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Ss94 Panel2 Paper07
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End Use Load Data Transferability: A Report from the Frontier End Use Load Data Transferability A Report from the FrontierMarisha E Chilcott and Nancy E Ryan Quantum Consulting IncRichard Gillman Center for Electric End-Use DataEnd-use Load Data are increasingly valuable for a wide range of applications from DSM program evaluation toforecasting and program screening Despite recent technological ad...
1988 V10 002
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AN ALGORITHM TO DISAGGREGATE COMMERCIAL WHOLE-BUILDING HOURLY ELECTRICAL Load INTO END USES AKBARI ET ALAN ALGO RITH M TO DISA GGRE GATE COM MERC IAL WHOLE-BUILDINGHOUR L Y ELEC TRIC AL Load INTO END USESHashem Akbari Kristin E Heinemeier Patrick LeConiac and Denise L FloraLawrence Berkeley LaboratoryABSTRACTWe have analyzed whole-building electric-Load Data taken at IS-minute intervalbuildings in...
Ss90 Panel6 Paper19
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EMPIRICAL Data FOR UNCERTAINTY REDUCTION EMPIRICAL Data FOR UNCERTAINTY REDUCTIONand Rob PrattPacific Northwest LaboratoryAs conservation and demand-side management programs become critical elementsin meeting utility system planning requirements the importance of evaluating theirimpact is mcrease t Demand-side options are subject to To ensure thatthe programs deliver as planned their effectiveness...
A Pattern Fusion Model For Multi Step Ahead Cpu Load Prediction
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A pattern fusion model for multi-step-ahead CPU Load prediction G ModelJSS-9075 No of Pages 10 ARTICLE IN PRESSThe Journal of Systems and Software xxx 2013 xxx xxxContents lists available at SciVerse ScienceDirectThe Journal of Systems and Softwarejournal homepage www elsevier com locate jssA pattern fusion model for multi-step-ahead CPU Load predictionDingyu Yang a Jian Cao a Jiwen Fu a Jie Wang ... pattern fus... prediction.pdf
Loading Data
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500 Load Data Here are a few loads for the 1 6 inch 435grn LBT in a 500 MAXH4227 powder36grns 1413fps38grns 1462fps40grns 1553fpsWW68036grns 1166fps38grns 1250fps40grns 1300fps42grns 1416fpsW29636grns 1335fps37grns 1351fps38grns 1406fpsSubject FWD FW 32 H R Mag Load dataSubject RE 32 H R Mag Load data32 H R and a 95grn cast bulletH4227 powder9 5 grns start 10grns max 1079fpsLil-Gun powder10grns st...
N47 Foundation Analysis Data 05
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Data for foundation structure analysis This document provides lines of directions forExtreme and fatigue Load Data and minimum stiffness on foundation unitDimensions for the bottom of the towerLines of directions for necessary soil investigationFoundation design assistance1 Extreme and fatigue Load Data and minimum stiffnessDependent on IEC-Wind class the foundation loads will be different It shou...
Smartac Load Impact Final 4 24 2008 V3 01
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Microsoft Word - SmartAC Load Impact Final 4-24-2008 v3 no proprietary.doc Final ReportPacific Gas and ElectricSmartAC Load Impact EvaluationPacific Gas and Electric CompanySan Francisco CaliforniaApril 24 2008Table of Contents1 Executive Summary 1-12 Introduction 2-12 1 Scope of the Evaluation 2-12 2 Program Description 2-12 3 Report Organization 2-23 Program Details 3-33 1 1 Technology Options ...
Enhance Ios App To Load Data From Property List Ios Programming
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es If you look into the app all our recipes are specified inthe source code I try to keep the thing simple and focus on showing how to create aUITableView However it s not a good practice to hard code every item in the code Inreal app we used to externalized these static items i e the recipe information and putthem in a file or database or somewhere else In iOS programming there is a type of filec tutorial/Enhan...Programming.pdf
Evento Sombasedhierarchical
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A SOM-based hierarchical model to short-term Load forecastingOt vio A S Carpinteiro Agnaldo J R ReisaResearch Group on Computer Networks and Software EngineeringFederal University of Itajuba37500 903 Itajub MG BrazilaE-mails otavio agnreis iee efei brAbstract This paper proposes a SOM-based hierarchical the fourth section The fth section describes the experimentsneural model to the problem of shor...
