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Nombre Fecha 1 Exit Tickets 3 2 La tabla a la derecha muestra las veces que 5 estudiantes salieron a Maya 16 segundoshacer 15 saltos Riley 15 segundosJake 14 segundosa Qui n termin sus saltos m s r pido Nicholas 15 segundosAdeline 17 segundosb Qui nes terminaron sus saltos al mismo tiempoc Cu ntos segundos m s r pido termin Jake que Adeline2 3 2La recta num rica muestra la clase de matem ticas de ...
2 3 Exittickets Sp
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Nombre Fecha 1 Exit Tickets 2 3 1 Traza l neas para enlazar las dos columnas de manera que todos los enunciados seanverdaderos10 decenas Mil 100010 centenas Diez 1010 unidades Cien 1002 Traza un c rculo alrededor de la unidad mayor Encierra en una cuadr cula la unidad menor4 decenas 2 centenas 9 unidades2 decenas 7 unidades 6 centenas3 Dibuja un modelo de cada n mero y anota el n mero en el modelo...
Exit Tickets
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Exit ticket Exit ticket Exit ticketTre saker jag l rt mig idag Tre saker jag l rt mig idagN got jag inte riktigt l rt mig N got jag inte riktigt l rt migN got som inte var med som jag N got som inte var med som jagnskar att jag l rt mig nskar att jag l rt migExit ticket Exit ticket l rareTre saker jag l rt mig idag Tv konkreta saker som var braN got jag inte riktigt l rt mig N got konkret eller ge...
Yourre The Teacher Assignment
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Microsoft Word - Your're the Teacher Assignment.doc You re the TeacherSocial Studies 8Student Name To know how to compare Middle Age culture to our current society weneed some background knowledge about the daily life of Europeans during theHigh Middle Ages 1000-1300 C EIn groups of 4-5 you will create a 30-minute lesson based on one of the6 topics below As the teachers of the class you are respon...
Team Ball Pass
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Teachers TeachersAs always remember to review with your students theimportance ofBeing SafeBeing RespectfulBeing ResponsibleThese ideas are especially important when participating inAdventure through Connections activitiesAdventure through Connections Health PE ActivityTitle Skill Team Ball PassConnection Goal Communication Behavior TeamworkGrade Level 9-12Month Adventure ConnectionsTime Needed 20...
Lesson Plan 5 3 A
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Microsoft Word - Lesson Plan 5.3.A.doc Lesson Plan TemplateContent Area 5 3 A Life Science Organization and DevelopmentLesson Title The Journey of Krumb Timeframe 6 daysLesson Components21st Century ThemesGlobal Awareness Financial Economic Civic Literacy Health LiteracyBusiness andEntrepreneurialLiteracy21st Century SkillsCreativity and Critical Thinking and Communicatio InformationInnovation Pro... Plan 5.3.A.pdf
Ficker Wp 13 14 May4
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Lesli Ficker Elementary Math Work Plan 2013-2014 School YearWork plan tasks and goals are set as a result of customer need They are based on the standards adopted by the state and School BoardThese standards are defined aligned and organized to assist Teacher proving instruction to studentsDesign Customer Need Design Input 7 3 2 Task Goal Title Short Description of Task Goal Strategic PlanWhat spa...
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SOME Exit Tickets FULL PAGE Nombre Fecha 1 1 1 Exit TicketsHaz un esquema de relaci n num rica para representar las im genes que muestren 5 como parteintegral de un conjunto1 1 2Traza un c rculo alrededor de 2 partes que queden claramente divididas Haz un diagrama de relaci nnum rica que refleje esas dos partesThis work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3 0 U...
Delvecchio Francine L 201108 Med
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(TITLE OF THE THESIS)* STUDENTS USE OF METACOGNITIVE SKILLS WHILE PROBLEM SOLVING IN HIGHSCHOOL CHEMISTRYbyFrancine DelvecchioA thesis submitted to the Faculty of EducationIn conformity with the requirements forthe degree of Master of EducationQueen s UniversityKingston Ontario CanadaAugust 2011Copyright Francine Delvecchio 2011ABSTRACTThe purpose of this study was to investigate how purposeful me...
