenesisinsights into the Cambrian explosionRicard V Sol 1 2 Pau Fern ndez 1 and Stuart A Kau man2 3e a1ICREA-Complex Systems Lab Universitat Pompeu Fabra GRIB Dr Aiguader 80 08003 Barcelona Spain2Santa Fe Institute 1399 Hyde Park Road Santa Fe NM 87501 USA3Department of Cell Biology and Physiology Health Science Center University of Ne...
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Advertisement10-0812-wordfile EpiTRAITSEpigenetic Regulation of economically important plant traitsMarie Curie International Training NetworkHigh profile joint research training network that will improve career prospects in academia privatesectorKey wordsEpigenetics flowering time epigenetic profiling bioinformatics computational biology plantbiotechnology Arabidopsis field crops kit development11...
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ted January 16 2014ABSTRACT past decades Transcription factors TFs are known to bethe main regulators of Gene transcription and thus haveDownloaded from http nar oxfordjournals org at Tel Aviv University on February 6 2014Understanding Gene Regulation is a Key challenge in been a subject for extensive study These proteins bind totoday s biology The new technologies of protein- speci c short DNA se
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eduDate received in revised form 21st November 2010AbstractRecent advances in high-throughput sequencing have facilitated the genome-wide studies of small non-codingRNAs sRNAs Numerous studies have highlighted the role of various classes of sRNAs at different levels ofgene Regulation and disease The fast growth of sequence data and the diversity of sRNA species have promptedthe need to organise th
Samoshkin Et Al 2009 Plos One 4 E6831 1 15
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D Laboratory of Gene Regulation and DevelopmentLGRD Bethesda Maryland United States of America 2 Section on Cell Cycle Regulation National Institute of Child Health and Human Development NICHD Laboratoryof Gene Regulation and Development LGRD Bethesda Maryland United States of America 3 Ludwig Institute For Cancer Research Department of Cellular andMolecular Medicine University of California San D
Nature 12364 Xue Huang 08292013 Published
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Genetic programs in human and mouse early embryos revealed by single-cell RNA sequencing LETTER doi 10 1038 nature12364Genetic programs in human and mouse earlyembryos revealed by single-cell RNA sequencingZhigang Xue1 Kevin Huang2 Chaochao Cai2 Lingbo Cai3 Chun-yan Jiang3 Yun Feng1 Zhenshan Liu1 Qiao Zeng1Liming Cheng1 Yi E Sun1 Jia-yin Liu3 Steve Horvath2 Guoping Fan2Mammalian pre-implantation d... 12364 ...3 published.pdf
Mirna 2 Datasheet 1
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Data Sheet, GeneChipĀ® miRNA 2.0 Array (pdf, 1.53 MB) Data SheetGeneChip miRNA 2 0 ArrayYour Gene expression experiment has given you the whatnow discover the whyBenefits of the GeneChip miRNA 2 0 Array IntroductionSince their discovery in 1993 small non-coding RNAsComprehensive content Provides complete coverage microRNA scaRNA and snoRNA have emerged as a majorof miRBase V15 including snoRNA and...
14 Biologymacrophages
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Biology of macrophages Regulation of Gene expressionPrincipal Investigator Cristina CasalsAntonio Celada UB Andrea ClassenMarta EspiaResearch Associates Monica PascualJorge Lloberas UB Carlos Sebasti nAnnabel F Valledor Ram n y Cajal Maria SerraNeus SerratPhD StudentsLluis Arpa Research AssistantsPatricia Bastos Consol FarreraKamila Bertlik Maria G SansMarina BrucetAntonio CeladaOur project is the...
Noordermeer Natcellbiol2011
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Variegated Gene expression caused by cell-specific long-range DNA interactions ARTICLESVariegated Gene expression caused by cell-speci clong-range DNA interactionsDaan Noordermeer1 4 5 Elzo de Wit1 5 Petra Klous1 5 Harmen van de Werken1 Marieke Simonis1Melissa Lopez-Jones2 Bert Eussen3 Annelies de Klein3 Robert H Singer2 and Wouter de Laat1 6Mammalian genomes contain numerous regulatory DNA sites ...
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een that the sites generated by DNA replication are identi-adapted for a variety of uses throughout evolution including cally methylated and protected until full methylation isdefense against transposable elements and control of Gene restored DNA methylation is thus replicated semicon-expression Defects in DNA methylation are linked to human servatively just like the underlying sequence It is prob
High Incidence Of Smn1 Gene Deletion
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1209-1213BouhoucheJON-1186 J Neurol 2003 250 1209 1213DOI 10 1007 s00415-003-0186-1 ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONA Bouhouche High incidence of SMN1 Gene deletionA BenomarN Birouk in Moroccan adult-onset spinalN BouslamR Ouazzani muscular atrophy patientsM YahyaouiT ChkiliReceived 3 January 2003 s Abstract Spinal muscular atro- type III and 80 of type IV SMAReceived in revised form 14 May 2003 phy SMA is ... incidence of deletion.pdf
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s May 4 2001 DOI 10 1074 jbc M102604200Birgit Dreier Roger R Beerli David J Segal Jessica D Flippin and Carlos F Barbas IIIFrom The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology and the Department of Molecular Biology The Scripps ResearchInstitute La Jolla California 92037In previous studies we have developed Cys2-His2 zinc used to purposefully regulate Gene expression We have dem-finger domains that spec
Sripakdeevong Cevec Chang Erat Ziegeler Zhao Fox Gao Kennedy Kierzerk Nikonowicz Schwalbe Sigel Turner Das
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troscopy of RNA but chemical shift values are generallychemical shifts not used at the structure-determination stage2 Algorithms havebeen developed to back-calculate non-exchangeable 1H chemicalshifts from RNA 3D structure11 12 In particular the Nuchemics12Parin Sripakdeevong1 Mirko Cevec2 program has been used to refine models13 generated from con-Andrew T Chang3 Mich le C Erat4 5 ventional NMR s
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wn Road P O Box 100 Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724Communicated by Thomas Maniatis Harvard University Cambridge MA May 8 2003 received for review March 24 2003Overexpression of c-Myc is one of the most common alterations in normally repressed by c-Myc are Key cell-cycle regulators it ishuman cancers yet it is not clear how this transcription factor acts conceivable that c-Myc-mediated repression of th