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Microsoft Word - How an advanced private investor can leech historical Data from Yahoo.doc How an advanced private investor can leech historical Data from Yahoo-FinanceVasily YetAnotherQuant NekrasovJune 04 2011finanzmaster t gmx DOT nethttp www yetanotherquant deThe availability of the historical price volume daily Data for stocks is currently not a problem One can get them free of charge from ma...
Bk Webhdfs 20131022
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Hortonworks Data Platform - Using WebHDFS REST API docs hortonworks comHortonworks Data Platform Oct 22 2013Hortonworks Data Platform Using WebHDFS REST APICopyright 2012 2013 Hortonworks Inc Some rights reservedThe Hortonworks Data Platform powered by Apache Hadoop is a massively scalable and 100 opensource platform for storing processing and analyzing large volumes of Data It is designed to deal...
Old Dominion Electric Cooperative Matching Power Purchases To Actual Load Requirements
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ODEC Case Study Itron Case StudyOld Dominion Electric CooperativeMatching Power Purchasesto Actual Load RequirementsBackgroundOld Dominion Electric Cooperative is a ODEC concluded that its generation andwholesale electricity supplier to 12 member power purchases needed to match actualcooperatives in Virginia Maryland and Load requirements more precisely whichDelaware The local cooperatives in turn... Dominion Electri...equirements.pdf
Aud Facload 2014
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Copy of Faculty Load by Unit - Fall 2013 - 140317 - FINAL for Website.xls The University of Montana - MissoulaAcademic Unit Data - Fall 2013Faculty LoadsDefinitionsCollege of Humanities and SciencesAnthropologyChemistryCommunication StudiesComputer ScienceBiological SciencesEconomicsEnglishEnvironmental StudiesGeographyGeosciencesHistoryLiberal StudiesMathematicsModern Classical LanguagesNative Am...
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Shine a SpotLight on your Data It s all about the dataLoadman SpotLight Analytics andReporting Software Spotlight shines a light on your Data by pre-senting it graphically in tables graphs chartsLoadman s Spotlight solution offers a strate- and reports Relationships between disparategic competitive advantage to our customers Data are revealed by organizing and present-Not just a point solution Spo...
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Big Data Solution for the Smart Grid PQView For Smart GridThe Industry Standard for Power Quality DatabaseManagement and Analysis Softwarewww electrotek comWhat is PQView number of days PQDM also automatically correlates Landis Gyr MAXsys 2510 Paradox Database andText FilesPQView is a multi-component software system measurements by time stamp and location and canOSIsoft PI System OptionalPQView Po...
Semp Appendixa
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SEMP Appendix A Energy Data Collection Schemes End-Use Data Collection Requirements Data Trend TypeBuilding ElectricalTotal building electrical consumption Data shall be sub-metered through the building EMCS or SCADAsystem This trend Data can sometimes be supplied bythe utility provider depending on the capability of theexisting building meter It is often possible for EMCSto receive meter pulse si...
T6a 25 2
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he FAA under FAA-TSO-C70a ThisService Bulletin contains no modification information that revises the approved configurationand therefore does not require governmental or other regulatory agency approval A minorchange notification will be submitted to the FAAG Manpower - EAM estimates that one 1 man can accomplish this action in 2 0 hours This timeis added to that normally required for the raft to
2009 01
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An ANFIS-based approach for predicting the bed Load for moderately sized rivers Available online at www sciencedirect comJournal of Hydro-environment Research 3 2009 35e44www elsevier com locate jherAn ANFIS-based approach for predicting the bed Load formoderately sized riversH Md Azamathulla a Chun Kiat Chang a Aminuddin Ab Ghani a Junaidah Arif n bNor Azazi Zakaria a Zorke ee Abu Hasan aaRiver E...
Data Sheet All 200
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signal noiseThe supporting software is updated weekly on HI-LO web site for checking retrieving through InternetProgramming of new products will not be neglected after purchasingFeatures Bene tsExcellent performanceALL-200 extremely high freq core circuit design signi cantly cut down programming time of high densitymemory products Precise Universal Pin Drivers provide high speed low noise accurate ALL-200.pdf
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Microsoft Word - TBleaflet2angol.doc TerBe 1 1 - Weather Adaptive Load Schedule ForecastIn the liberalised energy market one of the most important tasks is theplanning- operative control- and settling of the energy schedule The tradersdeal with the future where the exact loads can only be estimated A detailedestimation can be prepared only after a significance analysis of the factorsaffecting the ...
