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13 Appendix 1 Revised Provincial Assessment Form
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ALBERTA PROVINCIAL JUDGES'Assessment Form Alberta Judges Handbook 2013-2014 Appendix 1ALBERTA PROVINCIAL JUDGES Assessment FORMPurpose of the AssessmentThe Assessment is designed to be an important and essential tool for both the assessee and the assessor who acts on behalf of theWomen s Judging Committee The Assessment process providesA learning tool and a practical learning experience for furthe... Appendi...ssment form.pdf
Structuring Restorative Nursing Program
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Structuring a Restorative Nursing Program How do you design a Restorative Nursing program that keeps your facility in compliance with Federal lawand ensures successful state surveys A successful Restorative Nursing program requires the integration ofspecialty therapy RNAs and CNAs all working with clear Restorative therapy responsibilitiesThe Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers has sched... Restorative Nursing program.pdf
Risk Assessment Form
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Risk Assessment Form Hardware IP Address Name Device Type Roles Threat Creates Transmits Stores Current Control Impact Risk Level Recommended Control PriorityPage 1 HardwareRisk Assessment Form SoftwareName Roles Threat Create Transmit Stores Current Control Impact Risk Level Recommended Control PriorityPage 1 SoftwareRisk Assessment Form OtherDescription Threat Vulnerability Current Control Impac...
Lifestyle Assessment Form
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Microsoft Word - Lifestyle Assessment Form.doc LIFESTYLE Assessment Form 1NameDate AgePlease answer each of the following questions If you require additional space use the back of the pageIn your own words what do you consider to be healthy foodsWhat health condition would you like addressed Has this condition been diagnosedHow do you think this condition impact your healthOn a scale of 1-5 how co... Assessmen...ssment Form.pdf
54424055 Assessment Form
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055 Assessment Form.xls Assessment FORMName DateDiagnosisAssessment Conditions Observations NotesAlert OrientedOrientationPink Moist DryMucous MembranesDry Moist AbnormalitiesSkin bruises open areas dry areasEven Irregular Labored Non-LaboredBreathingCannula Mask LitersOxygenClear Moist Rales Wheezes RhonchiLung SoundsGreater Less than 3 secondsCapillary RefillTemp Pulse Resp BPVital SignsSoft Fir... Asses...ssment Form.pdf
Equality Impact Assessment Budget 2014 15
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Appendix 3 - Equality Impact Assessment Form (stage 2 & 3) GENERIC EQUALITY IMPACT Assessment TEMPLATEAppendix 3 - Equality Impact Assessment Form stage 2 3Under equality legislation public authorities have legal duties to pay dueregard to the need to eliminate discrimination and promote equality withregard to race disability and gender This remit now extends to 6 otherprotected characteristics in... 2014-15.pdf
General Financial Needs Assessment Form Osotf
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FINANCIAL NEEDS Assessment Form GRADUATE ONTARIO STUDENT OPPORTUNITY TRUST FUNDS OSOTF AWARDSAwards classified as OSOTF awards are restricted to the residents of Ontario who demonstrate financial needaccording to the provincial government s guidelines on OSOTF program For the purpose of OSOTF awards an Ontarioresident is either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada who has an Ontari...
F8 050912 Risk Assessment Form
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Microsoft Word - F8 050912 Risk Assessment Form.doc Activity Risk AssessmentFor further information on risk Assessment please refer to the club policy on risk management and applythe principles of Australian Standard A S 4360Please consider each of the following basic risks in terms of what you propose for your activity and addany that are not listed If the risk applies for your activity place a t... 050912 Risk Asse...ssment Form.pdf
Seqr Short Environmental Assessment Form
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Short Environmental Assessment Form 617 20Appendix BShort Environmental Assessment FormInstructions for CompletingPart 1 - Project Information The applicant or project sponsor is responsible for the completion of Part 1 Responsesbecome part of the application for approval or funding are subject to public review and may be subject to further verificationComplete Part 1 based on information currentl... Files/SEQR - Short environmental...ssment form.pdf
Risk Assessment Form
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Microsoft Word - Risk Assessment Form.doc Risk Assessment FormRisk Assessment for Group Activity Name Risk Assessment Undertaken By NameAddress Review On Date DateSignedActivity AreaDegree Likely Hood ofHazard Action taken to Reduce RiskHigh Med Low Injury H M LSheet Number of ...... Asse...ssment Form.pdf
Confidential Assessment For Graduate Awards Fillable
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Confidential Assessment Form for Graduate AwardsURGENT DEADLINE MATERIALReturn to Student Enrolment ServicesConcordia University College of Alberta7128 Ada Blvd Edmonton AB T5B 4E4Applicants should complete this section before submitting to refereeSurname First and Middle Name sDegree Program Concordia Student IDTo Referee The Graduate Scholarship Committee appreciates the time and effort required...
