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Radio Monitoring Station Vhf Uhf
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Radio Monitoring Station Vhf-Uhf RADIO MONITORING STATION Vhf-UHFThe Radio Monitoring Station RMS Vhf-Uhf is intended for the search detectionanalysis and demodulation of the radio signals in the frequency range from 30 MHz to3000 MHz option up to 6000 MHz for the radio monitoring and direction finding DF ofthe radio sources for the processing of the search and radio monitoring results as well asf...
3dbi Antenna 59913836 05 06
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ProCurve 3dBi Dual Band Diversity Antenna - J8997A SPECIFICATIONSModel J8997AFrequency MHz 2400-2500 4900-5990 ProCurve 3 dBi Dual Band Diversity antennaGain with specified cable dBi 3 4 J8997AVSWR max 2 0 1E-Plane 3 dB beamwidth 60 58H-Plane 3 dB beamwidth OmnidirectionalPolarization Linear Vertical 2xImpedance Ohms 50Weight lb kg 0 5 0 23Dimensions in 6 2 x 3 6 x 0 89cm 15 6 x 9 3 x 2 26Mounting...
06 June 2003
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1 DD UW P C-ffi C DDDD 1 u C1111 11 1111111 1111111111111 1 1 111 1 1 11AUTo 3 D I G LT 231l0918 9N A RO 3JACIt ElPReRBUC TRR PUBL ISH I NG1 6 J B F P RR8 0N HIGHWAYI NKRAL V A 2 l1 17 3 42Unleash The PowerR-605TQ Vhf UHFDual-Band Mobile Basefull 2 Meter 440 PerformanceDR-620T Vhf UHF100 memory channels a bl J f channel or edch bandDual-Band Mobile Base cress encoded decoded and tone scanCross-ban...
Diamond Cp8040
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80m and 40m Dual-Band Vertical Antenna CP8040Operation InstructionsDescriptionThe CP8040 is a Dual-bandvertical Antenna for HF low bandCompact light weighted and veryeasy to assembleIt is completely self-supported anddoes not need any guy wires Parts DescriptionTrap radials could be concentratedon one direction instead ofspreading them around the Pipe No 1 7 4M45001antenna This is especiallyconven...
Vhf Uhf Field Day Scoring 130119 Report [full]
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Vhf-Uhf Field Day Scoring 130119 Report [full].doc Wireless Institute of AustraliaVHF - Uhf FIELD DAYSVHF-Uhf Field DaysLocator based scoring or distance based scoringThis paper contains the followingDiscussion of the pros and cons of distance based scoring Page 2Comments previously published on the contest web pageResponses to the VK1DA VK5DK Recommendations Page 5Comments not previously publishe... Fi...port [full].pdf
252060e Asm Dual Band Modem Node Assembly 5x Batteries
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252060e-ASM Dual Band Modem Node Assembly (5x Batteries).idw 4 3 2 136 550Array - SeaCon MING-10-FCR6 500Charging - MINK-12-FCRB BTransducer - SeaCon MING-6-FCRSpecificationsConsole - SeaCon MINK-10-FCRL Safe Operating Depth 600mConsole - SeaCon MINK-10-FCRL Array - SeaCon MING-10-FCR Weigh in Air 36 lbsWeight in Water 13lbs BuoyantMate Seacon MINK-10-CCPL Mate Seacon MING-10-CCPMaterial 6061 Alum... Dual Band Modem N... Batteries).pdf
Quadbpro 1a Information
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Professional Dual-Band Cellular Phone Signal Booster Kit ProvidesMaximum Performance Easy Installation and Ultimate FlexibilityPROby Pixel TechnologiesDual Band Covers 850 MHZ CEL and 1900 MHz PCS bandsCan cover up to 20 000 square feetIncludes two interior antennas for Dual zone coverageMaximum power permitted by the FCCAdjustable gainIncludes three high gain directional panel antennas and an omn...
