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Cra Letter Campaign Initiative 2013 English1
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Microsoft Word - CRA Letter Campaign Initiative 2013 english.docx CRA Letter Campaign InitiativeThe Canada Revenue Agency CRA will soon be conducting its fourthannual Letter campaign In January 2013 the Small and MediumEnterprises Directorate of the Compliance Programs Branch will onceagain send educational and intent-to-audit letters to selected groups ofCanadians through the Office Audit Letter ...
Tfg Letter 1
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TfG-ST and Academic Registrar Letters From the Tutor for Graduates and the Academic RegistrarSt Catherine s College Oxford OX UJTelephone 01865 271703Fax 01865 271768Email admissions stcatz ox ac ukJuly 2014Dear FresherGRADUATE STUDENTS MATRICULATING IN OCTOBER 2014We are looking forward to welcoming you to St Catherine s College in October As a new graduatestudent you are cordially invited to att... Letter 1.pdf
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City of New Bedford Official Website -Assessor's Office - Deed Letter City of New BedfordMassachusettsAssessing DepartmentLOCATION MAP LOT Please be advised that this Office has received a copy of the recorded deed on the sale of theproperty listed above To assist the City in keeping its records up to date we are requesting thatyou complete this form and return it to o ur Office within sixty day...
Letter To Usdoj Nonpartisan 2012 02 02 Signed
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City of Kinston Office of the Mayor207 E King Street Kinston NC 28501February 2 2012Thomas E PerezAssistant Attorney GeneralCivil Rights DivisionRoom 7254 - NWBDepartment of Justice950 Pennsylvania Ave N WWashington DC 20530Dear Mr PerezOn February 16 2009 I sent your Office a Letter as a private citizen regarding the change to nonpartisanelections with a plurality-vote requirement The Letter aske...
6315967322ratefirefightingmay2012 A1b
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SCHEDULE “A” Acceptance Letter ONLY FOR OFFICIAL USE1 No contents terms of this rate contract shall be disclosed to any unauthorizedperson persons2 The duly authorized Departments Institutions Bodies can only make thepurchases against this rate contract This contract is neither meant for theuse of private parties nor it can be put into personal use by any GovernmentOfficer3...
Office 2007 Letter
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Redfield Public School through their annual Microsoft software license agreement has decided to add the student Work-at-Home option for Office 2007 Enterprise This optionallows students to have Office 2007 to use at home so they are working with the samesoftware they use at school The school has paid the license fee for everyone but wemust still purchase the media install discs We are offering the... 2007 le...2007 letter.pdf
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FPT 392-0010 1791 95 392-0010 1791 95TEL 0266-56-3743 FAX 0266-58-7843 TEL 0266-58-3091 FAX 0266-58-9931http www fp-tax com http www asakura-Office netinfo fp-tax com info asakura-Office netFPThttp www fp-tax com5 000 1 000FPThttp www fp-tax comFPThttp www fp-tax com11794 500 1 22 8600 3 76 200225 103 460 65 533120 000 320 00042121553 430 53FPThttp www fp-tax com......
O1294 To Epa 8 19 10
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or s Response to EPA ObjectionMinor RevisionPennit Number 01294Lockheed Martin CorporationAir Force Plant 4Fort Worth Tarrant CountyRegulated Entity Number RN100212356Customer Reference Number CN600320055Dear Mr EdlundOn May 21 2010 the U S Environmental Protection Agency EPA Region 6 Office signeda Letter identifying objections to the issuance of the proposed federal operating pennit forthe above
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GOVERNMENT OF ORISSA Office OF THE CHIEF ENGINEERRURAL WORKS BHUBANESWARNo I J -6 -9 L IlRwRd NABARD T 2 97ToThe F A -cum-AddL Secretary to GovernmentRural Development Department BhubaneswarSub Sanction of price escalation on labour for the work Impt to roadTumba Koinpur road 13 80 to 26 00 KM under NABARD AssistanceRIDF-III in the District of Gajapati Nirman Associates Engineers andBuildersRef T...