Personnel Scenarios
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service to the district Since theleave was denied based on previous records of attendance I would make sure that there is documentedevidence of unsatisfactory attendance in the aides evaluation Otherwise they would have to grant theleaveScenario 2 A Teacher took an LCD projector home from school to use For a church group meeting at herhomePolicy Title General Personnel Use of School EquipmentPoli
Cheatsheet What Data To Use
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Will working on this data be useful For me and my students in the time frame I have towork with itWhat dataBefore you choose data to work with considershould I use when you will need to act on the dataCheck out these tips For If the cycle of inquiry will require extra timechoosing a good set of data to because the data is complicated or the patternuse For a cycle of inquiry of need is likely to be...
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Shine Bar- run Lighted arenaQuallly lr tallatlon BOULDER CONCRETE Free estimates we loadunload rental trucks any-tate Lot 59 with lake view89 500 OBO 1988 gains galore SewingTl E Black with white andtan markings looks like feed with your hay SKItchtnt Bathi Floora WANTS TO MEET YOUR CONCRETE NEEDS For ALL MASONRY machine 2 travel trail- mini Collie 22 pounds mo 565-7693 HOPatios ComplM Bar-B-Oun t
Lop Flyer
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Friends of Madi Pasta Dinner FundraiserPlease join us For a fun-filled event tohelp our friend MadisonEVENT SPONSORED BYMiddle School North PTAWhen WednesdayMarch 21st5 00-8 00 PMWhere Middle School North Cafeteria501 Squankum-Yellowbrook RdFarmingdale NJPrice 10 00 per personEvents 50 50 cupcake sales wristbandsWhy Madison Beggs is a 6th grade student at Middle School North strivingto beat brain ...
Do Now Ent 02 18
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Name Do Nows Exit Tickets February 11th February 15thMonday - Do Now Tuesday - Do Now Wednesday - Do Now Thursday - Do Now Friday - Do NowCalculate economics of 1 unitOFF Average size lawn takes 2 Is it important For an Calculate the annual profit If you owned a businesshours and is about 1 2 an entrepreneur to know or loss For a business that would you want to knowacre basic accounting Has a sell...
Teach Admin Console User Guide V7ms26 31 Aug 2014
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Time To Know Teach Administration Console Version 7 User Guide User GuideAdministration Console Version 7DIGITAL TEACHING PLATFORM AUGUST 31 2014This document and the information set forth herein are the property of Time to Know Limited and are to be held in confidence Publicationduplication disclosure or any other use without Time to Know Limited s prior written consent is prohibitedCopyright 201...
Second Grade Math
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Jones County School District Assessment Blueprint 2013-2014Grade Subject Level 2nd Grade MathTeam Members Creating Summative District Benchmark TestsStandard Formative Sample Test ItemWeeks Reading Literature SummativeReading Info or Both Formative type Summative type Use Stem Questions toWriting assessment Multiple Choice MC increase rigor For itemsLanguage i e windshield check Constructed Respon... Core Standards/A... Grade Math.pdf
12c Energy Flow Lesson Plan 20hizsb
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d in food chains food webs and food pyramids o Food webso Food pyramids12 E 12 ELiving things rely on the carbon and nitrogen cycles For the Describe the flow of matter in the cycles and their role innutrients they need For survival maintaining balance in the ecosystemThe carbon and nitrogen cycles have biotic living and Explain the effects of changes in the cycles caused by eitherabiotic nonlivin
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EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ConceptualEvaluative CommunicativeStrategicGraduate Education Handbook2014-2015Updated 01 12 2013University of the CumberlandsTable of ContentsIntroduction 4Welcome 7Program Candidate Assessment 10Field Experience 10Program Checklists 20Master of Arts in Education Checklist 22Educational Specialist Degree Ed S Checklist 25Master of Arts in Education Teacher Leader Checklist Er...
Purposeful Writing
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Microsoft Word - PurposefulWriting.docx Prepared by Professor of English John Gage jgage uoregon edufor Student Writing in the Disciplines A Workshop For FacultyMarch 19 2013Purposeful WritingSourcesUniversity of Richmond Writing Center http writing2 richmond edu wacWAC Clearinghouse at Colorado State University http wac colostateJohn C Bean Engaging Ideas The Professor s Guide to Integrating Writ...
Concept Map
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Project rubric Name Tracy LangGrade target ThirdSubject Social StudiesUnit The Three Branches of the United States Government1st What should students know and be able to doStandard BenchmarkGovernment CivicUnderstandingsSS3CG1 The student will explain the importance of the basic principles that providethe foundation of a republican form of governmenta Explain why in the United States there is a se...
