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Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, or Personification Worksheet Name Date Simile Metaphor Hyperbole or Personification WorksheetDirections Label Simile Metaphor hyperbolepersonification ExplainExample The baby cow was as big as a househyperbole Exaggeration as big as a house 1 Her smile was as sweet as sunshine on a rainy day 2 The raindrops danced along the window pane 3 The woman gave a huge donation...
Figurative Language Worksheet 05
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Microsoft Word - figurative-language-worksheet-05.rtf Name Figurative Language Worksheet 5Directions Read the lines of poetry Slashes represent line breaks Figure out which technique isbeing used Simile Metaphor hyperbole or Personification In the boxes explain how you figured outyour answer It is possible that more than one technique is being used If you can explain each1 All books are either dre...
Grade 6 4a Etapa
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noGEOGRAFIAClima-Diferen a de tempo e clima-Os elementos e os fatores que modificam o clima-A a o humana na modifica o do clima terrestre-Os diferentes tipos de clima da Terra e suas caracter sticasVegeta o-Os diferentes biomas da Terra caracter sticas e as consequ ncias da a o humana na TerraSCIENCE-The beginning of the universe-Galaxies stars planets moons-Asteroids comets meteors meteoroids metªEtapa.pdf
English Ap Lit Summer2011
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ch you should already be familiar Review the list carefully to make sure youunderstand all of them If you come across terms that are unfamiliar or unclear to youyou will need to do some research to gain an understanding of them You are expected tobe able to recognize and use all terms on this list in discussion of the literature we willread during the course Be ready to be TESTED on these terms as
J7 2 021
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chosen by purposive sampling technique at Chum Chon Ban Sang Kho School Ph-uphan district Sakon Nakhon province under the Office of Sakon Nakhon Primary Educational Service Area1 in the first semester of the academic year 2012 The research tools consisted of 1 five sets of a KhlongSi Suparb composition instructional package for 9thgrade students using Kagan s approach to cooperativelearning techn
Poetry Terms
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of verses orlines and a consistent rhyme schemeCouplet a two line stanzaQuatrain a three line stanzaSestet a six line stanzaOctave an eight line stanzaTypes of Poems though not all poems fit into these categories and there are many othersBallad a narrative poem that is meant to be sungConcrete poem - poetry that draws much of its power from the way the text appears situated onthe page The actual Terms.pdf
5th Grade Ela I Can Statements In New Format
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y listing organizing and restating the main ideas of a story 1 2RL 5 2 3 Find details in a text that show me the theme 1 2 3 4RL 5 2 4 Explain how characters react to a problem 1 2 3 4RL 5 2 5 Identify the speaker in a poem 1 2 3RL 5 2 6 Discuss the speaker of the poem s thoughts 1 2 3RL 5 3 Compare and contrast two or more characters settings or events in a story or drama drawing on specific deta
Omam Test Review Sheet
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scription the character s actions or what other characters say about themPart II Matching characters to descriptions refer to character chart from classPart III Matching figurative language refer to notes from classUnderstand Simile Metaphor Personification hyperbole Onomatopoeia imageryforeshadowingPart IV Matching important settings understand from context refer to notesSoledad Weed barn bunk ho Test R...eview Sheet.pdf
Y6 Autumn
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techniquesPoetic imagery to read and create imagery including Simile Metaphor alliteration Personification andonomatopoeiaShared group and guided reading Deductive inferential and evaluative comprehensionGrammar word work and spelling strategiesExam practice for Common EntranceDrama games to build confidence trust and teamwork skillsMATHSNumber Place value ordering and rounding rapid recall of x a
6 8 R Worksheets
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V 6 Reading WorksheetName Date 90V 6 1 2 Distinguish and interpret figurative language and multiple-meaning wordsForm AFigurative language is the imaginative creative use of words that allows the reader to seesomething in a new way Common forms of figurative language are similes metaphorspersonification and vivid imagery In the following poem look carefully for figurative languageWinter DarkLill... Worksheets.pdf