5 19 Lttr To Roger Epperson
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LAW OFFICES OF McCARTHY KROES125 EAST VICTORIA STREET SUITE A FACSIMILEPATRICK MCCARTHY805 564-8891R CHRIS KROESSANTA BARBARA CALIFORNIA 93101GARY S GRUBACICHMATTHEW F JANOWICZ E- MA 1L law mccarthykroes comWEBSITE www mccarthykroes com80 5 564-2085May 19 2011Roger Epperson SSD6025 -B EdgemoorHouston TX 77081Re Johnson v EppersonDear Mr EppersonPlease be advised that this Office represents Michael...
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to youIf you are registered with Selective Service you must provide a copy of your Selective ServiceNumber to the Student Financial Aid Office This information can be obtained by calling847-688-6888 or vist the website www sss govIf you are exempt from the requirement to register you must provide a copy of the SelectiveService Status Information Letter to the Student Financial Aid Office This lett
20140728170117 7 14
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Extension- I PRASAR BHARATIIndia s Public Service BroadcasterOFFICE OF THE ADG E SOUTH ZONEALL INDIA RADIO DOORDARSHANSWAMY SIVANANDA SALAI CHENNAI - 600 005NO ADG E SZ PUR SATR 20 AIR-IEBR 12014-15 Date 28 07 2014Sub Extension of due date for Supply of 4linesDigital -Phone -in Console-07 Nos -reg Ref Thisoffice enquiry of even No Dated 27 06 2014SirThis has reference to this Office enquiry Letter...
The Philadelphia Experiment Pdf 3661308
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and that the nhc fee scheduleLess the eldridge as vallee s fraud since marshall s gutsy As far george channel s investigativeservice officer asked aboutIt but having been one of the new york I m not have suggested prior to denied this All someby stewart rafill the use large vessels it made It right in solving einstein s attempts to teleporthundreds In the Office of Letter allende claimed to detai
Cacpr 1952
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e Industries Development and Regulation Act 195165 of 1951b Council means the Central Advisory Council constituted under section 5of the Actc Chairman means the Chairman appointed under sub-section 2 ofsection 5 of the Actd Secretary means the officer appointed by the Central government tocarry on the functions of Secretary to the Council3 ChairmanThe Minister of Industry shall be the Chairman of
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Newsletter Vol 2 7
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DIXIE NEWSLETTER.vol.2.issue.7 ery Dixie Centralveryo ne a VW is hi n g E ew Officeo b er N t a ffand S CO SS af e our D DispatchYY e arVolume 2 Issue 7 January-February 2011Service to the FellowshipThis is Volume 2 435 -674-4791 Web www dixieaaoffice orgIssue 7 of the DixieCentral Office News-Letter Your com-Self-Support Where Money and Spirituality MixCont from last months issuements are welcome...
Legacy Brochure
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Legacy Brochure Q How do I make a gift to the legacy fundsA In the same way as any other gift in the offering plate or by mail or delivery to thechurch Office A Letter or other designation of your wishes for the use of the gift will helpin the administration of the giftQ May I make gifts other than cashA Gifts of stock are common and should be made by notifying your broker to transferthe securitie...
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stries123Grand Total 100 01Step Two BGAV FormUse the table on page one to complete the information form below provide by theBaptist General Association of Virginia Note This form is two pages in length Thesecond page offers additional instructions23Step Three Explanation Letter and Check to BGAV1 If you church has changed giving plans you will need to file a Letter ofexplanation with the BGAV Trea
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Extension- II PRASAR BHARATIIndia s Public Service BroadcasterOFFICE OF THE ADG E SOUTH ZONEALL INDIA RADIO DOORDARSHANSWAMY SIVANANDA SALAI CHENNAI - 600 005NO ADG E SZ PUR TVM STENG 48 2014-15 Date 18 9 2014Sub Extension of due date for Supply of Non-Linear Editing System-3 Nos regRef 1 This Office enquiry of even No Dated 26 08 20142 This Office Extension of even No Dated 10 9 2014This has refe...
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55795532HPNALJ5100912.qxd affordable flexibilitydata sheet hp LaserJet 5100 series printers5100 5100tn 5100dtnThe HP LaserJet 5100 printer series is ideal for any Office wanting to add fast wide-formatprinting to its capabilities without sacrificing productivity or print quality HP LaserJetengineering and solid design ensure worry-free printing on a variety of media types and sizesat a reasonable ...
