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Real-time keeping on STM8S and STM8A devices and usage of auto-wakeup unit (AWU) and beeper AN2780Application noteReal-time keeping on STM8S and STM8A devicesand usage of auto-wakeup unit AWU and beeperIntroductionThe purpose of this application note is to explain how to keep real-time information on aSTM8S or STM8A device maintained In low power modeOnly simple solutions which do not require any ...
Eum Eps Ar 8480 10
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ARNCR EPSAnomaly ReportNon Conformance ReportAR NCR No Creation Date System Facility CFI Initiator CompanyEUM EPS AR 8480 10 22 08 07 14 43 A-DCS Instrument Dyer Richard EUMExternal AR NCR CIID Operational Chain Affected Configuration BaselineN ARelated AR NCR Test Case Test PhaseEUM EPS AR 6555 38 Routine Operations Routine OperationsRun Environment Log Date Applicable DocumentOPE 22 08 07 03 41P...
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hsi-io-anomaly-errata.PDF UTMC Errata SheetUT80CXX196KD MicroController HSI Interrupt and I O Status Bits AnomaliesThe following anomalies are related to the UT80CXX196KD MicroController designs identified with either JD02Aand JD02B on the lid marking SMD 5962-98583Anomaly 1When INT02 is used as the HSI Data Available Interrupt source INT02 interrupts will not occur if any eventsremain In the HSI ...
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CH6 Error Codes6Error CodesPROGRAMMING ERROR CODES NON-FATALError code messages have been incorporated into the keyboard controller to enable theuser to better understand the nature of errors as they occur during programming If an erroroccurs during operation or programming the display will flash on and off while displayingan error code number and a four character reminder A flashing error display...
Pract 3 8255
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Microsoft Word - Pract 3 8255.doc CS2507 Experiment 3 Programming the intel 8255 1Page 1IntroductionIn this practical you will learn to program the Intel 8255 PPI Programmable PeripheralInterface In mode 1 with hand shaking under Interrupt control Read about restartinterrupts In the TomAL manual beginning on page 3-2 of section 3 8085Microprocessor Data Set Take note of the restart addresses for t... assignment...ract 3 8255.pdf
An019 09
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Introduction Application note AN019-09Software Serial Port for ROM RAM MonitorIndex1 Introduction2 Basic operation3 Resources used by the Monitor with soft serial port4 How to configure the soft serial routines4 1 Changing the serial baud rate and the system clock frequency4 2 Defining the Transmit and Timer parameters4 3 Defining the Receive parameters4 4 Defining the trap numbers and Interrupt l...
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Abvm Homework
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Microsoft Word - ABVM Homework.docx Assumption BVM Homework PolicyThe purpose for assigning homework is to give students theopportunity to extend lessons practice skills engage In criticalthinking and develop good work habits Homework can alsoserve as one form of communication between the teacher andthe family It is important that homework does not add stress tofamily life Therefore it is up to th...
Version 20120711105751 Matlab 187 1621 1
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MATLAB s Simulink Power PMAC Target Main objective for Simulink -Power PMAC InterfaceFacilitating user-servo code generation for Power PMAC using Simulink s Embedded Coder previously knownas Real-Time Workshop The objective is to fully automate code generation for Power PMAC s servo loop closureroutines tasks utilizing Simulink s control blocksWho should use this interfaceUsers who may find the Po...
Protokoll 6 Pdf Rev 420
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Mikroprozessorpraktikum WS 2011 2012 Gruppe Dienstag - Arbeitsplatz HWP1Aufgabenkomplex 6 TimerTeilnehmerDaniel Borrmann 4367506Thorben Meier 436387013 Dezember 2011A 6 1 Zeitbasis - der Sekunden InterruptA 6 1 1Aufgabe Finden Sie eine L sung die auf Basis eines Timer-Interrupts den Zustand der LED P4 0otoggelt Dazu muss der Timer jede Sekunde einen Interrupt generieren und In der ISR wird die LED...
Making The Best Use Of The Available Breakpoints
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Making the best use of the available breakpoints By Rafael TaubingerMaking the best use of the available breakpointsThe concept of a breakpoint is very simple since it only interrupts the execution of a program rightbefore a specified instruction The implementation can be In hardware or software but this will not bediscussed hereBeing simple doesn t mean that it can t be used In complex combinatio...
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MidiFootPedalIntr.asm 3v MIDIPIC4MIDI OUT PEDAL53v Lithium Coin Cell Battery20mm CR2032 250mAh3vinternal pullupNo 220 resistors on the MIDI lines because of 3v operationand 70 Thevenin equivalent resistance on low pic output lines1 PIC16F87 MIDI FOOT PEDAL PROJECT2 MIDI Note-On Off is Note-On with zero velocity transmitted from one pedal switch34 RB5 TX used as MIDI Out From the internal AUSART se...