Oct 4thgrade Book Report
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cks sticks etc This is a great project for talking with your child about character traits and how differentcharacters in stories exhibit a multitude of traits Have fun creating your character puppet this monthTo MEET expectations for the October book report students must demonstrate all of the following criteriaduring book IN CLASS presentations I suggest students practice their presentations at h
Poetry Analysis Worksheet 2 2b44eej
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f this poem You will use terms like internal rhyme approximaterhyme rhyme scheme couplet alliteration assonance and Onomatopoeia Find twospecific lines or elements of the poem to discuss List them and then explain what youthink they mean1 ExampleSound DeviceExplanationName Period2 ExampleSound DeviceExplanationPoetic DevicesFind at least two figurative devices and explain what they mean You are lo
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basic events of the plot throughout the storyBe able to characterize Lennie George Curley s wife Candy Slim Carlson and CrooksBe able to identify examples of Simile Metaphor imagery Personification irony and foreshadowing from the textBe able to recall how the migrant workers are treated by othersBe able to describe George and Lennie s relationshipBe able to recall people s suspicions and reactio
Social Studies November 5th
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le-meaning words and phrasesbased on grade 5 reading and content choosing flexibility from a range of strategiesELACC5RL4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text including figurativelanguage such as metaphors and similesSS5H3d Describe the reasons people emigrated to the United States from where they emigrated andwhere they settledEnduring Language has the power to te 5th.pdf
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Creating Dynamic Student Response Journals Through Thoughtful Media-BasedPromptsBy Tiffani Brown- Rio Seco School grades 7 8Feb 2010Sunday November 4 12Used in grades 7 8Please adapt to your comfort level lots of variations possibleDaily Journals BLOG topicEase students into what they should writeIdeal for practice in identifying Simile Metaphor idiom hyperboleAuthor s Message Point-of View etcA c...
Guidelines Writers
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those for spelling punctuation grammar paragraphing consistencyof verb tenses etc Insufficient proofreading or editing often detracts from the creative core ideasof an otherwise exceptional piece of writing Dialogue among story characters requires specialattention Standard writing conventions help the reader to understand the ideas in the story4 Put your poem or story aside for a few days after w
5th Grade Pacing Guide And Resource Supplement May 2010
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historical documents informational trade bookstextbooks news and feature articles magazine articles advertisements encyclopedia entries reviews for example bookmovie product journals and speechesAlso directions maps time lines graphs tables charts schedules recipes and photos embedded in informational textsNonprint informational texts they examine commercials documentariesThe teacher should conti Grade P...nt May-2010.pdf
Lit Summer Assignment
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the ideas arranged in the poem Cause effectgeneral to specific main idea with examples etco What is the author s attitude toward the subject matterDoes the author s attitude differ from the speaker sattitude How and how can you detect the differenceo What seems to be the central message concerns issuestheme of the poemo Note and discuss particularly effective uses of thefollowing diction images si
Flush Review For Chapter 1 7
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Flush Review for Chapter 1-7 Flush Review for Chapter 1-7 Test1 What point of view does the author use in telling the story of Flush 2 What is the setting time and place for this novel 3 Where is Noah s father during the first chapters of the novel 4 Know the following definitionsmetaphor a comparison between two unlike things without using like or as It says onething is anothersimile makes a comp...
Figurative Language Lesson1
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February 12 2010 Title Figurative LanguageGrade SixthVocabulary Simile Metaphor alliterationpersonification onomatopoeiahyperboleFebruary 12 2010Figurative language adds comparison emphasis clarity or freshness to writingSIMILE The tree was as tall as a skyscraperEFFECT ALLITERATION Polly picked a penny from the pouchEFFECT Personification The chair screeched along the floorEFFECT February 12 2010...