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RICETRASMETTITORI PORTATILI ID-51EIPX7 RICETRASMETTITORE Vhf Uhf Dual Band COMPATIBILE CONPROTOCOLLO D-STARBibanda leggero e compattoApparato dalla struttura compatta e dalle piccole dimensioni solo 58 105 4 26 4 mme un peso di 255 g e dotato di un ampia gamma di funzionalit e alti livelli di prestazioneDualwatch V V U U V UCon l ID-51E si riceve contemporaneamente su due frequenze e i livelli aud...
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zIC-9100 04 EUR-1 HF Vhf Uhf All Mode Trcv 2 496 70 10 486 z 12 898 zIC-E2820 12 Dualband Mobile Trcv 450 52 1 892 z 2 327 zIC-E80D Vhf Uhf Dual Band D-STAR Transceiver 339 78 1 427 z 1 755 zIC-E92D 03 D-star Transceiver 144 432MHz 384 10 1 613 z 1 984 zIC-PW1EURO 04 LINEAR AMP 1 KW 4 700 20 19 741 z 24 281 zIC-R20 02 EUR ULTRA WIDEBAND RECEIVER 366 80 1 541 z 1 895 zIC-R6 12 Scanner 0 100 1309 9
Designdual Bandmicrostripmonopoleantennafor3g
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Design Dual-Band Microstrip Monopole Antenna For 3G Mobile HandsetsTran Minh TuanNational Institute of Information and Communications Strategy115 Tran Duy Hung Cau Giay Ha Noi Viet NamAbstract This paper concentrates on studying designing and manufacturing a Dual-Band and high-bandwidthantenna applied for 3G mobile handsets This Antenna can work in GSMIUMTS bands by generating tworesonant modes of...
28581 1 Antennes Hp J9171a J9171a
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HP 3.0/4.0 dBi Dual-Band 3-Element MIMO Omni Directional Antenna (J9171A) Guide HP 3 0 4 0 dBi Dual-Band 3-Element MIMO Omni Directional Antenna J9171A GuideSAFETYThe HP J9171A Antenna and all associated equipment should beinstalled in accordance with applicable local and national electricalcode guidelines to ensure safe operationBefore connecting an external Antenna to an HP Wireless AccessPoint ...
Motl Vol51 No8 Pp1889 2009
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Novel Dual-Band Fabry-Pérot cavity Antenna with low-frequency separation ratio NOVEL Dual-Band FABRY-PEROTCAVITY Antenna WITH LOW-FREQUENCY SEPARATION RATIODongho KimElectronics and Telecommunications Research InstituteElectromagnetic Future Technology Research Team 161 Gajeong-dong Yuseong-gu Daejeon 305-700 Korea Corresponding authordhkim etri re krReceived 30 October 2008ABSTRACT A new Dual-ba...
San 206a Rfid Antenna Design 0602
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Microsoft PowerPoint - SAN-206A RFID Antenna Design 0602.ppt Using Electromagnetic Analysis forRFID Antenna DesignSonnet Application Note SAN-206A FEB 2006Design Examples for13 56MHz and 900 MHz RFID AntennaPictures Courtesy of Texas Instruments andMatricsDescription of Sonnet Suites ProfessionalSonnet Suites Professional is an industry leading full-wave 3D Planar Electromagnetic EM field simulati... RFID ...Design 0602.pdf
09 1210 Smith
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20 30 GHZ Dual-Band CIRCULARLY POLARIZED REFLECTARRAY Antenna BASED ON THE CONCENTRIC Dual SPLIT-LOOP ELEMENTThomas Gunst Smith1 2 Niels Vesterdal Larsen1 Ulrich Vesterager Gothelf1 Oleksiy S Kim2 and OlavBreinbjerg21Thrane Thrane A S Lundtofteg rdsvej 93D DK-2800 Kgs Lyngby Denmarka2Department of Electrical Engineering Electromagnetic Systems Technical University of Denmark rsteds PladsBuilding 3...