Speech Syllabus
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Microsoft Word - Speech Syllabus.docx Mr TinsleySpeech ClassWelcome to Speech Class Did you know that one of the most common fears among humanbeings is public speaking My hope For this class is to alleviate those fears With an emphasis onthe skills required in speaking before others in all varieties I am confident that you will leavethis class an improved public speakerHere is a list and explanati...
Pg13 Fashion Show Invitation
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Microsoft Word - pg13 fashion show invitation-draft.docx Project Graduation2013Fashion ShowSunday April 21 st 201312 00 p mSheraton Crossroads MahwahIllustration by Shelby BourkePlease join us For an afternoonwith our seniors inVintage HollywoodProject Graduation 2013 Fashion ShowSunday April 21 2013Sheraton CrossroadsRoute 17 North Mahwah12 00 pm Refreshments and Gift Preview1 00 pm Lunch2 00 pm ...
0213 Universal Data Element Completeness Entry Exit Workflows V11 05 31 User Manual
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Microsoft Word - 0213 - Universal Data Element Completeness - Entry Exit Workflows - v11.05.31 USER MANUAL.docx ART Gallery Report 0213Universal Data Element CompletenessHMIS Data QualityVersion Based on Program Entries and ExitsEXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis ART report is designed to assist administrators in monitoring data quality and identifyingclients with null values in one or more of the eleven asses... MANUAL.pdf
Grade 4 Rmme Unit Teacher Guide August 2010
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Teacher Guide - Grade 4 RMME 2010 GRADE 4Rocks MineralsMaterials EngineeringTEACHER S GUIDEHarford County Public Schools102 South Hickory AvenueBel Air MD 21014Revised September 20109 30 10Science Rocks Minerals Materials Engineering Grade 4RMME Teacher - 2Science Rocks Minerals Materials Engineering Grade 4Unit DescriptionThe Rocks Minerals Materials Engineering RMME unit consisting of twelve act...
Math Teacherguide08
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Math Teacher Guide - California High School Exit Examination (CA Dept of Education) MathematicsTeacher GuideCalifornia High SchoolExit ExaminationCalifornia Department of Education 2008California High School Exit Examination Mathematics Teacher Guide2008 California Department of Education CDEPermission is granted in advance For reproduction of this document For educational purposes The contentmust...
Teacher Exhibition Form 2012
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Microsoft Word - Teacher Exhibition form 2012 6th Annual Area High School Art Teachers Exhibitionin The CommonsThe Phipps Center For the Arts April 14 May 6 2012Guidelines and Entry FormGuidelines For Submissions- All high school art teachers in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin who have student sparticipating in the concurrent Annual Area High School Art Exhibition are encouraged toparticip... Exhibition form...n form 2012.pdf
Teacher Glossary
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Microsoft Word - Teacher Glossary Franny s RescueTEACHER S GLOSSARY1 Learning Centers Centers - Learning Centers refers to designated areas of the classroomwhere students congregate in small groups to accomplish given learning tasks Students maywork independently in these centers often while the Teacher works with a small readinggroup2 Concentric Circles Classroom activity whereby students form tw... Resources/FrannysRescue/ Glossary.pdf
Teacher Info
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LEAD Teacher CHECKLIST When you receive your confirmationImmediately check the date time and program Call 508 888 3300 ext 113 if you have questionsShare the Museum Guide For Educators and program materials found online with all participating teachersOne week before your visitFor large groups receiving a tour please fill out and return the Guided Tour Scheduling FormUse the Museum Manners section ...
2014 Woo Teacher Guide
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2014 Teacher Guide Thank you For taking a lead role in this valuable program Your students will reap untold benefits fromparticipation in the SAWDC Worlds of Opportunity Career Expo being held on September 24th and 25th 2014For your convenience we have provided this guide to help you and your students prepare For this exciting eventItems that will help you prepare For the 2014 SAWDC Worlds of Oppo... Guide.pdf
Quick Start Using Templates
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Using Templates quick start guide DocuSign QuickStart GuideUsing TemplatesOverviewThis guide provides an overview of how to use a template when creating and sending an envelopeTemplates help streamline the sending process when you frequently send the same or similardocuments Templates allow you create a standard envelope with set documents recipient rolessigning and information tags Templates can ... Start...g Templates.pdf