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Interpreting And Using Cogat Test Scores
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Interpreting and Using Cogat Test Scores Interpreting and Using Cogat NNAT and OLSAT Test Scoresto Inform InstructionSample Cogat score reportStudent Name Age Scores Grade ScoresSAS PR S PR SPretend Peter Verbal 120 89 8 89 8Quantitative 118 87 7 89 8Non-verbal 131 97 9 98 9Composite 126 95 8 96 9The gifted programs at Hampton City Schools use norm-referenced tests such as the CogATNNAT and OLSAT ... and U...Test Scores.pdf
2014 05 28 Cj Op Ed State Must Reform Jcps Spending
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State must step in to reform wasteful Jcps spending euphemism under water in 99 000 per year range in- the extremely troubling results spent on a business intelli-that as the list of low-per- cluding 90K annually for the of a study that Jcps originally gence specialist 95K performing read failing schools invaluable if inscrutable requested And how about this year or more important de-Bob continues... Journal/2014-05-28 CJ Op-E...PS Spending.pdf
The Cogat Versus The Nnat2
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The Cogat versus the NNAT2 The Cognitive Abilities Test Cogat is an assessment thatconsists of three batteries which measure three reasoningabilities sequential reasoning inductive reasoning andquantitative reasoning The assessment of general reasoningabilities reflect the overall efficiency of cognitive processes andstrategies that enable individuals to learn new tasks and solveproblems especiall... the NNAT2.pdf
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Jcps Back-To-School Checklist Is your student ready to have a great school year Here are a few helpful reminders to getyour child ready for Monday August 15Have you registered your child or verified his or her school assignment Call 485-6250 ifyou need to find out which school your child will attend or what documents you will need inorder to registerDo you know what time school starts for your chi...
Jcps Priority Schools Talking Points 2013
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Essential UnderstandingsL Testresults from May 2012testingand the New Accountability Modelwere released Novemberon 22012 We communicated the communityto the results a pressin conference Jcps in the 23 dispercentile That is up from beingin the gth 2011 and 6 n 2010 percentiles communicatedWe thenthat this is not acceptable2 We sent the listof schools with their accountabilityscores and percentile r... Priority Schools Tal...Points 2013.pdf
Lms Price For Consumable Items
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Jcps Library Media Services Jcps Library Media ServicesCurriculum Resource CenterJCPS Gheens Academy - 4425 Preston Highway - Louisville KY 40213 - 502-485-3132CRC equipment may only be used for educational purposes for children in preschool through high schoolAs a user of the CRC equipment you must comply with all copyright laws and policies outlined in A Guide to the Use of Copyrighted Materials...
Jcps Gfa042014
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d articles are likely to report new empiricalfindings obtained either in the laboratory or in field experiments that contribute to existing theory inboth consumer research and psychology However results of survey research correlational studies andother methodological paradigms are also welcomed to the extent that the findings extend ourpsychological understanding of consumer behavior Theoretical a gfa042014.pdf
Voip Rfp
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Request for Proposal from qualifiedVendors to provide Jcps with the requested hosted solution and to provide technical help inthe migration process Due to the size of the District this migration will take 3-5 years tocomplete and will be in stages The initial install migration for 2013-2014 school year will bethe Board Office and Dix Rd Education Center The intent of this RFP is to provide the po
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n for today s college and career opportunities the type ofopportunities that lead to personal and professional achievement as well as healthyprosperous communitiesAt Jefferson County Public Schools Jcps we began working on a comprehensiveanswer to this question in 2007 A narrowly focused study of the district s school-to-career programs evolved into a wide-ranging conversation about making everyhi
043656228 200412 990pf
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exemption application is pending check hereInstructions Enumclaw WA 98022 D 1 Foreign organizations check hereH Check type of organization Z Section 501 c 3 exempt private foundation 2 Foreign organizations meeting the 85 testcheck here and attach computation DEl Section 4947 a 1 nonexempt charitable trust Other taxable private foundationE If private foundation status was terminatedI Fair market v
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C O L L E G E - B O U N D D I S T R I C T P R O G R A M JeffersonCountyPublicSchoolsVol 2 No 5 Information about the GE Jcps JCTAMath and Science InitiativeMathematics materials review and validation provide opportunityfor teacher input publisher innovationsThe collaboration between Jcps JCTA and the GE Foundation to cre- diate unit in order to get an overview of the elementary materials Middleate...
Louisville Report 9 12d Final
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d s request we have prepared a plan that builds upon and extendsthe nationally respected Jcps accomplishments in operating diverse schools for nearly fourdecades We interpreted our charge as reviewing the existing plan making it more effective andefficient and lowering excessive transportation times With access to new Census data andextensive information from the school district and other local in
Report James Fuller
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Microsoft Word - ASSESSMENTS COLORADO ASSESSMENTSAs I was teaching in a classroom setting for the first time in some years I was amazed at theassessment processes occurring in Colorado apparently nationwide Teachers in my school inAdelaide have been worried that we were in the process of following USA s path in testing andschool success tablesIf we are to follow I believe we would be heading the w... Fuller.pdf
Ms Testing Pres 2012 13
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Please use this time to sign in and gather materials from the designated tables. We will begin promptly at 8:30. WelcomePlease sign in andtake a copy of each handoutReturn your Cogat and Stanfordmaterials to Sarah and AlisonLogisticsAgenda and lunch timeQuestion CloudThis presentation will be posted on theALP BlogReported Referral ProcessGF1 Referral for Gifted EligibilityEnter into data collecti...
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Expedited Scoring Service ORDER FORM FOR RIVERSIDE SCORING SERVICEIowa See information on page 2 to request 5-dayAssessmentsTMIowa Assessments Forms E and F and Cogat Form 7 expedited scoring turnaroundRequest is at an additional cost and must beprescheduledLocation Name s For Reports Test Date Are you part of a Public School System or Private School GroupSystem or Group NameMonth Day Year If requ...
