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A Secure Constraint-Aware Role-Based Access Control Interoperation FrameworkNathalie Baracaldo Amirreza Masoumzadeh and James JoshiSchool of Information SciencesUniversity of PittsburghEmail nab62 amirreza sis jjoshi sis pitt eduAbstract With the growing needs for and the bene ts of Role Based Access Control RBAC 4 has been shown tosharing resources and information among different organiza- encomp...
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Agency Role-Mapping Info Session Bulkload LiaisonWorkshopNovember 29 2011Statewide Financial SystemRevision HistoryRevision Date Update Comments11 29 2011 Original Documentation and Presentation12 30 2011 Added PO Scenario 131 13 2012 Added additional M131 Vendor Usage Slides2AgendaBulkload Overview RefresherSupport ScenariosVendorsContractsPurchase Orders POsVouchersResourcesNext StepsQuestions A...
Kaltura Video Package V4 For Moodle V2 5 2 7 Setup Guide
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entry 13Imageentry 13Videopresentations 13Authoring Methods 14Media Upload 14Webcam Recording 14Video Presentations 14Screen Recording 14Captions 15Thumbnails 15Metadata 15Customdata 16Content Publishing 16Channelmoderation 16Comments 17Video Embeds 17Embed 17Browseandembed 18Introduction to Role Mapping 19Assign a Moodle Course-level Role 19Moodle Sends the Corresponding LIS Role to Kaltura 20KAF
Fmsca Alcohol 2003
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ol Misuse Prevention Controlled Substances 5D Background 6E Policy 7F Preemption Provisions 7G Definitions 8H Company Responsibilities 12I Background Check Procedures 14J DOT Testing versus Non-DOT Testing Provisions 15K Company s Use of Consent Form 15II ROLES RESPONSIBILITIES OF SERVICE AGENTSA Company s Use of Service Agent for DOT Drug Alcohol Testing Requirements 16B Company s Responsibility A...lcohol 2003.pdf
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Jurisdication Report - Western Australia - Annex Three Annex 34 Management and Monitoring MechanismsOutcomes 4 1 roles and Responsibilities of Governments 4 2 Planning and Assessment 4 3 4 4 Communication and capacity 4 5 Incentives 4 6 Regulatory mechanisms 4 7 M Eand Community Formal buildingReserve4 1 1 4 1 2 4 1 3 4 1 4 4 2 1 4 2 2 4 2 3 4 4 1 4 4 2 4 4 3 4 5 1 4 5 2 4 5 3 4 5 4 4 5 5 4 6 1 4 ...
Gbrbac Collcom
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formation and Software Engineering George Mason University Fairfax Virginia 22030 USAEmail xzhang6 gmu eduDepartment of Computer Science Tsinghua University Beijing 100084 ChinaEmail xmw csnet1 cs tsinghua edu cnAbstract With the increasing accessibility of information policies user-speci c separation of duty SoD violation Role-and data Role-Based Access Control RBAC has become a speci c SoD viola
Iseries Icms Speakerbus Datasheet
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allenging tasks Live updates ensurea powerful and sophisticated management portal that is automatic synchronisation between iCS endpoints andtightly integrated with your collaborative communication iCMS is maintained whilst preventing service interruptionassets Speakerbus iCMS management suite simplifies the during operational hours Devices can auto announceprocess of configuring and deploying glo
1z0 599
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JavaEE applications use the same security rolesWhat is your recommendation for an architecture with those requirementA Combine all applications into a single oneB Define global roles on the WebLogic Domain levelC Use Ms Active Directory to keep the roles thereD Use Oracle Identity and Access Management solution to simplify the managementE Keep Role Mapping in the external WebLogic Role Mapped dev
Srds2007 Peacevo
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d and trustsecure policy-enabled collaboration framework for federation based The former category introduces a newvirtual organizations PEACE-VO employs Role Mapping centralized authority which assigns new identities orto define trust relationships across autonomous domains attributes to users or services in a virtual organizationNevertheless a critical issue emerges when the system The latter cat
Sfs Sfs002 Administrative Roles
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Clearworks Process Mapping
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Clearworks Process Mapping - 1 ProcessReady ProcessImproveOn-Site Process Mapping WorkshopsClearworks delivers on-site process Mapping workshops to helpcompanies develop the processes and infrastructure required tosupport product launches and product lifecyclesWondering whether your company is readyto support your new productAre your customers satisfied with thecurrent level of support you provide... Proc...ess Mapping.pdf
Corbett Menzies Hayward Porphry Mapping Orange Nsw 2015
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Porphry Mapping course CORBETT AND MENZIES CONSULTING Pty LtdAn introduction to porphyry Cu-Au explorationOrange DistrictThis course will provide field-based training to allow the participant to begin exploration forporphyry Cu-Au deposits It will be run in the Orange area NSW Mapping field exposures and drillcore from the Cargo and Copper Hill exploration projects and drill core from t... Porphry Mapping Or...ge_NSW_2015.pdf
Sap Ess Mss Implementation To Empower Employees Of A Leading Industrial Manufacturer
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Microsoft Word - Sap ESS & MSS Implementation to Empower Employees of a Leading Industrial Manufacturer Sap ESS MSS Implementation to Empower Employees of a LeadingIndustrial ManufacturerAbout ClientThe client is a leading industrial organization and its business focusincludes high quality pipe manufacturing advanced pipe technologiesand water management services The client caters to municipalindu...