Melb Communications Order Form
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2 2 Communications ORDER Form 2 2 1 TELEPHONE SERVICESPlease indicate your requirements below and return together with the ExhibitorServices Account Form to fax number 61 3 9235 8121Exhibitor Services Account Form has been attachedOrder cannot be processed without the completed details below and the ExhibitorServices Account FormPlease refer to the service information section below for additional ...
Renal Medicine Assessment Form
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Renal Medicine Assessment Form Renal Medicine Assessment FormPatient Details GP DetailsName DoB NameAddress or practice stampAddressNHS noPostcode Fax numberM FDate of referralHome tel noEthnic originReferral Criteria for CKD- Please tick which applyIf acute renal failure is suspected or serum potassium of 7 0 mmol L phone the on-callRenal Registrar at Southmead Hospital 0117 505050 bleep 9578stag... Form.pdf
Diabetes Mellitus Assessment Form
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Diabetes Assessment Form Name Age Today s Date Date of Birth Email Address Diabetes Assessment FormPrimary Physician Socioeconomic BackgroundEthnicityCaucasian African American Hispanic Native American Asian Middle EasternLanguage preferenceEnglish Other Education completedLess than 8th grade Some high school High school Some college tech College Post collegeEmploymentAre you currently employed ...
29901 382323 Full Environmental Assessment Form
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full environmental Assessment Form 617 20Appendix AState Environmental Quality ReviewFULL ENVIRONMENTAL Assessment FORMPurpose The full EAF is designed to help applicants and agencies determine in an orderly manner whether a project or action maybe significant The question of whether an action may be significant is not always easy to answer Frequently there are aspects ofa project that are subjec...
Risk Assessment Form Web Version
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RECORD OF RISK Assessment RISK Assessment Form Risk Assessment NoReference to SWMS NoList identified hazards and detail measures taken to eliminate minimise the risksSchool UnitFaculty Portfolio School Unit LocationManagerTask procedure Assessed by Date Review DateIdentified Hazards beforeRisk Assessment Risk Controls Residual risk ImplementationcontrolsRisk RiskLikelihood Level Likelihood Control... Assess...web version.pdf
Lift Accessories Lift Measure Risk Assessment Form Base
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Microsoft Word - lift-accessories-lift-measure-risk-Assessment-Form-base.doc RISK Assessment FORMDepartment Exact Location Of The Work Performed Project Work Description Use of Lifting accessories and lift measuring devicesRisk Assessment Team Name s Approved By Supervisor Reporting OfficerName Date SignatureDate ConductedHazard Identification Risk Evaluation Risk Control1a 1b 1c 1d 2a 2b 2c 2d 3a...
Diabetes Facilitator Self Assessment
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Conversation Map Facilitator Self-Assessment Form The following Facilitator Assessment Form will allow you to re ect onyour growth and development as a Conversation Map facilitator1 What went well rating scale1 Needs Improvement 5 Excellenta Appropriate room and table set up 1 2 3 4 5b Appropriate class size 1 2 3 4 5c Parking lot for participants questions and discussion items 1 2 3 4 5d Addition...
Pediatric Cardiac Risk Assessment Form
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Microsoft Word - PEDIATRIC CARDIAC RISK Assessment Form.doc PEDIATRIC CARDIAC RISK Assessment FORMNAME D O B I PATIENT HISTORY QUESTIONSTell me about any of these in your childYes NoHas your child fainted or passed out DURING exercise emotion or startleHas your child fainted or passed out AFTER exerciseHas your child ever had extreme shortness of breath during exerciseHas your child had extreme f...