Infinite Campus Parent Portal Request Form March 2013
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ive parents legal guardians and students in grades 6-12 of the Jefferson CityPublic Schools Access to student information from the Internet is a privilege not a right Only after a family has enrolled theirchild ren in Jefferson City Public Schools will a parent legal guardian and or student be authorized to activate a web accountOnce a student withdraws or graduates from the Jefferson City Public March 2013.pdf
Cac Gte Annualreport2014 102813
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monitor engagement between the school system and the community to support studentachievement Furthermore the goal s description states When all stakeholders have access toinformation and can support student learning student academic progress and personal developmentimproves and the community becomes stronger The school system must engage families and othercommunity partners to ensure that they hav
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TEXT READER GUIDELINES K-PREP 2014 IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE Jcps ECE DEPARTMENTIt is not recommended that a student use a Text Reader if he has other accommodations in addition to a readerGUIDELINES GROUP TESTING READER ONLY INDIVIDUAL TESTINGStudents must have at least reader on their IEP 504 PSP to use Students must have at least reader on their IEP 504 PSP to usethe text reader the text readerIE...
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BENEFITS MANUAL MASTER.upd.12-9-2011 Welcome to Jefferson County Public SchoolsJefferson County Public Schools Jcps strives to provide a total compensation packagebenefits and pay that our employees and their families can depend uponOur comprehensive benefits range from services you may need at any time such asmedical dental and vision coverage to retirement through various tax-sheltered annuityse...
Succmaker Stdisleeval5813dd
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Microsoft Word - SuccessMaker Study Island Evaluation 2012 050813 FINALFINAL DRAFT.docx EVALUATION OF SUCCESSMAKER STUDY ISLAND PROGRAMSExecutive Summary1 Design PurposeExtended learning is an important component of the Jcps Vision 2015 Strategic Plan Focus Area 3Strategy 3 2 and Success Indicators 3 1 and 3 2 describe the importance of increasing extended learningthrough technology SuccessMaker ...
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document can be found on our JeffersonCounty Public Schools Jcps Web page Go to thefollowing linkwww jcpsky net Departments ITTelecommunications SupHardSofthtml DesktopPurchasedEducational Technology Policiesand Procedures SummaryApplicationsThe use of network-intensive software such Desktop Purchasesas Point Cast CU-Seeme is strictly prohibited Any computer workstation that is intended to be used
10 23 12 Open Session
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GENDAAction Board Chairman Ken Henke asked that the Agenda be amended to add a SHAC Committee update byDr Toedt in the information portion of the board meeting Upon a motion by Mrs Ali Laird-Large and secondedby Mr Matt Wike the board voted unanimously to approve the Amended AgendaSPECIAL RECOGNITIONDr Murray recognized Ms Jolene Sneed Social Worker Smokey Mountain Elementary School for beingselec Meeti...pen Session.pdf
Phs Aig School Based Implementation Plan
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ther personnel will disseminate information about screeningreferral and identification processes in a variety of ways Add an AIG page to the PerryHarrison website with pertinent information updated a minimum of twice a monthinformational brochures placed in the main office and AIG room and use the AlertNow system to inform families about the AIG programStatus Review 12 15 10 An AIG webpage was cre
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County Public Schools Jcps are the foundation of ourcity s future the success of Louisville s economy and the future quality of life in Louisville depend on themTo win in the 21st century global economy Louisville students need to be competitive with their peers throughoutthe worldLouisville Metro Government and Jefferson County Public Schools Jcps have joined forces to create a mutuallyaccountabl
Adult Program Booklet
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ents in the mid-Missouri area InstructionalPrograms strive to provide the opportunity to developmarketable skills attitudes and knowledge which en-ables the student to obtain a job continue his or her ca-reer and technical education and or advance in a chosencareer The school responds to the identified needs of thecommunity by providing quality education programsthat are accessible to all who can
Galaxy Gazette Sept13
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ize of the gifted population At Challenger weUniversities Below are the dates and times We will share with you have adopted the gifted high achievers model where all giftedideas on how to help your child at home especially in the areas of students in the same grade level are grouped in one classroomreading and math Many changes are taking place in education to After gifted students are placed then
5 Star Book
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nd how you liked to spend your timeThose personal likes and dislikes go into deciding what work you want to do when you get out of schoolThe easiest way to get a handle on your future is to wake up to the fact that you control it now thatwhat you do at work and at play is all part of building your own personal story and that you can startnow to steer your life in the direction you want it to goYou
Frequently Asked Questions Of The Academically Or Intellectually Gifted 2013
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Frequently Asked Questions of the Academically or Intellectually Gifted 2013 Academically or Intellectually Gifted AIG ProgramFrequently Asked QuestionsHow can I tell if my child is bright or giftedhttp www bownet org besgifted brightvs htmWhen is a child eligible for consideration for the AIG ProgramrdJohnston County Schools administers the Cognitive Abilities Test Cogat to screen 3 grade student...
42 Order Form 2010 2011
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42-Order Form 2010-2011.xlsx SOUTHEASTERN CALIFORNIA CONFERENCEFALL 2010 ITBS ITED CogATORDER FORMschoolof Building ID Sheets one per school 1of Grade Class ID Sheets one for each classroom iper grade in grades 3-12Grade 3 Grade 3ITBS MATERIALS LEVEL 9 AWITH WordLEVEL 9 AWITHOUT WordGrade 4LEVEL 10 BGrade 5LEVEL 11 CGrade 6LEVEL 12 DGrade 7LEVEL 13 EGrade 8LEVEL 14 FAnalysis Analysis ListeningLi t...