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LEE RELOADING09 BALANCED LEVERwith genuine hardwood ball gripLee Breech LockChallenger Press BREECH LOCKQUICK CHANGE DIE BUSHINGSInstant die change you ll never have to adjustyour dies againSUPER STRONGO FRAME DESIGNwith largeopening for Patent applied fortoday s largercartridges New Lee Quick ChangeBreech Lock Die HoldersOnce set they always lock to the same positionFirm metal to metal lock up wi...
Esl Hh 86 11 12 Pdf Sequence 3&isallowed Y
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ESL-HH-86-11-12 W P Levins M A Karnitz D K KnightResearch Engineer Research Bngineer Project SupervisorOak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory Tennessee Valley AuthorityOak Ridge Tennessee Oak Ridge Tennessee Chattanooga TennesseeABSTRACT respectively The electrical consumptiondata and the cooling Load Data indicatedTests were conducted by Oak Ridge that the most effective way ...
Mp 0100
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Multimedia Web Programming using Flash and ActionScript ITApps 2010-11 HO-10 Load External Text into FlashObjectivesTo learn about how to Load external text into Flash using URLRequest and URLLoaderclassesTo extend your understanding of programming in ActionScript 3 0A Loading External Text into FlashThis ho-exercise looks at how you can Load Data from an external text file into flash movies anddi...
Xactly Sandbox
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DATASHEET Analyze validate and testXactly SandboxTM provides a full copy of your production Incent workspace so you canexperiment with new ideas without risking live operations Use Sandbox to conduct historicdata analyses configure and test plan changes and validate changes to Data integrationValidate Data Configure and test Conduct historicalintegration changes new plans and Data analyseshierarch...
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e ve dnech 6 8 b ezna 2013Anotace p edn ekMarket integration of intermittent electricity productionProf Georg Erdmann TU Berlin N meckoThe uncontrolled expansion of intermittent renewable electricity generation in Germany is achallenge for conventional power plats and other backup capacities that are needed tobalance demand and supply during periods with lacking wind and Photovoltaics generationTh
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of NEMAStandards Pub VE1 6 4 42MATERIAL AISI Type 316LStainless Steel TRAY GROUNDING CAPABILITY None FLANGEThe N E C does not recognize3 stainless1 4 9 4 60SIDE RAIL 6 high with steel cable tray as an equipment ground1 3 4 top ange conductor SIDE 57 8 RUNG12 4 776RAILLOAD DEPTH 5 CONNECTORS Supplied in pairs with 18 5 11BOTTOM 1 1 4 wide hat rung hardware Splice resistance is less than0 00033 ohm
Mk3 Yali Sedimentation 27042014
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ssessing theimpact of sedimentation on reservoir life example from Yali Viet Nam Project report Challenge Program onWater Food Mekong project MK3 Optimizing the management of a cascade of reservoirs at thecatchment level ICEM International Centre for Environmental Management Hanoi Vietnam 2013More information www optimisingcascades org www icem com auImage Cover image Yali Reservoir spillway Viet
Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die Die 0008
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in your reloaded cartridge brass This die improves accuracy andprolongs case life because the neck is sized down as little as necessary 3 3 Prepare the Cases1 Inspect all cases and dispose of those that are split or separatedwhile still bumping the shoulder of the case to maintain overall caseconcentricity See Fig 1 2 Clean cases3 If the case neck walls vary in thickness turn the outside neck to a
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esistance is less thanLoad depth 6 0 00033 ohms Standard hardware 3 8 in 24 6 59Bottom Solid corrugated cadium plated with yellow zinc topcoatStainless steel hardware is available upon 30 7 47Finish Mill galvanized requestASTM A-653 36 8 35mechanical propertiesConstruction Resistance welded One rail I x-x 2 6403in3 S x-x 0 8411in4Tray Series Series 1 2 tangentSAFE Load Data LBS FT SUPPORT SPAN FT
2011 137 E
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e views of theGovernment of Canada nor constitute and endorsement of any commercial product or person NeitherCanada nor its ministers officers employees or agents makes any warranty in respect to this report orassumes any liability arising out of this reportACKNOWLEDGEMENTFinancial support for this project was provided by Natural Resources Canada through the Program onEnergy Research and Developme