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March 7thfor accreditation renewal4 Serve as the homeroom teacher for des-ignated grade s Students will receive their5 Communicate with parents on the pro- 2nd trimester grades ongress of your studentsFriday March 8th6 Perform other duties as the principalsees fitThe candidate must be a practic-ing Catholic who will model the values andDaylight Saving time begins on Sunday Marchteachings of the C
Southeastern Ohio Physicians Colonoscopy Coverage Form
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Michael D Sarap M D f A C Clark J Leslie M D F ACGENERAL 8 VASCULAR SURGERY100 CLARK COURTCAMBRIDGE OH 43725-961 6740 432-5685 FAX 740 432-3812To Patients of Drs Sarap LeslieRe Insurance Coverage for ColonoscopyThe purpose of this Letter is to help you obtain answers to your insurance questionsregarding coverage of colonoscopies by providing the correct questions to ask whencontacting your insuran... Ohio Physicians Co...verage Form.pdf
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o alleviate problems within the Greek CommunityC NPHC is the governing body of the Divine Nine Greek Letter Organizations Therefore any otherorganization disputes should be handled by other means because they are not a part of the DivineNineD To promote positive inter-Greek relations among IFC PHC and the campus communityARTICLE III - MEMBERSHIPSection 1 CRITERIA FOR ADMISSION INTO THE COUNCILTo b
Diplomate Portfolio
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pies of the completed portfolioretaining one copy for their own files and submitting the other to the ACSDDThe Required Materials Forms and Format for the Certification Portfolio are as FollowsCompleted Cover Page placed inside the plastic view pocket of the binder PDF supplied belowDivider Tab One PROOFS1 Copy ies of Current Dental License s2 Copy of Current Certificate of Liability Insurance3 Si
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En 1356674698
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Case-118 2012 BEFORE THE ELECTRICITY OMBUDSMAN GUJARAT STATEPolytechnic Compound Barrack No 3 AmbawadiAhmedabad-380015CASE NO 118 2012Appellant M s Nirma LimitedNirma House Ashram RoadAhmedabad-380009Represented by Shri D N Soni Sr Elect AdvisorV sRespondent Executive EngineerUttar Gujarat Vij Company LtdDivision Office Arohi ArcadeNear Govt Tubewell BOPALRepresented by Shri H D Rathod EE UGVCL Bo...
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Reply Comments on Promotion of Distance Education Through Digital Technologies Page 1 of 17From Danielle Mihram dmihram usc eduTo disted loc gov disted loc govCc dmihram usc edu dmihram usc eduDate Monday February 22 1999 3 32 PMSubject Promotion of Distance Education through Digital Technologies19 February 1999Dr Sayuri Rajapakse Attorney-AdvisorOffice of Policy and International AffairsU S Copyr...
Rustin Reed Jordan
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STATE OF FLORIDA Office OF FINANCIAL REGULATIONINRE Administrative ProceedingNo Ol08-SR-9 10Rustin Reed JordanRespondent IFINAL ORDERThe State of Florida Office of Financial Regulation Office and Rustin Reed JordanRespondent having entered into the attached Stipulation and Consent AgreementAgreement last dated l resolving and concluding this matter it is thereforeORDERED U lieI The Agreement enter...
Physical Handicapped Srd
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No AIGETOA MH 2013-14 19 Dated 07 01 2014 ToThe CGMT MH CircleBSNL Mumbai MHSubject - Regarding basic pay of JTO recruited under SRD-PWD 2011Respected SirIn reference to the above cited subject it is to bring your kind notice that thebasic pay of JTO recruited under SRD-PWD 2011 has been fixed as Rs 16 400 - in MHCircleSir in a reply to the issues raised by AIGETOA BSNL Corporateoffice vide Letter...
28th Sunday 08
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LiturgyThursday 16th No LiturgyFriday 17th 9 15 am Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion Exposition andMorning PrayerSaturday 18th No Morning Liturgy6 00 pm Twenty-ninth Sunday of Ordinary TimeSunday 19th 10 30 am Twenty-ninth Sunday of Ordinary TimeExposition will begin 30 minutes before the MassRosary and Morning Prayer begin 20 minutes before the MassConfessions Times Saturdays 5 30-5 50 pmTh S...h Sunday 08.pdf