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APNT103.PDF Keil Software Inc Application Note8051 Interrupt Vectors APNT103OVERVIEWWe receive a number of calls from customers who are confused by the numbering system for 8051interrupts This application note addresses how to declare interrupts In your programs and wherethe Interrupt numbers come fromINTERRUPT VECTORSWhen the original 8051 and 8031 were introduced only 5 interrupts were providedI...
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Counter interface module Counter Interface ModuleCounter Interface Module FeaturesModule PointsCounter ModeInput 0 Input 1 Input 2 Input 3 Input 4Interface Module Mode 10 TwoHigh Speed Up Up counter 1Up counter 2Reset counter 1 Reset counter 2 Not usedD2-CTRINT CountersFiltered inputMode 20 One Phase A input Phase B inputUp Down or up count down countCounter reset Filtered input Not usedQuadrature...
Td Scan Beschreibung Softwaremodul De
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Softwaremodul zur Daten bernahme der Strahldaten vom SCAN- Lichtgitter In eine SPS vom Typ Simatic S7 200Das als Interrupt-Modul realisierte Treiberprogramm bernimmt die Me daten als seriellen Daten-strom von SCAN ber Port 0 und legt sie In einem Datenpuffer ab Die einzelnen Lichtachsen werdendem Anwender bitweise ab Speicherplatz VB20 zur Verf gung gestellt 1 Licht 0 kein Licht fort-laufend von d...
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EE335W14Lab2 EE 335 Advanced Microcontroller EngineeringOregon Tech Portland Winter 2014Lab Assignment 2 Analog to Digital ConverterDue January 23ObjectiveThe student will demonstrate the usage of the Analog to Digital Converter In the68HCS12Equipment and Software neededEverything you needed for Lab Assignment 1A signal generator and an oscilloscope available In the classroomGeneral InstructionsNo...
Das Programmkonzept
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Microsoft Word - Das Programmkonzept.doc Das Programm- und Filterkonzept f r meinenselbstbalancierenden Runnervon W Schmidt1 Auswahl der Programmiersprache2 Programmkonzept3 Filterkonzept1 Auswahl der ProgrammierspracheZum Programmieren eines Mikrocontrollers Atmega32 und einer Vielzahl weitererChips dieser Art gibt es verschiedene Hochsprachen die einen einfachen Zugangerm glichen Von BASCOM ber ... Programmkonzept.pd...rammkonzept.pdf
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Step Motor Controller Aplication Note AVR360 Step Motor ControllerFeatures Theory of Operation Step MotorHigh-Speed Step Motor Controller A DC step motor translates currentInterrupt Driven pulses into motor rotation A typical ControllerCompact Code Only 10 Bytes Interrupt motor contains four winding coils TheRoutine coils are often labeled red yellow whiteVery High Speed red white and yellow but m...
Rtos Acceleration Using Is Customization 2004
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Rtos acceleration on soft-core processors using instruction set customization - Field-Programmable Technology, 2004. Proceedings. 2004 IEEE International Conference on Rtos Acceleration on Soft-core ProcessorsUsing Instruction Set CustomizationJin Zhenyu Mohit Sindhwani Thambipillai SrikanthanDepartment of Embedded Centrefor High Performance Centrefor High PerformanceSystems School of Embedded Sys... Papers/20...ation 2004.pdf
Rtos Issues With High Level Modeling On Soc Platform
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Exploring Rtos issues with a high-level model of a recon gurable SoC platformFran ois Verdier Jean-Christophe Pr votet Amine Benkhelifa Daniel Chillet S bastien PillementETIS UMR CNRS 8051 IRISAENSEA Universit de Cergy-Pontoise ENSSAT Universit de Rennes IAbstract Recon gurable resources are more and more en- should provide to handle recon gurability Today two differentvisaged inside System-on-Chi... Papers/RT...OC platform.pdf
Oceanstor S5000 Series Storage System Routine Maintanence
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Routine Maintenance OceanStor S5000 Series Storage SystemV100R002Routine MaintenanceIssue 01Date 2010-04-20Huawei Proprietary and ConfidentialCopyright Huawei Technologies Co LtdHuawei Technologies Co Ltd provides customers with comprehensive technical support and service For anyassistance please contact our local office or company headquartersHuawei Technologies Co LtdAddress Huawei Industrial Ba...