Fisher 1996
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Structural Limits on Verb Mapping: The Role of Analogy in Children's Interpretations of Sentences COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY 31 41 81 1996ARTICLE NO 0012Structural Limits on Verb Mapping The Role of Analogyin Children s Interpretations of SentencesCYNTHIA FISHERUniversity of IllinoisThe structure of sentences in which a verb is used can provide hints about itsmeaning Landau Gleitman 1985 One possible vi...
Sap Ac En
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Kaba Sap Access Control Version 2.0 P R O D U C T FA C T S H E E TKaba Sap Access Control Your Benefits at a GlanceVersion 2 0 Apply and administrate accessauthorizations exclusively anddirectly in Sap ERPOffline Access Control with Convenient The terminals are grouped Assign multiple access profiles forB-COMM ERP 4 and Sap ERP into zones as a first step and then com- each staff master record in S...
Mapping Vegetation Cover In Mountainous Area With Linear Mixture Modelling Of Ikonos Satellite Image A Case Study In Pangalengan West Java Indonesia
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Mapping Vegetation Cover in Mountainous Area with Linear Mixture Modeling of Ikonos Satellite Image: a Case Study in Pangalengan, West Java, Indonesia Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropika Vol XII No 2 36-43 2006 Artikel ArticleMAPPING VEGETATION COVER IN MOUNTAINOUS AREAWITH LINEAR MIXTURE MODELING OF IKONOS SATELLITEIMAGE A case study in Pangalengan West Java IndonesiaPemetaan tutupan vegetasi di area ...
Mapping The Australian Political Blogosphere
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Mapping the Australian Political Blogosphere Mapping the Australian Political BlogosphereAxel Bruns and Debra AdamsCreative Industries FacultyQueensland University of TechnologyBrisbane Australiaa bruns qut edu au da adams qut edu auThe Role of blogs and bloggers in the political process has received a great deal of attention inrecent years perhaps especially so in the context of the rise and fall... the Australian Political Blogo...Blogosphere.pdf
Services Sap Netweaver Factsheet
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Services-Sap NetWeaver-factsheet fact sheet Sap NetWeaver ServicesFact sheetSAP NetWeaver ServicesSAP NetWeaver brings the whole Sap Picture into FocusConsidering that Sap NetWeaver is the underlying platform for allCapitalize on existing IT assets by re-using existing functionalityBusiness Suite Applications ERP CRM SCM PLM SRM and utilizing capabilities of the NetWeaver platformthat it provides ...
Sap Training Support Consultant
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Job Title Sap Support Training Consultant Location Pittsburgh PA USAFebruary 2013Position OverviewThis is a new Role in a young and fast growing software company Working closely within a global teamthis Role involves providing support and analyzing support issues related to the software developed andsold by Excel4apps The Role will initially be providing first line support and investigating possib...
Infodesign Ez Legacy
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EZ Legacy and InfoDesign partner to provide EZ Source Enterprise Application Mapping in GermanyGreat Missenden UK 27th September 2007EZ Legacy the leading Enterprise Application Mapping products company announces a distributionpartnership with InfoDesign the expertise company for DB2 to improve the provision of technology toaddress Application Management challenges in GermanyThe diverse Enterprise... Legacy.pdf
0002592 Environment Remote Sensing For Desertification Mapping Case Study Of Vietnam
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Remote sensing for desertification Mapping a case study in the coastal area of VietnamHoang Viet Anh Meredith Williams David ManningSchool of Civil Engineering and GeosciencesUniversity of Newcastle upon Tyne UKHoangvietanh gmail comAbstract A desertification Mapping approach is developed using MODIS ASTER and ENVISAT ASAR products Vegetationdensity and thermal properties were extracted from MODIS...
