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ATION 74 PROFITS 329EMPLOYEES 75 GRI COMPLIANCE 330COSTUMERS 82 EXTERNAL CHECKS 336SUPPLIERS 88 EXTRACT FROM THE MINUTES OF THEGENERAL MEETING OF EDPCOMMUNITY 92SHAREHOLDERSENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE 99Page intentionally left blankEDPMESSAGE TO SHAREHOLDERSImagine for a moment the followingA world that does not worry A world that believes oil will exist forever where climate change is nothing moret
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D C Joint Base Andrews Joint BaseMcGuire Dix Lakehurst and military installations in central Germany Belgiumand The Netherlands as well as over 200 employer groups throughoutMaryland and New Jersey With assets climbing over 1 billion we provide afull range of high-quality financial products to more than 108 000 membersworldwide with a passion for service safety and soundness We re proud of ourlong
Draft 6 Final
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UPDATE 2014 COUNCIL S STRATEGIC PLANEarly in Council s term a Strategic Plan was developed to guide Council s work plan for their four-year term This planfocused the Township s strategic direction on Community Development Growth Management and InfrastructureFinancial Management and Service DeliveryInfrastructure FinancialManagement ServiceCommunity Development Growth Management Delivery99 The Sout... 6 - Final.pdf
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Classic Investment Collection Fund Focus This selection of five unit trusts is designed to simplify your investment choice while delivering real valueover the longer term Each unit trust was carefully selected to meet specific investment needs from lower-risk income funds to higher-risk funds seeking maximum Growth Use these funds as stand-alone fundsswitching between them as your needs change or ...
C8caf Soa Guide Final
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ed the relevant personal circumstances of their client and who forms areasonably held view that the product meets their client s goals and objectives and sois appropriate for them This document is not intended to illustrate the giving ofsuitable or best advice Advisors or their licensee should obtain their own legaladvice as to the content requirements of the SoAShould a recommendation be made app
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Methodology for Data Provided by Harold Evensky CFP Asset Class ReturnsThere is a wealth of research that shows that historical returns are not predictors of future returns This creates a conundrumsince historical data is all that we have as a starting point To create his projected returns Harold Evensky CFP begins withan analysis of trends in historical returns He uses the Ibbotson Building Block...
Budget Booster September 2012
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Microsoft Word - BudgetBoosterPIS (1) September 2012Investment basics dividends or Growth Asset classes such asproperty or shares which provide growththrough increases in price together with incomeChoosing investments for your investment through dividends Cash is the mostportfolio is not easy It goes without saying that conservative Asset class with the lowest riskyou want the best investments how... booster september 2012.p...tember 2012.pdf
Opportunity June09
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the Portfolio is to generate capital This Portfolio is ideal for those investors that require long term capital Growth and as a Portfolio Manager Riaan van der Vyvergrowth and maximize total return for investors result need to gain exposure to Growth Asset classes such as equities but require the Minimum lump sum R5 000over the medium to long term Over longer Asset manager to actively manage the a Products/Opportu...nity_June09.pdf
Workplacesuper Capitalstable Pdf C45dd
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SelectingSuper Performance Tables 31 December 2014 - Workplace Performance to 31 December 2014TOP 50 WORKPLACE SUPER CAPITAL STABLE INVESTMENT OPTIONSCapital stable investment options diversified Asset allocation with less than 55 Growth Asset weightingPerformance to 31 December 2014Can anyoneRankRankRankRankRankProduct Investment Option Name Segment 1 year 3 years 5 years 7 years 10 yea...
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WealthFocus Investment Advantage - Summary of changes WealthFocus Investment AdvantageSummary of changes from 10 November 2008Previous NewPerpetual WealthFocus InvestmentProduct name Perpetual s Investor Choice Fund AdvantageInvestment OptionsInvestment Options 8 More than 70Perpetual more than 30 externalManagers Perpetual only managersInvestment Option namesCash Asset Group Perpetual s CashPrope...
Part B Cycleways Walkways And Bridleways
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Asset MANAGEMENT PLAN ContentsTable of ContentsTable of Contents iEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1Our Strategic Goals 1What We Do 1Why We Do It 2Key Issues 2Improving Community Resilience 2The Proposed Expressway 2Peak Oil and Other Resource Shortages 3Climate Change Effects 3Growth Management 3Implementation Plan 3New Development 3Incomplete Networks for Cycling Walking and Horse Riding 3Demographic and Land ...