Poetryunit3 002
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resent information using appropriate deliveryLanguage Understand and apply correct usage of formal English language when writing and or speakingAnalyze meanings of words and phrases for comprehension and expressionWhat do I Want Students to Knowpoetry quote muse fact fiction unique summarizelines stanza rhyme rhyme scheme rhythm free versecouplet quatrain Simile Metaphor connotation limerickhaiku
7th Lesson 17
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emphasize his theme such assymbol allusion Simile Metaphor hyperbole orironySome simple examples of common themes fromliterature TV and film are- Things are not always as they appear to be- Love is blind- Believe in yourself- People are afraid of change- Don t judge a book by its cover...
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difficulty form 4 1 4 d Reading Fluencyand styleApply knowledge of word structure elements known words and 4 1 5 a Reading Vocabularyword patterns to determine meaning e g parts of speech pluralspossessives suffixes prefixes base and root wordsRelate new grade-level vocabulary to prior knowledge and use in new 4 1 5 b Reading VocabularysituationsApply context clues e g word phrase sentences and p
Hm Newsletter 032213
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how sound travels through various formsSEE MCAS DATES BELOWth of matterFriday April 5 Early Release 1 15 p mProfessional Development Language Arts Students have been enjoyinglearning the elements of poetry rhyme rhythmHOWE-MANNING BLOG Please visit repeated words lines or stanzas and figurativewww howemanning blogspot com and take a look at language as well as the elements of dramas actsthe Howe-M
5 Ela
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Essential Learning Outcomes English Language ArtsFifth GradeELO 1 Students will interpret the meaning of words and phrases in textUse phonics word analysis skillso letter-sound correspondenceso syllable patternso roots prefixes and suffixesUse vocabulary strategieso context clueso multiple meaning wordso synonyms antonymso figurative language Simile Metaphor common idioms adages proverbsELO 2 Stud... ELA/...s ELA/5 ELA.pdf
Grade 9 Examstudy Keys3
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b Poetryi Types of Poetry Acrostic Ballad Concrete Limerick AlphabetHaiku Diamanteii Terminology Denotation and Connotation Metaphor SimileOnomatopoeia Oxymoron Personification Rhyme SchemeRepetition Alliteration Assonanceiii William Blake The Fly The Chimney Sweeperc Catcher in the Ryei Charactersii Themes Ideasiii Historical Connectionsd Shakespearei Life and Times Historical Connectionsii Sonne
Higher English Terminology List1
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ll find a definitionFollowed by an exampleSome examples are followed by a brief commentary or explanationINDEX OF ALL TERMINOLOGYBy Technique1 Word Techniques1 1 Word Choice1 2 Emotive Language1 3 Portmanteau Words Neologisms1 4 Jargon1 5 Dialect1 6 Colloquial Language1 7 Incongruity2 Imagery Techniques2 1 Simile2 2 Metaphor2 3 Personification2 4 Extended Metaphor3 Sentence Structure Techniques3 1
Figurative Language Pdf
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2 Metaphor Relating one idea with another sometimes using the words is or wasExamples a Her smile was sunshine on a cloudy day1233 Simile A comparison of one thing with another using the words like or as to show the relationshipExamples b He was as cool as a cucumber4564 Alliteration Repetition of a consonant sound in a line or phraseExamples c Sally sells sea shells at the sea shore785 Personific
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ry - use of words that appeal to the senses so that reader can share author s mentalvision experienceo Metaphor - comparison of 2 dissimilar things a web of lieso Simile - comparison of 2 dissimilar things using like as or as if sea as flat as a mirroro Personification - comparison of nonhuman thing to a human by giving the thing human traits orabilities the sea licked greedy lips8 setting - time
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Metaphor or Simile: Why Not Simplify Our Language and Eliminate One The Role of Similarity and Familiarity in the Metaphor and SimilePreferenceKi-Soo KimSemyung UniversityChiappe and Kennedy 1999 2000 2001 claimed that as the similarity increases peopletend to prefer the Metaphor form and that similarity is a more important factor thanfamiliarity To test their claims this present paper offers thre...