Form 600 63a Medical Profile Assessment Form
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Georgia State Defense Force Form MEDICAL PROFILE Assessment Form 600-63AWARNING The information contained on this Form is Classified as MEDICAL CONFIDENTIALInappropriate disclosure to unauthorized persons in or outside GaSDF can result in disciplinaryaction up to and including court martial Individual s Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Current Age Last 4 SSN Today s DateGENERALGaS... 600-63A Medical Profile Asses...ssment Form.pdf
Student Mid Term Assessment Form Third Year
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PARISH MENTOR End of Year Evaluation Form Commissioned Lay Ecclesial Ministry CLEM Program ThirdStudent MID-TERM Assessment Form YearStudent NameInterviewerParish MentorSpiritual DirectorInternship SupervisorThe purpose of this Mid-Term Assessment is to assist the group facilitators and program directors to assessthe student s formation experience in the CLEM program in the areas of personal devel... Mid-Term Assessment For... Third Year.pdf
Example Risk Assessment Form
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Example risk Assessment Form.doc Page 1 of 7STUDENT ACTIVITY RISK Assessment RECORDActivity SurfingAssessed by XX XX Trip Organiser Kate Hackett Student Activities Co-ordinatorDate of event From 31 01 2009To 01 02 2009Locations Various Beaches being either great western town end orfistral beachOrganisers ResponsibilitiesAs organisers of surfing trips Staffordshire University Surfing Society have a...
New Patient Asc Admission Assessment Form 2
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Microsoft Word - New Patient ASC Admission Assessment Form ASC ADMISSION ASSESSMENTWelcome to Modern Ambulatory Surgery Center Our staff looks forward to the opportunity to serve as you go through yourprocedures In order to assure a smooth check in process please complete this Form in its entirety and bring with you on the day ofyour procedure Please feel free to contact us should you have any que...
08 2010 Prenatal Risk Assessment Form Final
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Prenatal Risk Assessment Form The earliest possible completion of this Form allows the Managed Care Plans to use their resources to help you and your patient achieve ahealthy pregnancy outcomePlease print or typePatient Member Name Provider Name Expected Date of Delivery EDDmo day yrMember ID Patient Provider Telephone Date of First Prenatal VisitDOBGravida ParaPatient Address Provider Billing Num... Prenatal...Form -Final.pdf
2012 Hke Gsa05 Ieo
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Stock Assessment Form HKE GSA05 Stock Assessment Form version 0 1Assessment Form content for each stock1 Basic Identification Data 22 Stock identification and biological information 32 1 Stock unit 32 2 Growth and maturity 33 Fisheries information 53 1 Description of the fleet 53 2 Historical trends 73 3 Management regulations 83 4 Reference points 84 Fisheries independent information 94 1 BALAR-M...
2012 Pil Gsa16 Cnr Iamc
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Stock Assessment Form Small Pelagics2012A brief abstract may be added hereStock Assessment Form version 0 9Uploader Miguel BernalStock Assessment form1 Basic Identification Data 22 Stock identification and biological information 32 1 Stock unit 32 2 Growth and maturity 33 Fisheries information 53 1 Description of the fleet 53 2 Historical trends 73 3 Management regulations 83 4 Reference points 84...
Scenario Assessment Form Station 4 New
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MRCP UK PACES Examination Scenario Assessment FormStation 4 COMMUNICATION SKILLS ETHICSEach pair of examiners should jointly complete one Scenario Assessment Form per scenario This formshould be returned to the College by the host to enable a bank of high quality scenarios to be developedPLEASE COMPLETE ALL SECTIONS OF THE FORMScenario No Examiner NosHospital Centre NoCountryGood Adequate PoorPlea...
Risk Assessment Form 2012
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FIELD1 RISK Assessment Form PLEASE COMPLETE EACH LINE AS APPROPRIATEEVENT WARE DICKENSIAN EVENING FRIDAY DECEMBER 7th 2012 6 30 pm to 10 00 pmSTALLHOLDER LOCATION TUDOR SQUARE HIGH STREET DRILL HALL delete twoAction to be Yes No orHazard Risk Factor Measures to Control Risk taken by N ApplicableSmall ParaffinLights Medium - Fire Not to be used Organiser Not to be usedStall OwnerElectric Lights Med...
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NLS School Presentation Assessment Form IName of Speaker G- MA Date jO 2 20 2-Name of Assessor usas lf l UC Q J -VV l lWCL Yl -S - School No cl n tbGrade Level 4 No of Students D to School District ti S - DWas the speaker on time Best 9 876 5 432 1 WorstWas the speaker courteous Best G9 876 5 432 1 WorstWas the material presented in a professional manner Best 98 765 432 1 WorstDid the speaker rel...
Review Practice
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Ch 7 Chapter Assessment, Form B Name Class DateChapter Assessment Form BChapter 71 Write an exponential function to model a population of 175 snailsincreasing at an annual rate of 12Identify each function as modeling either exponential growth orexponential decay What is the function s percent increase or decrease2 y 68 1 79 x 3 y 1000 0 72 x 4 y 620 1 34 xGraph each logarithmic functionx5 y 1 10 x... Practice.pd...ew Practice.pdf