Cimb Aviva Growth Fund October 2012
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Microsoft Word - CIMB Aviva Growth Fund - October 2012 CIMB Aviva Growth FundOctober 2012FUND OBJECTIVE PERFORMANCE RECORDTo maximize capital Growth over the medium to long termthrough the stock marketFUND DETAILSLaunch Date 20 October 2008Domicile MalaysiaCurrency Ringgit MalaysiaLaunch Price RM1 0000Units in14 16 million units 31 October 2012CirculationFund Size RM 30 36 million 31 October 2012U... Aviva Grow...ctober 2012.pdf
Full Invitation
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Investing For Growth Project Information for Asset Managers This initiative is being sponsored by the following local government pension funds GreaterManchester Pension Fund West Yorkshire Pension Fund West Midlands Pension FundSouth Yorkshire Pensions Authority and Merseyside Pension Fund The funds havecommissioned PIRC to facilitate the initiativeContact details for Asset managers All contact wi...
New Growth Models Inclusivity Sustainability Full 281113
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Mit14 452f09 Rec4
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14.452 Economic Growth: Neoclassical Model in Discrete Time, Inefficiency, and Rebelo's Two Sector AK Model 14 452 Recitation Notes1 Neoclassical Model in Discrete Time2 Ine ciency in the OLG Model3 Rebelo Two Sector AK ModelsAlp SimsekMITRecitation 4 on November 20 2009Alp Simsek MIT 14 452 Recitation Notes 1 Neoclassical Model in Discrete Recitation 4 on November 20 2009Time 2 Ine ciency in the ...
Asset Management Compensation
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Microsoft Word - kf-emea-Asset-A4-jan7.docx CultivatingERRY COMPENSATION SURVEYTHE KORN F smart Growth leadersTheINSTITUTIONAL SALES CFO MANAGEMENTperspectives of a ASSETto outpace the global economyOFmaster classby Michael O Callaghan anby Michael O Callaghan and Chris CampbellBy Y FR A N K HO L L M E Y E RKingdom IandNIndranil RoyB Peter Everaert Scott A N D AL S O AS H B YBy Peter Everaert Scot...
Asset Allocation April 2012
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Microsoft Word - Asset Allocation April.docx Asset allocation dashboardApril 2012Positive Neutral NegativeAsset class View CommentsEquities Positive Negative Our viewWith clear evidence that the US avoided Many risks remain The situation on Developed equities are no longera 2011 early 2012 recession equities Europe lingers while the intensity of the compellingly cheap following the recentcould be ...
Ramirez Asset Management 2q 2014 Fixed Income Market Update
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RAMIREZ Asset MANAGEMENT SECOND QUARTER 2014FIXED INCOME MARKET UPDATE61 Broadway 29th Floor 200 N LaSalle Street Suite 1900New York NY 10006 Chicago IL 60601www ramirezam com E-mail info ramirezam comRamirez Asset ManagementEXECUTIVE SUMMARYTreasury yields in the second quarter of 2014 dipped lower particularly at the intermediate and longend of the curve Reported GDP is a backward look at econom... Asset Management - 2Q ...rket Update.pdf
Riverpark Large Growth Fund Fact Sheet
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RiverPark Large Growth Fund September 30 2014 Institutional and Retail Share ClassesInvestment Style Investment ObjectiveValue Blend GrowthThe RiverPark Large Growth Fund seeks long-term capital appreciationLargeMarket CapInvestment StrategyThe RiverPark Large Growth Fund seeks to make investments in securities of large capitalizationMidcompanies which it defines as those in excess of 5 billion Th...
Governed Portfolio Growth Iv Pdf Sfvrsn 4
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CBAM682 Governed Portfolio Growth IV.indd Quarterly ReportCASH EQUITY FIXED INCOME TRACKER MULTI-ASSETTEAMS Close Governed Portfolio IVData to 30 September 2014The Close Governed Portfolio IV Pension Fund forms part of the Close Governed Portfolio Pension Fund Range Key FactsThe Close Governed Portfolio Pension Fund Range consists of five risk-rated funds designed to cater for investors Launch Dat...