Vx 3
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ULTRA COMPACT 2 m 70 cm Dual Band FM HANDHELD VX-3R EYaesu Now Presents the Third GenerationE for European VersionUltra-compact Handheld FM TransceiverThe Third Generation Ultra-compact Handheld VX-3R E is loaded with more new convenient and enjoyablefeatures AA Battery Operation FM Stereo Broadcast Reception Internal Bar Antenna for the AM BroadcastBand Yaesu again leads the world of Compact Hand...
Swm Vhf Doc
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Fox Delta Vhf/Uhf LCD SWR Meter Fox DeltaAmateur Radio Projects Kits FD- SWM-VHFSchematic Parts List PIC16F88 Micro Controller LCD Vhf Uhf SWR MeterFD-SWM-Vhf Vhf Uhf SWR Meter Kit Max Vhf Uhf Power 100WMeasuring SWR at Vhf Uhf frequency was never a fun Most radio amateursjust assume that their 50 ohms cable is matching a beam or GPSWR Meters of niddle variety are flooding market although not very...
Alpsayin Finalreport V1 Rev3
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Vhf/Uhf Uplink Solutions for Remote Wireless Sensor Networks IL222X SoC Master Thesis 28-Nov-2012Final Report 1 69KTH ICT School Vhf Uhf Uplink Solutions for Remote Wireless Sensor NetworksKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyVHF Uhf UplinkSolutions for RemoteWireless SensorNetworksThe purpose of this thesis is to compare alternative wireless links for transfer of data from sink motesof remote wireles...
Kathrein 520 10086
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9363625a; Uhf RFID Wide Range Antenna Uhf RFID Wide Range Antenna 865-870Polarization CHalf-power Beam Width 30Features Compact Design for ruggedized environmentalapplicationsIdeal solution for portal applicationsLow axial ratioDifferent half power beam widths in azimuth andelevation planeFor bulk and single tag applicationsRead range up to 10 mDepending on tag properties environment and requireme...
Skyradar Dx
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SkyRadar-DX Dual Band Receiver with built-in AHRS SkyRadar-DX Dual Band Receiver with built-in AHRSKey features- SkyRadar-DX s operating frequencies are 978MHz and 1090 MHz and the latter conformsto DO-260 standard- Artificial horizon information- Integrated on board WAAS capable non TSO 5Hz GPS receiver with remote Antenna- Output data over Wi-Fi network multiple displays can be connected- USB hi...
Zephyr White Paper
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GPS Antenna Design and Performance AdvancementsThe Trimble ZephyrEric Krantz and Dr Stuart Riley Trimble GPS Engineeringand Construction Group Sunnyvale California USAPete Large Trimble Integrated Surveying GroupWestminster Colorado USAtTRIMBLE2GPS Antenna Design and Performance Advancements The Trimble ZephyrEric Krantz and Dr Stuart Riley Trimble GPS Engineering and Construction Group Sunnyvale ... White ...White Paper.pdf
Kathrein 520 10087
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9363626a; Uhf RFID Wide Range Antenna Uhf RFID Wide Range Antenna 902-928Polarization CHalf-power Beam Width 30Features Compact Design for ruggedized environmentalapplicationsIdeal solution for portal applicationsLow axial ratioDifferent half power beam widths in azimuth andelevation planeFor bulk and single tag applicationsRead range up to 10 mDepending on tag properties environment and requireme...
356602 M6060060mo1d3620o
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2 45 GHz 6 dBi Outdoor MIMO Omni Antenna6 pack Dual Band TerraWave Solutions 802 11n 2 4 5 GHz 6 dBi OutdoorMIMO Omnidirectional Antenna with RPSMA Plug Connectors 6-Pack Dual Band LeadsTerraWave s 6 dBi outdoor multiple-input and multiple-output MIMO omnidirectional Antenna is designed tooperate enterprise class 802 11n MIMO access points With Dual-Band leads each cable...
