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X2 Grade Book and Reports Setting up the grade bookTo link classesTo add categoriesTo import categoriesTo add an assignmentTo enter gradesTo create a grade scaleTo create a special codeTo create a footnoteGrade book reportsHome TabAnnouncementsTeachers can create announcements to be viewable in the portal by selecting Edit in the Upperright hand cornerSelect New and set the visibility datesGood pl... Hando...kandReports.pdf
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URE THAT ONLY ONE TAILGATE HINGE IS UNBOLTED AT A TIME THISWILL ENSURE THE TAILGATE REMAINS ADEQUATELY SUPPORTED2 Install lower mounting plate by first removing the 2 lowertailgate hinge bolts If installing on a vehicle with a RR tire carrier use2 M8 bolts with 2 25mm spacers to secure the lower mounting plateto the tailgate as shown 3 flat washers should be used for each boltPlace 1 under the bol
Intouch Health Manager Payroll Insert
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Explanation of Benefits EOB View Explanation of Benefits EOBstatements for paid claims statements for paid claims statements for paid claimsGo paperless by setting your preferences to Go paperless by setting your preferences to Go paperless by setting your preferences toreceive notices such as EOB alerts by email receive notices such as EOB alerts by email receive notices such as EOB alerts by ema
Trupulsebt Ppc03 Config
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tton in Upperright of screen to closeout Bluetooth managerNote that if you do this process twice one time for each device it s easier to identify which device isallocated to COM 5 and which is allocated to COM 6...
Faq3 Where Do I Login What Do I Need
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FAQ 3 Q How do I Log In What Information is requiredA You can enter your Login ID and Account Pin by pressing the Login button located on the Upperright Hand Side of the WebpageThe Login Button will generate a pop up window that will prompt you to enter yourLogin IDAccount PINReturning 2012 YMCA Wanakita Summer Day Summer Residential and Summer Family Campers can findthese numbers within the most ... for Online R...t do I need.pdf
Aug13 Hearingnotice
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Papers The judge s name date and time of hearing must be noted in the Upperright corner of the Judge s copy Deliver Judge s copies to Judges Mailroom at C203X Without oral argument Mon - Fri With oral argument HearingDate Time 8 20 2013Judge s Name Hon Susan Amini Trial Date 11 18 2013CHIEF CRIMINAL DEPARTMENT SEATTLE E1201ndBond Forfeiture 3 15 pm 2 Thursday of each monthCertificates of Rehabilit
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ART SYSTEM SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONSDefault Display ButtonZoom InZoom OutShow Buoy positionClear ScreenInformation Panel Detail in Page2Display the historical record of the sailing trackDisplay the compass the locked ship position shows on the Upperright in mapDistance measuring tool moving the cursor to select the positioninfoGPS satellite signalBuoy ListGPS satellite positionUsing for monitor the cond
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vanced Searched located next to the Basic Search link gives you the option to searchby Title and SourceLimit your search article typesClick on Search Options underneath the search boxTo limit your search to full text articles check the Full Text boxTo limit your search to academic journals check the Scholarly Peer Reviewed JournalsboxTo search the full text of articles in addition to the abstracts
Getting Started Guide For Managers
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nt dashboard for the rst timeSTAFFNow that you re in the account you should access the staff tab This is where you will be able to add employees tothe system Adding employees to the software is an essential part of getting started You can do so on either anindividual or bulk basis In the staff tab you can also access employee pro les and assign positions skillsTo Add Employees Individually1 From y
Apps For Middle And High School Students Pdf Fcitemid S01676a3a&plugin Loft
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l sense it and allowyou to use it for apps with audio recording capabilitiesGMicrophone The iPad has an internal microphone you can use to record audio with any appthat supports audio recordingHBuilt in Speaker This will play anything that makes noise on your iPad including music or avideo s audio track It plays all audio in mono as it has one speakerTo create folders drag one application on top o for Middl...A3A&Plugin=Loft
Audio Setup Connect En