Sap Hr 2006
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Sap HR Outline 2006.PDF COURSE OUTLINE T ECHNICAL PROGRAMMING SERIESSAP Human Resources ModuleDuration up to 2 days depending on contentPlease note thatOverviewthis outline is only Sap is one of the world s largest and most powerful softwareintended as a guide products It enables businesses of all sizes to control almost anyand that any event aspect of their operations from stock control to human ...
Sap Apj Bp Study 2006 Cs En
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Sap Business All-in-One Sap Best Practices Survey 2006Asia Pacific JapanChris Schuler Julianne TosaSAP Asia SingaporeObjectives of Survey StudySurvey DetailsSurvey ResultsMethodology and evaluation procedureQuestionnaire leveraging on 2004 2005 study with subsequent telephoneinterviewsPurpose evaluate the impact of Sap Business All-in-One Sap BestPractices on sales and implementation project as we...
Using Gis And Sap
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GIS Best Practices - Using GIS and Sap GIS Best PracticesUsing GIS and SAPJune 2007Table of ContentsWhat Is GIS 1Using GIS and Sap 3SAP and ESRI Collaborate on Enterprise Services 5Cape Town s Emphasis on Systems IntegrationExemplifies Smart City Goals 13Enterprise Resource Implementation ThroughESRI GIS and Sap ERP 19Denmark s Largest Electricity CompanyImplements Enterprise GIS 25GIS and Beyond ...
Workshop Sap Grc Ac 18 06 09 Teorie
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Workshop Sap GRC AC 18-06-09teorie Workshop Sap GRC AC - 18 6 2009P edstaven Sap GRC Access ControlJosef Pi os CONSIT s r oP edstaven Sap GRC Access ControlAplikace Sap GRC AC se obsluhuje v prost ed Sap Port lTechnicky se jedn o samostatn instalovan NetWeaver 2004sGRC AC s propojen m na ostatn syst my Sap ERP 4 6 6 0mo no i ORACLE PeoplesoftSAP GRC AC obsahuje ty i hlavn komponentyAnal za a elimi...
200 Nicolau Community Asset Mapping As A Tool To Achieve Roots Driven Change In The Rural Communities Of The Bojanala Region
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Community asset Mapping as a tool to achieve roots driven change in the rural communities of the Bojanala Region North WestProvince South AfricaMelanie Nicolau University of South Africa South Africa email nicolmd unisa ac zaWORKING PAPER AND MAY NOT BE CITEDKeywords community asset Mapping social change entrepreneurship and livelihoodstrategies roots driven change MDGsAbstract At the United Natio... asset map...nala region.pdf
Insight Into The Genetic Components Of Community Genetics Qtl Mapping Of Insect Association In A Fast Growing Forest Tree
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pone.0079925 1..11 Insight into the Genetic Components of CommunityGenetics QTL Mapping of Insect Association in a Fast-Growing Forest TreeJennifer DeWoody1 4 Maud Viger1 Ferenc Lakatos2 Katalin Tuba2 Gail Taylor1 Marinus J M Smulders31 Centre for Biological Sciences Life Sciences University of Southampton Southampton United Kingdom 2 Institute of Silviculture and Forest Protection University ofWe... into the Genetic C...Forest Tree.pdf
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Mapping Easily overlay data on a dynamic map with no need to understand latitude and longitude or find yourown map images When you connect to a data source Tableau automatically identifies fields that areappropriate for Mapping such as state area code and zip code You can then use these geographic fieldsto start analyzing your data on a map1 Assign Geographic Roles 2 Select your Geographic FieldsT...
Business Processes Mapping
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Business processes - Mapping.ppt Elsmar comCayman Business Systems USA Printed 2 21 10 2 52 PM513 341-6272 - Elsmar com - The Cove Process Mapping Basics Page 1Elsmar comCayman Business Systems USA Printed 2 21 10 2 52 PM513 341-6272 - Elsmar com - The Cove Process Mapping Basics Page 2On the highest level you can look at your company in terms of how it fits into a tradescheme Your company is a pa... processe...s - Mapping.pdf
The Role Of The Board And Executive Team In Leading Quality Ross Baker Professor Department Of Health Policy Manager And Education University Of Toronto
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Microsoft PowerPoint - 2011.06.24 Role of Executive team and BoardFinal2.pptx 27 06 2011THE Role OF THE BOARD ANDEXECUTIVE TEAM IN LEADINGQUALITYG Ross Baker Ph DDepartment of Health Policy Management andEvaluation and Centre for Patient SafetyUniversity of TorontoJune 25 2011SESSION GOALS1 Identify the importance of quality strategiesand plans for health care regions andorganizations2 Distinguish...