Media Pdf M Uprju5zsxfnf7thbdk5bbq &v Pd
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EX6200 WiFi Range Extenger AC1200 High Power Dual Band Gigabit Ports Installation Guide EX6200 WiFi Range ExtenderAC1200 High Power Dual Band Gigabit PortsInstallation GuideGetting StartedDoes your WiFi router have a WPS buttonWi-Fi Protected Setup WPS is an easy way to connect WiFi devices The button might look like one of theseYes No or not sure1 Attach the antennas 1 Attach the antennasAttach t...
An292 Pdf Folderid Db3a304313b8b5a60113d4239297042f&fileid Db3a30433cd75ebf013cf272423027fc
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AN292 Wideband / Dual Band WLAN LNA using BFR840L3RHESD BF R84 0L3 RH E SDBFR840L3RHESD SiGe C Ultra LowNoise RF Transistor in Low Parts CountWideband Dual Band 2 4 5 8 GHzWLAN LNA Application0201 case size passives1 microsecond Turn-On Turn-Off Time18 5 dB Gain 1 1 dB Noise Figure at 2 4 GHz14 1 dB Gain 1 4 dB Noise Figure at 5 8 GHzFor 802 11a ac b g n Wireless LAN ApplicationsApplic atio n N o...
M3tr Vt3050c Dat Sw
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R&S M3TR R&S VT3050C 50 W Vhf/Uhf Compact Power Amplifier R S M3TRSecure CommunicationsData Sheet 01 00R S VT3050C50 W Vhf UHFCompact Power AmplifierSpecificationsVersion 01 00 July 2009CONTENTSSpecifications 3General data 3RF data 4Protection 4Mechanical data 4Environmental conditions 5Electromagnetic compatibility EMC 6Built-in interfaces 6Ordering information 72 Rohde Schwarz R S VT3050C 50 W V...
Ice7 Manual
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IC-E7.pdf INSTRUCTION MANUALVHF Uhf Dual Band FM TRANSCEIVERiE7This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules Operation is sub-ject to the following two conditions 1 This device may not causeharmful interference and 2 this device must accept any interferencereceived including interference that may cause undesired operationWARNING MODIFICATION OF THIS DEVICE TO RECEIVE CEL-LULAR RADIO TELEPHONE...
Ic 910h E
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Vhf Uhf ALL MODE TRANSCEIVER IMPORTANTINFORMATIONCLICK HEREThe New Dimension in the Vhf Uhf World100W of stable output power 9600bps packet operationA powerful 100W of output power is provided by the newly de- The IC-910H has two data sockets for simultaneous two bandsigned power ampli er circuit which employs bipolar transistors in packet communications Setting of the packet communication canpara...
1979 Rsgb Vhf Uhf Manual 3
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Vhf-Uhf MANUALVHF Uhf MANUAL3rd editionby 0 S Evans PhD AIM G3RPE and G R Jessop CEng M IERE G6JPEdillld by R AStatoo SSc11 0 010 SOCIETY Of GIlEAT 8 11ITAI N3 0 9l TvS t ondon WC N2 A ECONTENTSSpa communicationTestequlpm nta d ccesaoriHPREFACE TO SECOND EDITIONPREFACE TO THIRD EDITION...... - RSGB VHF-UHF ma...HF-UHF manual 3
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BUDDIPOLE LOW Band Vertical TMFOR 80 METERSAssembly and Tuning Low Band Vertical parts listThe Buddipole Low Band Vertical configuration utilizes the Low Band Buddipole component Nrlarge coil with one or more twenty-two inch arms above the coil andTelescopic whip 1a telescopic whip preferably the long version on top The resultingBuddistick is mounted vertically on the mast and tripod using aTMBudd...
Dual Band 2013
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MOST DB Tech1a copy Mobile Satellite TerminalDual Band Ku Ka and L XGeneral DescriptionMOST Mobile Satellite Terminal is a patented technology designed to meet the unique challenges of groundand airborne needs for broadband satellite GEO communication The low profile and lightweight Design willensure best OTM performanceMOST Efficient plug-in architecture of the electronics and control units which... BAND 2013.pdf