Asset Management Plan 2013
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Asset Management Plan Training WATER SUPPLYASSET MANAGEMENT PLANVersion 1 0March 2012Adopted 13th June 2012CTW - Water Asset Management Plan docTable of ContentsEXECUTIVE SUMMARY i1 0 INTRODUCTION 11 1 OBJECTIVES OF THIS PLAN 11 2 SCOPE OF THIS PLAN 11 3 THE Asset MANAGEMENT PLAN 71 4 PLAN FORMAT 71 5 KEY STAKEHOLDERS 81 6 LEGISLATIVE REQUIREMENTS 81 7 RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER PLANS AND DOCUMENTS ... Management Plan 2013...t Plan 2013.pdf
Value Growth
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Equity Style Timing: A Multi-Style Rotation Model for the Russell Large-Cap and Small-Cap Growth and Value Style Indexes Equity Style Timing A Multi-Style Rotation Model for the RussellLarge-Cap and Small-Cap Growth and Value Style IndexesbyBala G ArshanapalliLorne N SwitzerKarim PanjuJanuary 2005School of Business and Economics Indiana University Northwest Finance Department ConcordiaUniversity F...
Reliance Growth Fund
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Reliance Growth Fund an open Ended equity Growth schemeScheme Information DocumentProduct LabelThis product is suitable for investors who are seekinglong term capital growthinvestment in equity and equity related instruments through a research based approachhigh risk BROWNInvestors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for themNote Risk may be re... Fund.pdf
1 Its Canada 2012 Asset Management
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Microsoft PowerPoint - 1 ITS Canada 2012 Asset management Highways Asset ManagementBruno Peters bpeters ibigroup comDavid Kamnitzer dkamnitzer ibigroup comITS STI Canada - Conf rence annuelle 2012Name of PresentationMany definitions of highway Asset managementAsset management is a strategic approach that identifiesthe optimal allocation of resources for the managementoperation preservation and enh... ITS Canada 2012 asset mana... management.pdf
Asset Allocation Kl Brochure
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Asset Allocation Portfolio Planning Value by StrategyA timely must-attend workshop for bankers fund managers and financialadvisers22-23 Nov 2010 Kuala LumpurThe fast pace of global and regional recovery in Who Should Attendmany sectors and market segments makes itimperative that you understand the factors that Asset Portfolio Managers Private Bankersaffect your portfolio plan and the focus you tak...
Butterfield Global Growth Fund Feb 2013
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Microsoft Word - Butterfield Global Growth FundAcc11 Feb 2013.doc Key Investor InformationThis document provides you with the key investor information about this fund It is not marketing material The information is required by law tohelp you understand the nature and the risks of investing in this fund You are advised to read it so you can make an informed decision aboutwhether to investButterfiel... Feb 2013.pdf
1107 Growth Breakdown
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Growth Fund The investment objective of the SEI Growth Fund is to provide capital Growth and risk exposure predominantly in line with global equity markets3 Asset ClassesEquity Fixed Income Property75 16 913 Sub-Asset ClassesPan EuropeanGlobal US Large US Small Pacific Basin Emerging Emerging UK CommercialUK Europe Ex-UK Small Japan UK High YieldDeveloped Companies Companies Ex-Japan Markets Marke...
Premier Multi Asset Distribution Fund Rfp February 2013
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Premier Multi-Asset Distribution Fund Request for ProposalFebruary 2013Premier Multi-Asset Distribution FundRequest for ProposalFebruary 2013ContentsPage1 Fund Summary 22 Key Personnel 33 Fund Management Approach 54 Technical Aspects 95 Fund Specific Terms Features 116 Risk Compliance 137 Company Information 158 Contact Us 189 Important Information 181Fund SummaryFund Name Premier Multi-Asset Dist...
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Asset.qxp Asset A Quarterly Newsletter from ArcilVOL 1 1FEBRUARY2008The Power ofBusinessIntelligencePERSPECTIVE COMPLIANCE INSIGHTManaging NPAs The SARFAESI Act Interview with S KhasnobisRole of ARC Analysis MD and CEO ArcilSponsorsCONTENTSEditor s NoteWelcome to the inaugural issue of Asset anindustry newsletter from Arcil As with thisissue we will endeavour to keep youupdated with trends and ins...
2012 12 19 Gts Year Of Growth And Recruitment Plans Uk
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CrawfordPR-GTSyear-of-Growth-and-recruitment-plansFINAL-UK12192012 Press ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information contactLynn Cufley 44 0 207 265 4067lynn cufley crawco co ukDecember 19 2012Crawford UK Global Technical Servicesconcludes year of Growth with further recruitment planned for 2013London Crawford UK Global Technical Services GTS is concluding a year of significant growthwith 16...