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n 4525 3744 E-mail netsek forskningsnettet dk WWW www forskningsnettet dkSide 2 af 33 rd Step Testing audio in headset Click Next in the first menu Step 0 of 5 of the Audio Setup WizardClick Test to play music in your headset Click Next if the audio is ok If you do not hear the music you checkto see if your sound has been muted or the headset is firmly connected Ultimately follow these audio tutor
Moc Pqrs Reporting
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the Board expects that most diplomates to havelearned about PPA in 2011 and to have chosen a PPA project and made a baseline measurementin 2012 For most diplomates the Board expects the 2 highlighted areas above to be checked andcompletedDiplomates certified in 2011 would only be expected to have learned about PPA3 If you are certified by the ABR and the ABNM you should only apply for this progra
Powerteacher Gradebook Training Updated W Version1 5
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k thechair icon next to the class for which youwant to change past attendance or markfuture attendance2 Select a specific date for which to changeattendance from the pop-up menu in the Upperright corner of the page3 Click the cell next to each student s attendancecodes where applicable to change the existingattendance code or mark a future attendance code4 Click SubmitNote If meeting attendance wa
Internet Ordering Instructions
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Welcome to the Office Supplies 2 U Internet ordering application found atwww os2u comIf you have any questions about features or functionality at this site please call us at 888-508-6728 This is just a brief over view of some of the powerful features of www os2u comLook for the Login in the Upperright corner of your browser windowYou have or will be given yourusername and password by OS2Uonce your... ORDERING INSTRUCTION...NSTRUCTIONS.pdf
Web Instructions
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us display See below forviewing each picture in a large format3 Lightbox This will display all of the pictures of the album in thumbnail view Thereare navigation buttons in the upper right corner of the picture display area To enlargeany picture click on the link in the lower left corner below the thumbnails calledZOOMo When in the Lightbox viewing mode you can select Album View and onceagain all I...nstructions.pdf
Upgrader's Guide 8
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mmary oflink locations that were changedFunctions previously accessed via the Toolbar in the left pane of all screens have been moved intothe new menu navigation Calendar navigation to different periods for entry screens appears in theupper right corner of screens Likewise login information and custom links are also in the Upperright corner of screens Likewise login information and custom links ar'...s Guide - 8.pdf
Ch8 Journals
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red to many of the other tools we ve discussed so far creating a journal isrelatively simpleTo add a journal to your course1 Click Turn Editing Mode On2 Select Journal from the Add Activity menu in the content block where you want toadd a journal3 Give the journaling assignment a name and a summary as shown in Figure 8-1Figure 8-1 Add a new journal4 If you are going to grade the assignment select
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Find the glass slab in section C of the 2nd drawer Use the powder bottle cap as a measuringscoop Pack 2 3 of the dome shaped cap with powder and dispense it on the lower right corner ifyou are a right handed operator Place another full cap on the upper right corner of the glass slabThe powder initial 2 3 bottle cap is divided into six equal parts using the flexible blade thethin and tall side of t
Health Sciences Library Resources For Mobile Device Users With Table Mar142014
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sregard this warning and continue through to the page this will allow you to reach the library resource-s listed on thishandout-Descriptions of and instructions for downloading the applications available through the Library are provided in the table below All are free to Uof S students faculty and staff with the exception of Diagnosaurus and RxFilesName of application Description of application De Sciences Library Reso...e mar142014.pdf
Aair E Submission Instructions
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dress information as prompted then click NextEnter a user ID and password of your choice we recommend using your e-mail address as your userID and then select your area of expertise from the menu provided Click Finish when doneLog-in and select Author CenterSubmission procedureIt is not necessary to complete a submission in one session but if you do wish to do so you may want toassemble a number o