Birds I View 147 The Federal Assault On The Environment
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The federal assault on the Environment Birds I ViewBill MontevecchiMale northern pintail often congregate In spring while thefemales attend the eggs and nest Photo Bill MontevecchiWhether it s protecting aquatic ecosystems and fish habitat maintainingadequate levels of offshore vigilance supporting diligent environmental assessmentprocesses nurturing archaeological biological or meteorological sci... I View 147 - The fed...environment.pdf
Environment And Urbanization 2013 Cartwright 0956247813477814
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Environment and Urbanization http eau sagepub comEconomics of climate change adaptation at the local scale under conditions ofuncertainty and resource constraints the case of Durban South AfricaAnton Cartwright James Blignaut Martin De Wit Karen Goldberg Myles Mander SeanO Donoghue and Debra RobertsEnvironment and Urbanization published online 6 March 2013DOI 10 1177 0956247813477814The online ver...
Namibia Rapid Trade And Environment Assessment
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Rapid Trade and Environment Assessment - National Report for Namibia Rapid Trade and Environment Assessment RTEANational Report for NamibiaJessica Jones Detlof von OertzenJuliane Zeidler Andee DavidsonHenoch Ramakhutla Alexander TotoPierre du Plessis Susanne ThalwitzerSheila Kiratu Kudakwashe NdhlukulaLaudika Kandjinga2009IECNIntegrated Environmental Consultants Namibia2009 International Institute... Rapid Trade and En... Assessment.pdf
Agriculture Food Security Poverty And Environment Essays On Post Reform India
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Agriculture Food Security Poverty and Environment Essays on Post-Reform India 2006 334 pages C H Hanumantha Rao 019568396X 9780195683967 OxfordUniversity Press Incorporated 2006DOWNLOAD http bit ly 1ocNJm6 http en wikipedia org w index php search Agriculture 2C Food Security 2C Poverty and Environment 3A Essays on Post-Reform IndiaIn this collection eminent economist C H Hanumantha Rao explores th...
Maintaining A Safe Environment For Your Patients
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Maintaining a Safe Environment for Your Patients.ppt Maintaining a SafeEnvironment for Your PatientsNetwork 7 Annual MeetingOctober 28 2008Tampa FloridaJim Curtis CHTDirector of Clinical ServicesHome dialysis Plus LtdAgendaReview the new CMS regulations as theypertain to patient safety In a dialysisfacilityDiscuss specific V Tags that the StateSurveyors will use when they vi...\/library/attachment-library/Maintaining a Sa...ur Patients.pdf
Environment And Society Human Perspectives On Environmental Issues 3rd E Charles L Harper P 62hcl
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Download Environment and Society: Human Perspectives on Environmental Issues (3rd Edition).pdf Free Environment and Society Human Perspectives on EnvironmentalIssues 3rd EditionBy Charles L HarperCURRICULUM VITAE 1978-2011 CHARLES L HARPER DEPARTMENT OF1998 Environment and Society Human Perspectives on Environmental Issues Mandarin Chinese edition TianjinPeople s Press sponsored by the Institute o...
What The Baillieu Government Committed To On The Environment Final
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What the Baillieu Government committed to on the Environment The Baillieu Government s election commitments on the environmentThis document is a snapshot of the Coalition s pre 2010 election commitments on the Environment In the absence of theCoalition releasing a comprehensive Environment or climate change policy we have compiled this snapshot based on policy documentsand media statements made by... the...nment FINAL.pdf
Mt Windenergy Scrn
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Wind Energy for a Cleaner America II: Wind Energy's Growing Benefits for Our Environment and Our Health Wind Energy For A Cleaner America IIWind Energy s Growing Benefits forOur Environment and Our HealthWind Energy For ACleaner America IIWind Energy s Growing Benefits forOur Environment and Our HealthWritten byJordan Schneider and Tony Dutzik Frontier GroupRob Sargent Environment America Research...
Daily Class Routine 2014 Session From January To June
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DAILY CLASS Routine 2014 Even Semester II IV VI Session January to June D H S K College Dibrugarhw e f 16 01 2014MondayClass 9 9 45 9 45 10 30 10 30 11 15 11 15 12 00 12 00 12 45 12 45 1 30 1 30 2 15 2 15 3 00 3 00 3 45 3 45 4 30TDC Sc Major Math-26 Com Sc -26 Practical Bot Zoo Phy Zoo-G4 Eng-G4 Practical Bot ZooSem-II Phy-D Ch-D Bot-D Eco-4 Zoo-D Math-24 Bot-G4 Ch-G2 Eco-2 Com SkillsStat-26 Anth-... CLAS...ry to June).pdf