Cop Rdp Netextender
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tings below to connectPage 1Server portal pharmacy ohio-state eduUsername Your Pharmacy domain usernamePassword Your Pharmacy domain passwordDomain pharmacy3 If connected successfully you will see a message similar to thisC Open Remote DesktopOn Windows XP open the Start Menu and choose Run In the box type mstsc and hit EnterOn Windows 7 and Vista open the Start Menu In the search box type mstsc a
Canx E
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ion in theUS and other countriesV Other corporate names and product names contained herein are also thetrademarks or registered trademarks of their respective corporations2CAPgmCONTENTSIntroduction 2 3 7 Anniversaries 221 Start up and Ending 4 3 7 1 Add Anniversary 221 1 Startup Window 4 3 7 2 Change Graphic 223 7 3 Delete Anniversary 232 Main Window 5 3 8 Dive Mode 242 1 Transfer 6 3 8 1 Depth Al
Focus 14 40 Blue Commands For Ios
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f you areusing iOS 6 Bluetooth is in the main Settings screen3 Double tap the Back button to return to General thenscroll to and double tap on Accessibility If you are usingiOS 6 double tapping the Back button will return you toSettings You can then double tap General and thenAccessibility4 Scroll to and double tap VoiceOver to open theVoiceOver settings5 Scroll to and double tap on Braille to ope Bl...nds-for-iOS.pdf
2006 1 27 A Marked
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art B 1Allow 1 credit for each correct responsePart A Part B 11 3 11 2 21 1 31 4 35 12 1 12 1 22 3 32 3 36 23 1 13 4 23 2 33 3 37 44 1 14 2 24 1 34 3 38 15 4 15 2 25 46 4 16 3 26 47 3 17 4 27 28 4 18 2 28 19 2 19 3 29 310 4 20 1 30 3WWW YAZDANPRESS COMWWW YAZDANPRESS COMWWW YAZDANPRESS COMWWW YAZDANPRESS COMLIVING ENVIRONMENT continuedFollow the procedures below for scoring student answer papers f
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Slide8 You will see the New Slide screen againa To easily put pictures in your slide you should choose click on oneof the many choices on the bottom of the panel on the right it ll havea picture of a man on it9 Your screen will look like thisa Click at the top to give the keyword or title for this slideb Where it says Click to add text you can write bulleted phrases to helpyour listener follow you
The Brown Bulletin V7 No3 Sept Oct 1959
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his resig- ner of production Chairman Whit-nation in a letter dated August 28 I want further to add that I temore said no man ever workedthe date his contract with Brown have great admiration for the per- harder on the job than did HaroldCompany expired The resignation sonnel of Brown Company and Fair He leaves behind him a hostwas accepted by the Board of appreciate their cooperation in the of f
Ev82 Tipsinstall
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download pageAll users of TIPS software must have KeyClient 7 X or higher installed Login in withAdministrator rights open Control Panel view by large icons and look for iconDouble-click it and compare the KeyAccess Setup window to the License InformationSheet accompanying the Distribution Letter If the icon is missing or the version Upperright corner is different go to http www tips osmre gov So
Cs 2009 2complete
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loped using the R pack-age tcltk R Development Core Team 2009 and allows easy handling of thefunctions included in package VIM Figure 1 shows the GUI which pops upautomatically after loading the packagelibrary VIMIf the GUI has been closed it can be reopened with the following commandAll selections and settings from the last session are recoveredvmGUImenuFor visualization the most important menus
Genesis Parent Access Manual 8 14
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hool year If your school district chooses you may have access to the followinginformation- Contact Information email phone numbers emergency contacts for your childrenThe rest of this manual will guide you through the screens available to you and how to use themPlease be aware that you may not see every screen for every one of your students if you havemore than one student in the school districtTh 8-14.pdf
Crawford Brochure Final
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ation for this conferenceis requiredTo register visitwww cincinnatichildrens org cme and click onthe Continuing Education Portal in the Upperright corner Choose Course Registration andsearch for the course by date or by nameThere is no charge to attend theconference but registration is requiredLocationCincinnati Children s HospitalSabin Auditorium Location D3333 Burnet AvenueCincinnati OH 45229Cra ...chure FINAL.pdf